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Dentsu drives innovation in African financial services

Navigating the dynamic evolution of Africa’s finance and payments sectors demands innovative solutions that foster inclusivity and transformation.
Dentsu drives innovation in African financial services

As these sectors rapidly evolve, critical questions emerge:

  • How can financial institutions leverage data to build and activate audiences in real time?
  • How can digital engagement be enhanced to forge stronger consumer connections?

At dentsu, we stand as the partner of choice, equipped with proven capabilities and deep industry insights to navigate these challenges, and deliver impactful solutions.

Innovative data capabilities for precision

At the heart of our strategic approach lies the Merkury platform, celebrated for its high-fidelity audience data. This powerful platform seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, including our Connected Consumer Survey (CCS), enabling precise audience planning, activation, and measurement. By delivering real-time, people-based audience insights, Merkury empowers brands to optimise their marketing efforts swiftly and effectively.

Seamless real-time audience activation

Through Dentsu Connect, we seamlessly integrate our suite of tools, offering flexibility and market-specific customisation. This capability ensures campaigns are launched swiftly, maximising impact, and maintaining a competitive edge in Africa’s fast-paced environment.

Empowering digital engagement in banking

As banking and financial services increasingly adopt digital channels across Africa, tools like dentsu’s CCS, Merkury and Zeitgeist provide deep audience insights. These insights predict topic relevance across diverse African media, empowering brands to craft authentic digital strategies that resonate deeply with diverse audiences.

Dentsu’s audience solutions ensure you know your customers and how to grow your business.

AI-powered solutions driving inclusion

Innovation in AI is pivotal in sectors such as insurance, where personalised underwriting and streamlined claim’s processing enhance accessibility and efficiency. Our initiatives in South Africa and Kenya exemplify how AI reshapes financial services, making them more inclusive and responsive to customer needs.

Local insights, global standards

With over 1,500 talented and experienced experts across our 11 owned and 28 affiliate markets in Africa, we blend deep local insights with global best practices. This approach ensures that our strategies resonate culturally while meeting international standards, driving growth and connectivity in Africa’s evolving financial landscape.

Commitment to sustainability and innovation

Our commitment extends to sustainable banking initiatives like Standard Bank’s Green Bond Programme, promoting environmental responsibility and economic development across Africa. Through our partnership with the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), we facilitate financing for renewable energy projects, fostering a greener economy.

Futureproofing with advanced AI and data

As Africa explores Central Bank Digital Currencies and cryptocurrencies, Dentsu leads discussions on digital transformation in finance. Our expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes ensures our clients are at the forefront of adopting future-proof AI and data solutions, shaping a resilient financial future for Africa.

Co-creating impactful solutions

Beyond traditional media services, Dentsu collaborates on innovative solutions that drive meaningful impact. Together with our clients, we pioneer new frontiers in digital payments, positioning them at the forefront of Africa’s economic transformation.

Innovating to impact

Partnering with Dentsu empowers brands to navigate complexities, seize opportunities, and lead with innovation in Africa’s evolving financial landscape. Together, we shape a future where financial inclusion, sustainability, and digital empowerment drive economic prosperity across the continent.

Dentsu is the network designed for what's next, helping clients predict and plan for disruptive future opportunities in the sustainable economy. Taking a people-cantered approach to business transformation, dentsu combines Japanese innovation with a diverse, global perspective to drive client growth and to shape society.
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