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What if nothing is changing?
What if nothing is changing?

There is an advertising urban myth about a company needing to sell more baby powder. Basically, all the brightest and the best would come into a room each day and try and brainstorm how they could sell more baby powder...

By Damon Stapleton 19 hours ago

Image credit: Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash
5 questions to ask when selecting influencers to work with

Marketers are faced with important decisions to make when selecting the most relevant influencers to collaborate with...

By Dominique Harmse 18 hours ago

Designing for B2B customer experience

Designing for customer experience (CX) in the B2B marketing world is, at heart, about how to support clients as much as possible to grow their business by attracting and retaining customers through value exchange...

By Wade Fraser 17 hours ago

Sports as a business and a brand in Africa

Fans are choosing not to watch live football events, and instead are opting in increasing numbers for the 'intimacy' of their crystal clear digital flat TV screens, or not all, as recent attendances at AFCON showed...

By Dr Victor Oladokun 20 hours ago

Amazon beats Google in online product search

When thinking 'search', you'd be forgiven for assuming that Google leads the pack. A global study has shown that consumers begin their retail-related searches on Amazon first...

By Michael King 16 hours ago

Design and repair must work together to undo our legacy of waste

"Design" has been one of the big words of the twentieth century. To say that an object has been designed implies a level of specialness. "Designer items" are invested with a particular kind of expertise...

By Tom Lee, Alexandra Crosby, Clare Cooper, Jesse Adams Stein and Katherine Scardifield 19 hours ago

Cabbages & Kids: Ola director Amy on her recent travels

Ola! Films director Amy Allais shares some of her hilarious anecdotes about filming in Eastern Europe and the Middle East...

Issued by Ola! Films 20 hours ago

Stokvel promotes big brand building

Stokvel is an estimated R50bn industry in South Africa. The stokvel system, which dates back to the early 19th century, is premised on group savings toward a central fund for various situations from burial to grocery purchasing...

Issued by MegaVision Media 20 hours ago

1 Woman's legacy. 4 Celebrity chefs. 67 Litres of soup. 67 Minutes.

Local ad agency 99c presents the Winter Karma Kitchen this Mandela Day...

Issued by Ninety9cents 17 hours ago

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