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If you want to be inspired by online retail look at FNB's new app

The vast majority of websites and online retail platforms are absolutely pathetic and amateurish. And desperately in need of help.
I was at the launch of FNB’s latest app - the 50th upgrade since it launched in 2012 - and in my opinion anyone who wants to succeed at online retail should have a look at this for sheer inspiration.

It has actually revolutionised mobile banking and with fingerprint recognition it is able to get onto the online banking platform securely and with the least amount of hassle. And it allows customers to do absolutely everything from paying, transferring, cardless cash withdrawals, adjusting limits, talking directly to someone at the bank in real time and best of all, being able to pay a restaurant bill or groceries without having to give anyone a credit card. Or even having a credit card on you.

It is a remarkable demonstration of just how advanced the digital retail environment has become.

Quite a contrast to those retail websites that still persist in asking customers to phone or email them for quotes or prices.

Online retailing is growing massively and the emphasis is falling more and more on mobile with phones getting a little bigger with convenient 14cm screens that allow even the most clumsy consumers to easily navigate things.

There is no doubt in my mind that any retail organisation that does not give absolute priority to their online presence in terms of user friendliness, is just asking for trouble.

And a tip from those who do it well. Really well. Don’t hand it all out to someone else but create your own centre of mobile excellence.

I’ll show you how if you like.

It works for most of my clients, so it can work for you.

11 Oct 2016 12:55


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