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about us
BEE Analyst are experts in the analysis and interpretation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, ready to give you professional advise.

We add value to business through maximum benefit-driven BEE implementations that drive effective transformation, with the minimum expenditure.

Our BEE Consulting Services include the following services:

  1. BEE Scorecard Development
    Let's get to work, agree on desired results, collect data, process data and create a Simulated BEE Scorecard. Let's get the basics right.

  2. BEE Scorecard Optimization
    Scorecard Optimization requires a solid BEE foundation based on understanding the success recipes of your business. Your BEE should not disrupt business operations but rather compliments success elements. In most cases, we have found that our clients increase their BEE level without an increase in expenditure.

  3. Sustainable BEE Solutions
    Sustainability means, in simple terms, one project should complement a different initiative over a period of time, saving money but maximise business value. The is a BEE Analyst speciality.

  4. Transaction Management
    BEE transactions are complex and expensive; let's do the basics right to avoid disappointments in future.

  5. BEE Online System
    Our online BEE calculator rules out any possible arguments on score calculations, attach required evidence and allows for forecasting scenarios. It measures quarterly, and divisional performance against BEE codes with full consolidation facilities. While we process data, you may QA, or you may process data and we QA.

  6. BEE Verification Management
    BEE Analyst has established excellent relationships, while maintaining independence, with a vast network of BEE verification agencies. The full verification process is managed by BEE Analyst, reducing frustrations and time-consuming activities.

  7. BEE Training
    BEE training is provided via our online accredited training portal, followed by practical real data analysis and interpretations of your BEE data.

  8. Employment Equity
    Our range of services includes an Employment Equity Plan, the establishment of your EE committee and relevant structures, general procedures and leads into your Annual EEA2 submission.

  9. BEE Hotline and Library
    Accurate and reliable information, when you need it most, are critical to guide your BEE investment decisions. Share information, report irregularities and fronting, ask questions, and learn more about BEE through our BEE Hotline functionality.

    Our library contains all BEE Sector Codes, latest SANAS interpretations notes, most recent BEE Commissioner directives, and many more BEE relevant articles.

    BEE Consulting Services

    Our proven consulting methodologies, cover all BEE elements and project stages to achieve your desired BEE level. We deliver what we promise. These methodologies are embedded in a robust change management process to "take your team along" in the transformation process.

    BEE Consultation Methodology