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Sofacompany brings online shopping experience to life with new showroom

As technology advances - so does shopping behaviour. While trends show a growth in e-commerce, there are still consumers who prefer the tactile benefit of purchasing in-store. For retailers, creating an omnichannel shopping experience means giving the customer the best of both worlds.
Sofacompany brings online shopping experience to life with new showroom

Until recently, ground-breaking Danish brand, Sofacompany, sold bespoke high-quality furniture exclusively online. While the website allows customers to easily navigate through the extensive catalogue and customise their order, the now brick-and-click brand understood the importance of creating a tangible experience.

The idea was to bring the touch-and-try advantage back into the shopping journey with a state-of-the-art showroom, cleverly designed with the customer in mind. The showroom is on Buitengracht Street and is open from Monday to Saturday. Aside from viewing the furniture, customers can see the full range of fabric options and enquire face-to-face with a consultant. From the feng shui floor plan down to the atmospherics – every detail has been intuitively considered to create the ultimate on-site experience.

Atmosphere matters. Often overlooked as a ‘silent’ influencer, music has the power to affect customer behaviour. The right background music has a positive impact on the overall customer experience; uplifting the mood, increasing dwell time and encouraging repeat visits.

To capture the personality of the brand and to build on the unique character of the showroom, the sonic solution had to be custom created. DMX installed a hi-tech TOA sound system along with trendy pendant speakers to complement the light fixtures. The ambient signature playlist of upbeat jazz and cosmopolitan lounge was specifically designed with the customer experience in mind.

Sofacompany Director, Jonno Sherwin, explained: "Music is a key part of our showroom experience - it helps relax the customer, set a mood, and align to our brand style of being minimalist, on-trend and stylish. DMX was our go-to service provider for this because of the extensive music database and end-to-end solution from installation to ongoing service. We’re delighted with the end result."

Along with fulfilling the need to touch, feel and try products; purchasing on-site appeals to the need to browse and discover new things. Introducing sensory solutions like enjoyable background music and engaging visuals, positions the brand as a trendsetter and elevates the sales journey. Sofacompany plans to extend the sensorial shopping experience through to their larger showroom in Kramerville, Johannesburg - to be re-launched in June 2019.

DMX is an industry pioneer with decades of experience, providing on-site sensory marketing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. Every DMX solution is tailored to fit the specific needs of each brand. The multi-sensory offering includes digital signage, music, content management systems, scenting and other solutions for businesses across industries. DMX customers include prominent industry leaders and represent some of the most identifiable brands.

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19 Jun 2019 12:33