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Is your brand socially awkward?

At the social media party, is your brand engaging in sparkling conversation or just muttering random facts to itself in the corner? Figure out where your brand fits in to the mix and how to climb the social ladder.
So you've decided to rock up to the social media party. Welcome. Now that you're here, it's time to figure out your social persona. Are you suavely sipping on a martini while charming the crowds with your witty remarks or are you wearing sandals with socks, fumbling with your fanny pack and raising eyebrows with your awkward comments? This is G&G's guide to the worst types of brands you meet on social media:

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Space Invader

No concept of social boundaries. This brand is like the party-goer who injects herself in every conversation without having anything worthwhile or relevant to say. They're likely to be asking inappropriate questions and breaking up great conversations with irrelevant interjections.

Likely to say things like: "Hey John, we're so sorry to hear about your gran's passing. Have you heard about our half-price sale?"

Remedy: Back off - respect social boundaries and choose the right times to engage.

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Automaton

This brand is so scared of being in the social space that they restrict themselves almost entirely to rigid, predetermined responses. They say everything they're expected to say as a brand, but suffer from a severe lack of a personality - just one interaction is enough to know that this brand has nothing valuable to add to the conversation.

Likely to say things like: "Your tweet is very important to us. Please hold while we find a customer service rep to respond."

Remedy: Loosen up and keep it natural. Automated anything is not advisable for interactions in the social space.

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Attention Seeker

Obsessed with 'on-page engagement' and RTs, this type of brand will stop at nothing to get fans to like, comment and share. They butcher memes and jump on just about any trending topic regardless of relevance.

Likely to say things like: "Like this if you like Fridays. Share if you think puppies are cute."

Remedy: Re-evaluate your social strategy. Likes and comments for the sake of it will not add any value to consumers' relationships with your brand. Seek quality over quantity when it comes to engagement.

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Raging Narcissist

This brand firmly believes that every piece of information it ever posts on social platforms should be about itself - and should be branded just for good measure. They're so busy talking about themselves that it's futile trying to get a word in edgeways.

Likely to say things like: "We're so great, look at this great thing we did. We also branded it just in case #BrandName"

Remedy: Success in the social space comes from realising that it's not all about you. Be a conversation facilitator instead of a steamroller.

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Gate Crasher

You know the type. You can spot them from a mile away as they desperately try to fit in where they don't belong. They stick out like a sore thumb and don't understand the existing social dynamics because their usual crowd is at a different party altogether.

Likely to say things like: "Hey, anyone need some roof tiles over here?"

Remedy: Reassess which social platforms you're on and what your objectives are. You aren't doing your brand any favours by trying to fit in where you simply don't belong. If you're going for the hard-sell, consider sticking to e-commerce.

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Lurker

This brand showed up at the party but just lurks quietly in a corner, not making eye contact or engaging with anyone. It's not really sure why it came in the fi rst place and politely declines any invitations to get involved in conversation.

Likely to say things like: Nothing. This type of brand probably hasn't posted anything since 2012.

Remedy: Get involved or go home. The purpose of having social channels is to be social. If you're not willing to engage with people in that way, rather don't just open an account for the sake of it.

Is your brand socially awkward?
The Awkward Turtle

They try oh so very hard, but the over-eagerness is more cringe worthy than endearing. Instead of having its own opinions and personality, this kind of brand just tries to latch on to buzzwords and it's efforts to engage with people result in little more than awkward silence and the occasional sympathetic smile.

Likely to say things like: "Hey homies, you're all looking fly #TooCoolForSchool #LOL"

Remedy: Find your own brand voice and stick to it. Trying to do what everyone else is doing will not get you noticed, it will get you unfollowed.

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