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Pros and cons of working from homeAn unforeseen work-from-home revolution has caught many companies by surprise as most employees have now been forced to work from home. The likelihood of returning to the office any time soon seems very unlikely. So what are the pros and cons of working from home? 9 Sep 2020 Read more

React Native Reanimated and React Native Gesture HandlerSimon Buerger, Head of Development at Bluegrass Digital, talks about a particular piece of work he did for a leading fintech platform that had an existing React Native app. The client wanted to build a loan repayment calculator that enables clients to see interest and loan repayment term based on the amount. The app has sliders that allow clients to change any field and it automatically calculates the other fields. Simon shares his technical knowledge on building the app, as well as working with React Native Reanimated and React Native Gesture Handler. 10 Jul 2020 Read more

How to build apps that workStop wasting time and money building apps that nobody wants. Before developing a new app, consider prototyping or mock testing the ideas at an early stage of production. This will help bring great apps to life by pressure testing the ideas beforehand. 3 Jul 2020 Read more

The rise of a new economyIt is more urgent now than ever before that businesses invest in digital transformation. Since the global lockdown, millions of people have turned to digital tools and methods for work, entertainment and shopping. Companies also had to rethink the way they do business and had to adapt to the 'new normal'. 11 Jun 2020 Read more

Bluegrass Digital supports Critical NHSDigital solutions provider Bluegrass Digital has offered its services to support Critical NHS, a volunteer-led organisation born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Critical NHS was set up to provide support to the critical care front line staff at St George's Hospital in London, and it is now quickly growing to support 16 hospitals across London over the coming few weeks and months. 30 Apr 2020 Read more

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