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Human Rights Day

We asked some of our staff: "What does Human Rights Day mean to you in 2021?"
The Nalesa Media team
The Nalesa Media team

“What rights?”

“It means the freedom to express my opinion, I am not in a position where I cannot say how I feel or have my opinions about certain things.”

“It means the fight still continues.”

Today we fight for our rights by loudly vocalising inhumane actions practised towards ourselves or our fellow humans. We are all born with instincts (a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking) and we can all boldly say that we do not like being treated differently because of how we were born or how we look. It is a human instinct to treat another human the way you want to be treated, the moment someone else decides to treat you like you are not worthy as a human being it is a violation of your basic rights.

It has been 61 years since the Apartheid government used ammunition and violence to tame protestors who were marching against the unfair treatment of non-white people in South Africa. Sixty-one years later we still find non-white people protesting/marching against the unfair treatment.

As young individuals living in South Africa today, we still experience a lot of unfair treatment. As young people working with people of all ages, we see and hear the different stories/situations of racial and gender discrimination. In corporate South Africa, we all find situations where human rights are being constantly violated. When you are not being given the same privileges as your other colleagues because you are not ‘white’ enough is a form of human rights violation.

Fighting for your rights should be practised by anyone, as long as it is done responsibly.

23 Mar 2021 07:21