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Bateleur Brand Planning provides tailor-made strategic research solutions for clients to increase productivity, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage by increasing engagement with customers.
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Happy Women's Day!?
Only half of women in South Africa report being generally happy with their lives (51%). The other half report being either in a neutral state regarding happiness (32%), or worse still, either unhappy or very unhappy (18%). This state of affairs is slightly more pessimistic than men, who, on average, claim significantly higher levels of happiness. 10 Aug 2022 Read more

The state of research in Africa
Bateleur Brand Planning's Kim-Lee de Vries, the market research agency's marketing director, shared how their research team recently carried out frank conversations with African neighbours about the market research industry. They hosted an informal online discussion with researchers in Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa, debating the primary industry challenges. The insights uncovered through this engagement are significant and relevant in the context of South Africans commemorating Africa Month this May. 23 May 2022 Read more

The future of HR - The missing link?
It used to be called personnel administration. It involved recruitment, training, performance management, teamwork coaching, conflict and grievance management, health and safety, policies and legislation, and the basic admin associated with employing and paying people. 16 May 2022 Read more

BBBEE fatigue or too tired to think?
BBBEE fatigue has, for some years now, started slithering into conversations around economic transformation in South Africa, yet, BBBEE is the critical element to catalyse economic transformation. 12 Oct 2021 Read more

Bateleur restructures its shareholding
In August 2021, Bateleur Brand Planning announced that it had increased its shareholding amongst existing shareholders Kim-Lee de Vries (marketing director), Talya da Silva (production director) and Gordon Hooper (managing director). As a consequence of an exiting shareholder, 40% of Bateleur's shares have been released and balanced across all business functions. As such, all aspects of the business are now in the hands of its owners. 20 Aug 2021 Read more

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