Print pairs well with all media

Different media brings different things to the party

According to Mark Ritson, brand consultant and marketing professor, “The power of a good campaign has always been in the combination of different weapons… at different stages… to get the job done.”

We all appreciate a good pairing and some things were just meant to go together. Most advertising works best when media complements one another. By pairing two or more platforms you extend your reach, and increase your overall ROI.

The evidence:

The latest IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) data study proves, pairing newsbrands with other channels boosts campaign success.

Print pairs well with all media

Previous studies by Newsworks have shown that adding newspapers to a media schedule increases overall campaign effectiveness in all categories.

Print pairs well with all media

Spark Media agrees with Denise Turner, Insights Director at Newsworks, when she says, “Somehow advertising has been distracted by madmen metrics. It’s time we got back to doing the best advertising in the best places for advertisers.”

Print brings something good to the party

Significant assets of print are trust, relevance and low levels of intrusion (all key elements in a very disrupted world). With more people turning to trusted news sources, the undeniable value of print is further cemented by the intrinsic of local papers.

With most advertising not even able to break into the consciousness of target markets, you want your message to stand out!

Ads in local papers stand out

  • Ad recall in print has improved significantly over the past decade, from 46% to 77%. (Source: RAMetrics)
  • Branding is 185% stronger in print than digital, more and more clients are benefiting from direct access to an incredibly engaged audience, in an effective and trusted environment. (Source: RAMetrics)
  • With local papers accounting for 79% of the newspaper distribution in South Africa. (Source: ABC Q1 2020)

Many successful advertisers recognise the strength, value and impact offered by local papers and reap the weekly rewards!

Top SA retailers = Top Caxton advertisers

Four out of the five top retailers listed in South Africa have successfully partnered with Spark Media and advertise in local papers regularly.

Print pairs well with all media

Advertisers in non-retail categories are waking up to the modest media type and starting to see the results local papers can achieve.

  • Case Study: Private Property used well-branded power-wraps across 99 of SA’s local papers, distributed to over 2.4 million homes. This was a week before lockdown level five was applied. Unfortunately, many of their other media activities had to be cancelled due to lockdown, but reaching 2.4 million homes proved instrumental in directing traffic to their rebranded website. With 7.9 million impressions and five million users reached we could directly attribute this to local papers.

Now you know - local papers can supercharge a campaign, pack a punch in the media mix and boost other channels, all whilst giving you total market coverage of economically active South Africa.

And if you are at a loss as to what to pair your local paper with, we are here with suggestions. Contact us at az.oc.aidemkraps@ofni.

Print pairs well with all media

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