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850,000 animal viruses could be caught by humans, unless we protect nature - UN report

Human damage to biodiversity is leading us into a pandemic era. The virus that causes Covid-19, for example, is linked to similar viruses in bats, which may have been passed to humans via pangolins or another species...

By Katie Woolaston and Judith Lorraine Fisher 9 hours ago

NPO mental health support programme, helpline launched

Tshikululu Social Investments has partnered with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) on an NPO mental health support programme called NPOwer to provide psychological first aid to NPOs...

4 hours ago

Trial recommends shorter treatment time for less severe TB in children

A trial involving over 1,200 children from four different countries has found that the vast majority of them could be successfully treated for tuberculosis (TB) in four months instead of the usual six months...

11 hours ago

#SUSASummit: Naveen Jain on how to start a moonshot company

These are the highlights of Naveen Jain's talk at the SingularityU South Africa 2020 Summit...

1 day ago

Covid-19: A global survey shows worrying signs of vaccine hesitancy

It has been nine months since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the outbreak of Covid-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a "public health emergency of international concern"...

By Scott C Ratzan, Agnes Binagwaho, Heidi Larson, Jeffrey V Lazarus, Kenneth Rabin & Lawrence O Gostin 1 day ago

Mask-wearing the new normal, despite its discomfort

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a unique number of challenges for governments across the globe. In South Africa, as in many other parts of the world, the implementation of preventative measures such as mask wearing, both for healthcare workers and members of society, has been encouraged to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus...

By Andrea Rademeyer & Dr Amelia Richards, Issued by Ask Afrika 1 day ago

Working together to improve SA's healthcare system

The need for universal healthcare is not debatable. It is the mechanisms around its implementation that stimulates continual debate, challenges, disagreements and proposals...

By Lee Callakoppen 1 day ago

Nigeria needs innovation and science investment to help control Covid-19

Nigeria, like other African countries, wasn't spared from the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. To overcome this challenge, countries have been advised to keep testing, treating and isolating to reduce infections...

By Christian Happi & Ifeyinwa Aniebo 2 days ago

Drug-resistant gonorrhoea is a growing threat: a South African case study

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This infection affects 87-million people every year across the world. It can lead to genital discharge, pregnancy complications and infertility...

By Remco Peters & Liteboho Daniel Maduna 2 days ago

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