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Tractor Outdoor was founded in 2001 by international industry veterans and is managed by a team who has a comprehensive grounding in the outdoor media industry.
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Tractor Outdoor announces the upcoming release of four new digital buildsWith DOOH virtually on the verge of being "the" new media type, Tractor Outdoor has been working tirelessly on converting and building brand new roadside digital screens within Cape Town and Johannesburg. 16 Aug 2019 Read more

Lizelle McConnell to join executive management team of Tractor OutdoorChange is the name of the OOH media industry game, and with change comes opportunity and once again Lizelle McConnell has proven her value to Tractor Outdoor. 20 Jun 2019 Read more

Tractor Outdoor partners with local NGOs to offer a helping hand to those effected by Malawi cycloneThe cyclone has affected at least 1.5 million people in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. Malawi has also declared a state of disaster following the storm. 21 May 2019 Read more

Tractor Transit: We are now able to track your bus campaignsTractor Transit, a division of Tractor Outdoor focusing solely on bus advertising, has just released two transit packages to suit any brand's target market. Not only are they able to target your audience but also track your campaign with TractorTransit Tracking™ in-house technique which aims to provide advertisers and agencies with various data sets about the campaigns that they book. 2 Apr 2019 Read more

Tractor Outdoor announces Lizelle McConnell as their head of sales GautengTractor is excited to announce that Lizelle McConnell, their former senior group sales executive, was promoted to head of sales Gauteng with effect from February 2019. 20 Mar 2019 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Cara Woods to the team!Tractor is proud to welcome Cara Leigh Woods who was recently appointed to their sales team in their Johannesburg office. 19 Mar 2019 Read more

Tractor Outdoor's new roadside digital in SandtonTractor has just announced their newest build: a 3x6 roadside digital located in Sandton, Johannesburg which will also form part of their LOOP digital network. 15 Feb 2019 Read more

Tractor Outdoor and Oasis Digital join forces to create the largest DOOH Network in South AfricaTractor Outdoor and Oasis Outdoor Media have signed a partnership agreement for the sales and marketing of the Oasis Forecourt digital network, thus making Tractor one of the biggest DOOH network in the country with over 100 digital out-of-home screens nationally. 22 Jan 2019 Read more

Tractor Outdoor and UrbanSigns announce strategic partnershipTractor Outdoor and UrbanSigns is pleased to announce the establishment of "urbantrac" - a collaboration between the two companies to redefine their DOOH portfolio profoundly within the Cape Town area. 12 Dec 2018 Read more

The importance of audience data and digital out-of-homeWhile the geographic footprint of our medium has always been well defined, clear audience quantification for OOH typically has been a weakness. Ultimately, advertisers want to purchase audiences, so we have commissioned a first-for-Africa study to uncover where else our audience goes... and therefore the relevance of our network to our clients. 29 Nov 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor rolls out largest Western Cape digital signTractor Outdoor have now increased their Cape Town digital network to include the largest third-party digital situated on the Atlantic Seaboard. 21 Sep 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor expands their digital network nationallyTractor Outdoor has recently expanded their digital network to the Gauteng and Eastern Cape provinces. 24 Aug 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Lizelle McConnell to the team!Tractor Outdoor recently appointed Lizelle McConnell to join their sales team in their Joburg branch. 8 Aug 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor sponsors Project Dignity for their Subz Pads InitiativeTractor Outdoor have recently partnered with NGO Project Dignity to assist with their Subz Pads Initiative (washable sanitary pads and panties for underprivileged girls) by contributing advertising space on Tractor's digital network to promote the campaign. 23 May 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor builds Cape Town's largest and first ARA-compliant digital signTractor Outdoor is pleased to announce that they have added their largest digital screen to their digital network. The site is also the first and only digital site in Cape Town that is ARA-compliant with Heineken being the first advertiser to include this into their media strategy. 9 May 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Nour Raad back to the team!Tractor Outdoor is pleased to announce the return of Nour Raad to their Cape Town branch. 20 Apr 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor installs first-ever real-time drought analytics on their Cape Town digital networkReleased by AUX Studio in January, TapOff is a free mobile app that not only provides Capetonians with real-time updates on the city's water consumption, but inspires them to make positive changes that will have a lasting impact. 28 Mar 2018 Read more

Mischief Media heads up Netflix Bright OOH graffiti campaignMischief Media, a division of Tractor Outdoor, recently had the opportunity to work on an innovative campaign for Netflix for the release of the movie called Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. 2 Mar 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor expands on their LOOP digital networkTractor Outdoor is pleased to announce that they have added a third digital screen into the LOOP Network. 20 Feb 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Wian van Jaarsveld to the team!Tractor Outdoor recently appointed Wian van Jaarsveld to form part of their sales team in their Cape Town branch. 8 Feb 2018 Read more

Tractor Outdoor sponsors Reach For A Dream FoundationTractor Outdoor has partnered with the Reach For A Dream Foundation to assist its Aircraft Raffle campaign by contributing billboard space to promote the initiative. 14 Nov 2017 Read more

Tractor Outdoor partners with Table Mountain Aerial CablewayTractor Outdoor, in partnership with Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company, has recently undertaken a complete rebranding of Cape Town's iconic cable cars. Mastercard South Africa has entered into an agreement to sponsor certain branding elements at the Cableway. 11 Sep 2017 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Llewellyn Terblanche to head up Transit DivisionOne of the exciting developments happening at Tractor Outdoor this year, is that they have decided to launch a Transit division which forms part of the Tractor Group. 7 Jun 2017 Read more

New digital billboards for Tractor Outdoor have been erected"The Loop” digital network is the latest addition to Tractor Outdoor's growing portfolio of high-impact, premium locations; and the first two sites of the network have just been completed. 3 May 2017 Read more

Gisela Harrison heads up Mischief MediaGisela Harrison has been appointed to head up Mischief Media, South Africa's first dedicated OOH Innovation Business. Gisela was previously a Sales Executive at Tractor Outdoor, but the demand for Innovative OOH campaigns through Mischief has grown so significantly that it now requires a dedicated management team and staff contingency. 1 Mar 2017 Read more

KFC beach media campaign turns heads at top beachesTractor Outdoor have recently worked with KFC to launch their Mini Cricket National Beach Campaign over the summer period with branded umbrellas distributed on top beaches across South Africa. 14 Feb 2017 Read more

Tractor Outdoor takes on DurbanIn addition to their landmark site holding in Gauteng, Western Cape and Eastern Cape, Tractor Outdoor is pleased to announce that they have recently built 10 brand new sites in KZN… including the largest approved site in KZN, the iconic “Urban View” - at an incredible 420m² with a 360-degree view across the whole city! Development of these sites was headed up by both Ben Harris and Ray van Niekerk who handle KZN development for Tractor Outdoor. 1 Feb 2017 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Ria Terblanche to the team!Tractor Outdoor recently appointed Ria Terblanche as senior sales executive at their Johannesburg branch for all outdoor media formats currently under their management. 24 Jan 2017 Read more

Tractor Outdoor launches Cape Town's first digital advertising network - The LoopWith technology and trends evolving each year, the momentum for OOH companies to tap into the digital market has been increasing tremendously. 15 Nov 2016 Read more

The festive season is an essential time to use outdoor advertisingWith millions of South Africans due to take full advantage of the upcoming summer, OOH advertising is a great medium for increasing brand awareness, repositioning brands and creating a lasting positive brand image, especially during this busy season. 3 Oct 2016 Read more

Why advertisers should be advertising in the Eastern CapeTractor Outdoor's office, situated in Port Elizabeth, has been in existence since 2007 and is run by Bruce Jefferies, Eastern Cape Director. 2 Aug 2016 Read more

Why you should be booking beach media earlyWith half of the year gone and summer coming up in a few months this means holidays, tourists, shopping and festivities. 1 Jul 2016 Read more

TractorTracking a game-changer in transit advertisingTractor Outdoor, one of the top national outdoor media owners, has launched its TractorTracking™ division which aims to provide advertisers and agencies alike various data sets about the campaigns that they book with Tractor. 3 May 2016 Read more

Tractor Outdoor welcomes Gisela Harrison to the teamTractor Outdoor recently appointed Gisela Harrison as senior sales executive for all outdoor formats currently under their management, in addition to this account management position Gisela will also head up their recently launched innovation division - "Mischief Media". 25 Apr 2016 Read more

The rise of digital advertising and what this means for OOHThe last year or so has seen a massive increase in the media spend being allocated towards digital and mobile advertising - and South Africa is leading the way with 57% of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices. This ranks SA higher than many other global developing countries on the mobile traffic scale. 29 Oct 2015 Read more

Tractor Outdoor expands current portfolio to PretoriaTractor Outdoor is pleased to announce the expansion of its current holding to include 32 sites in the Pretoria area. 3 Jul 2015 Read more

Converse Africa and Tractor Outdoor donate GROWbag planters to urban farming communities in Cape TownCape Town-based NGO, "Soil For Life", has been delivering training on food gardening in underprivileged communities across the city for over 12 years. They teach people how to establish organic vegetable gardens at their homes, ensuring they can provide themselves and their families with healthy nutritious vegetables and assisting them to live a more sustainable life. 1 Dec 2014 Read more

The importance of direct, strong and collaborative relationships in the OOH industryOne only has to take a look at the last Cannes award that took place recently to notice that this industry event is now no longer filled with advertising agency folk patting each other on the back and celebrating their own creativity (normally at their clients' expense) but more and more traditional media owners like Google and Yahoo are starting to set up camp and engage the very same clients that these agencies used to once act as intermediaries for. As margins become slimmer across the industry more and more clients are looking to stretch their marketing budgets by engaging with media owners and technology companies directly quite often at the expense of creative agencies. 7 Oct 2014 Read more

Golden Arrow Buses renews contract with Tractor Outdoor and Corne Krige Outdoor"We have been partnered with Golden Arrow for almost five years and are pleased that they have extended our contract for a further term," says Simon Wall of Tractor Outdoor. 1 Oct 2014 Read more

Helping the Labia Theatre go digital goldThe Labia, a well-known independent art cinema in Cape Town, has come to realise that their outdated equipment has them facing their biggest challenge yet: converting to digital. 13 Aug 2014 Read more

Tractor Outdoor acquires exclusive rights to landmark outdoor advertising locations in key Gauteng suburbs"In January this year, Andrew Stevens, our CFO (and longtime Tractor veteran) moved to JHB with a mandate to grow our presence in the highly competitive Gauteng market, and in the three months that he has been there we have seen significant growth in our portfolio," says Simon Wall, MD of Tractor Outdoor. 5 May 2014 Read more

Tractor and Converse create Twitter graffitiWhat do you get when you combine a graffiti artist, a canvas and social media? @Converse_Africa in collaboration with Tractor Outdoor have implemented South Africa's first live graffiti exhibition with creative suggestions being spurred on via the #clashwall #CT Twitter hashtags. The event, located at the famous yellow Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront ran from the 28th February till the 3rd March 2014. 10 Mar 2014 Read more dominates Cape Town's highwaysThis project was just another great way of getting high impact exposure around Cape Town without blowing the budget. 4 Oct 2013 Read more

Tractor Outdoor wins MOST "Lamb Award" for Media Owner of the YearTractor Outdoor won the Media Owner of the Year Lamb Award at the 2013 MOST Awards at a packed event in Johannesburg on Tuesday, 3 September. 12 Sep 2013 Read more

Tractor and Hooley turn old billboard skins into Converse fashionWith today's modern technology almost anything is possible, especially when it comes to keeping the environment safe from toxic waste and pollution. Instead of getting rid of the skins Hooley created the concept to turn them into fashion branded accessories. 14 Aug 2013 Read more

Samsung and Tractor Outdoor change Cape Town's skylineSamsung Electronics have recently taken ownership of the branding rights of one of the tallest buildings in the City of Cape Town . This site was previously known as the "Shell" Building when it was first built in 1976 and Samsung is only the third brand in almost 40 years to grace this iconic location. 13 Mar 2013 Read more

The wait is over - Tractor Outdoor flights largest billboard in Cape TownLocated on the extremely busy Marine Drive, this site measures over 350 square metres and is uniquely designed to fit its location. 1 Mar 2013 Read more

Tractor Outdoor launches Beach Media with a bangTractor Outdoor recently launched its Beach Media division by running a nationwide coastal campaign for McDonalds over the summer period with more than 600 umbrellas scattered across beaches in coastal cities and tourist destinations across South Africa. 14 Feb 2013 Read more

Tractor Outdoor Awarded Silver Obie at International Outdoor Advertsing Design Awards in MiamiCape Town-based Tractor Outdoor has been awarded a Silver Obie Award for their "Emirates Vertical Garden" campaign in Kloof Street, Cape Town. This was announced at the 70th Annual Outdoor Advertising Association of America's awards ceremony on Wednesday night at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. 15 May 2012 Read more

Tractor Outdoor secures iconic London Taxi Cabs in Cape TownRikkis Taxis is one of the largest taxi services operating in the Greater Cape Town area with over 20 London Cabs and Materias operating 24 hours a day. 29 Mar 2012 Read more

Enter 2011...

Outdoor was selling, but one medium was suffering. There were fewer and fewer branded buses on the road. After having a number of discussions with other media owners that offer bus advertising, the consensus was mutual that 2011 was not as good as 2010. In actual fact, it could be considered a catastrophe to some extent when compared to the "Gold Rush" of 2010.
 26 Mar 2012 Read more

Tractor Outdoor erects first sponsored vertical garden in South AfricaTractor Outdoor prides itself in delivering unique innovative solutions for our clients. "We have admired the work of French Vertical Garden Supremo Patrick Blanc for many years," says Simon Wall of Tractor Outdoor, "and we had been looking at ways to erect similar gardens in Cape Town. Emirates Airlines through their media agency Starcom Mediavest/Nu-Venture and their creative agency, Draffcb, embraced the innovative opportunity and immediately committed to working with us to make our vision a reality." 26 Sep 2011 Read more

Fancy a Threesome?Tractor Outdoor has just launched probably their most affordable rotational pack ever! The "3some" pack targets ALL upwardly mobile residents living in East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. 20 Jul 2011 Read more

Cape Town is where the smart money isRecently voted the 'World's Best Destination' in TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Award and the second best beach city in the world, it's easy to see why this beautiful city overtook even New York, Rome and Paris. Besides playing host to international celebrities and movie studios (the filming of Judge Dredd was wrapped up just a few weeks ago) Cape Town has long been a firm favourite with South Africans too. 8 Jul 2011 Read more

Tractor Outdoor have preselected some of their most popular sites in and around various vibrant bar and restaurant precincts in the Eastern and Western Cape and will be giving away a pair of Ray-Bans every month to the individual who books the most sites from this highly desirable portfolio. Please contact an account manager at Tractor or email . 2 Mar 2011 Read more

Ben Harris has recently been promoted to Business Development Director at Tractor Outdoor. 28 Feb 2011 Read more

Tractor Outdoor has recently appointed Monique Steyn as a Key Account Sales Executive on their Billboard and Transit division. 18 Feb 2011 Read more