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Wunderman SA is a digital marketing partner specialising in advertising, marketing, social media and consulting solutions with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Wunderman SSA appointed by global healthcare company, GSKWunderman SSA is celebrating its appointment to manage key GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) brands, following a competitive five-way, multinational agency pitch earlier this year. 18 Apr 2019 Read more

Wunderman SA welcomes Astrid Ascar to the familyWunderman SA has appointed digital marketing specialist, media personality and business strategist, Astrid Ascar, as the global digital agency's chief strategic officer. 18 May 2018 Read more

The ingenious Facebook trap: Is it time for ensnared brands to cut their losses?When Facebook was started back in 2004, it was hailed as one of the first truly 'free' advertising mediums for corporate and personal brands alike. Brands could create new homes for themselves and their products by the click of a button and use Facebook's ecosystem to access new audience segments and expand the appeal of their service offering. It was an exciting time, and the marketing world embraced it like wildfire: it didn't take long for Facebook to become the go-to social media platform for brands across the world. 22 Nov 2017 Read more

Wunderman SSA appoints Kagiso MusiWunderman Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) welcomes Kagiso Musi as the digital agency's chief client officer (CCO) and managing director (MD) of Fluid, the WPP agency established to service the Telkom account. 15 Nov 2017 Read more

Facebook evens the playing field by discontinuing 'dark posts'At the end of October, Facebook broke the news that it planned to introduce a new advertising feature that would lead to any paid posts run by brands becoming readily visible to anyone who visited the page. What this effectively means is the end of the concept known as 'dark posts', which allowed brands to choose not to publish specific pieces of content organically to their page, but instead, only promote them to a highly specific audience via paid budget amplification. 7 Nov 2017 Read more

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