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High Definition Realism by Keys Communications

How do you get a MasterChef knife to look so sharp on Township Wall Media/Murals, along major township arterials?

High Definition Realism by Keys Communications.

This was firstly achieved by ensuring the right shade of silver was selected making sure you can see it when looking from any direction.

The goal was to give it a 3D dimension without being reflective and indistinct, which is what you get when you spray the artwork with a solid silver.

This particular silver was a combination of acrylic black and acrylic white, 75% black acrylic and 25% white acrylic.

Upon the placement of the stencil on the wall, we used white spray to get the lighter details of the knife to reflect the multi-dimensional silver - giving it the perfect shade and outline.

The rest of the detail is specialised and proprietary, solidifying our position as owners of this very intricate, detailed painting technology we call High Definition Realism.

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17 Dec 2021 12:07