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Rocketseed is the first-choice email signature management software for both marketers and IT professionals across the globe, compatible with Office 365, Gsuite & Exchange.
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Your email signature is more than a stamp – sky-rocket brand trust with Rocketseed!
Think of your email signature as a silent brand ambassador, working tirelessly with every email sent. It's more than just “Stamp”; it's a prime opportunity to strengthen brand recognition, build trust, and spark valuable interactions with every recipient. 17 Jul 2024 Read more

The most technically advanced email signature software Rocketseed has ever developed
Rocketseed, the leading business email signature management software solution provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of Rocketseed Cloud, a groundbreaking solution for future-proof branded email delivery architecture for clients and new customers. This innovative platform brings the power of Microsoft’s Azure Servers to Rocketseed’s class-leading email signature and banner delivery platform. 19 Jun 2024 Read more

Enhancing employee engagement and communication with email signatures
In today's dynamic business environment, ensuring employee engagement and seamless communication across your organisation is paramount for success. Robynne Simmons, the group HR manager at Rocketseed, emphasises the significance of utilising company email signatures as a powerful yet often underestimated tool in achieving these goals. 7 Mar 2024 Read more

Stay on trend with every email you send
Mastering 2024's top marketing trends with better business email signatures! 1 Feb 2024 Read more

Making the most of one-to-one email marketing at scale?
In the constant quest for the latest big thing in today's digital world, one marketing strategy often overlooked is one-to-one email marketing at scale. Yet, with even the largest companies now looking to offer their customers increasingly personalised experiences and communications, it's the perfect marketing channel. 2 Nov 2023 Read more

Rocketseed unveils brand refresh to lead in one-to-one email marketing
Rocketseed, a pioneer in the email signature and branding space, announces a brand refresh to align with market trends and customer needs. It is making a strategic shift to focus on an undervalued and often overlooked key component of the broader marketing mix: one-to-one email marketing at scale. The move comes as the company aims to offer more personalised solutions through employees' direct emails, a channel often overlooked by marketing teams. Companies can boost engagement rates by up to 70% with every business email, but corporate email is often overlooked as a powerhouse marketing channel. 26 Sep 2023 Read more

Email sign-off etiquette: A comprehensive guide
The importance of email sign-offs cannot be understated when writing emails. While the beginning of your email may be limited in variety, the choices for email sign-offs are vast. Choosing the right sign-off can greatly impact the recipient's reaction and response. Email signature specialists Rocketseed recently released a guide, How to Sign Off on an Email Correctly that aims to help you select an appropriate sign-off for any situation, striking the balance between professionalism and personalisation. 14 Sep 2023 Read more

Rocketmailer launches new website for its bulk email marketing and multi-channel messaging platform
Rocketmailer, the South Africa-based specialist bulk email marketing division of Rocketseed, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its new website. The new website establishes the company's own dedicated online presence and is designed to show how users can create and manage email newsletter and multi-channel campaigns with ease with the Rocketmailer platform. 3 Aug 2023 Read more

Setting boundaries with business email signatures
Setting boundaries around email is crucial for maintaining work-life balance and overall well-being. In today's world of remote work and constant communication, it's easy to feel the pressure to always be available. However, by effectively communicating your working hours and email boundaries, you can reclaim control over your time and reduce stress. An ideal to do this is by utilising your work email signature. This guide explores the importance of setting boundaries and why your email signature is ideal for this purpose. 19 Jul 2023 Read more

The diversity and inclusion benefits of correct name pronunciation in the workplace
Pronouncing someone's name correctly can make a big difference. It can make a colleague feel more supported, create a more inclusive corporate culture and even help secure sales as Damian Hamp-Adams, CEO of Rocketseed explains. 8 Feb 2023 Read more

Celebrating female tech leaders in Rocketseed
It's no secret that the tech industry has always been predominantly male orientated. Unfortunately, this is true to an even greater degree in the B2B SaaS world. 1 Aug 2022 Read more

Rocketseed named a 2022 Top Email Signature Performer by SourceForge
Rocketseed is proud to be a winner of the Top Performer award from SourceForge, the world's largest software reviews and comparison website. 3 Jun 2022 Read more

10 ways to meet 2022 digital marketing trends using your email signature
In the rapidly-evolving world of digital marketing, it's essential that you and your business are up to speed with the latest digital marketing trends if you're going to succeed. With this in mind, we've looked around the digital marketing landscape to see which trends you can easily - and cost-effectively - take advantage of simply by using your business email signature to ensure audience engagement and brand success in 2022. 10 Feb 2022 Read more

5 email signature solutions for terrifying business challenges
Your business has skeletons in the closet... that's right. You heard me. But don't fear, so does every other business, regardless of the industry sector. 26 Oct 2021 Read more

15 ways email signature branding can boost your brand
Your brand is your most powerful marketing asset. Your everyday email is your #1 business communication channel. Put them together and you've got a brand-boosting match made in heaven! 6 Oct 2021 Read more

7 reasons to join Rocketseed's email signatures partner program
Add value for your customers. Add additional revenue channels... Add star quality email signature management. 18 Mar 2021 Read more

5 ways to get the best email signature for 2021
How many emails will you and your employees be sending in 2021? More than you think - in fact, about 12,000 each! Because, with all the challenges of 2020 and those to come in 2021, email remains the top everyday business communication channel. 20 Jan 2021 Read more

7 ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working
Does your team working together in the same office feel like a distant memory? With so many staff still working remotely, there's a whole new set of challenges to face. How best to track their productivity? Are they sufficiently motivated or in danger of letting service standards slip? Can you still ensure they present a united brand front to the world? 30 Oct 2020 Read more

Email signature marketing introduced into prestigious Digital Brand Strategy course
Students enrolling for the 2020 Digital Brand Strategy course at The IIE's Vega School - Thought leaders and trailblazers in design, brand and business - will, for the first time ever, be introduced to the role of email signature marketing as a powerful (and highly cost-effective) digital marketing channel. 2 Mar 2020 Read more

Santa's 7 steps to Christmas signature success
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But is your¬†email signature¬†ready to jump on the sleigh and ring those bells? 18 Dec 2019 Read more

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