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Established 19 years ago by the main players in Afrikaans advertising, the Pendoring Advertising Awards acknowledged that, irrespective of individual preferences, Afrikaans is part and parcel of South Africa's rich heritage, traditions and identity.

Research confirmed that the Afrikaans-speaking segment of the population was (and still is) one of the largest and wealthiest communities in South Africa, and that Afrikaans speakers were (and still are) extremely brand loyal. Therefore, Pendoring sought to encourage agencies and marketers to come up with creative ideas and concepts to promote products and services in Afrikaans.

Today the Afrikaans market still has considerable purchasing power, as shown by authoritative research studies such as the All Media Product Study (AMPS) and others:

  • Afrikaans speakers represent 15% of the South African population, but account for some 28% of the country's total household expenditure.
  • Afrikaans is the third largest home language after Zulu and Xhosa.
  • 10.6million (33%) South Africans can read or understand Afrikaans.

In addition to remaining true to its strong Afrikaans roots, Pendoring increasingly serves as the ideal vehicle to promote creativity and a renewed interest in other indigenous languages.

As such it has, over the past two decades, evolved into a comprehensive campaign aimed at creating greater awareness of the power of communicating in the home language of a target market - be it Afrikaans, Zulu, isiXhosa, etc.

The rationale for this is grounded in the fact that consumers tend to open their hearts, minds and wallets more readily when they are addressed in their mother tongue, the language in which they think. This is because the style, wit and impact of a commercial message becomes far more powerful when delivered in the home language of a target market.

Therefore, well-considered advertising campaigns and ad spend in the language of a particular target market result in a win-win situation for all role players. Pendoring's challenge is to grow the use of all indigenous languages - including Afrikaans - so that they take their rightful place in the advertising environment.

By investing in the future of Afrikaans, Pendoring is securing the continued existence as well as the development of innovative and creative advertising that truly resonates with the target market.

Pendoring has grown into one of the most prestigious events on the advertising calendar. It is the only advertising awards in the country with considerable cash prizes for category winners and an overseas study tour for the winner of the Prestige Award.

Speak to your target market in its home language. Enter your sharpest work and you may well walk away with Pendoring's top laurels: an overseas study tour to the value of R50 000.