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New Media invests in strategic digital training

Designed to allow NMP to continue leading the field of content marketing in South Africa, World Wide Creative's "Heavy Chef" Digital Marketing Course was tailored specifically to re-skill each team at NMP, allowing them to align and implement overarching strategies through multiple channels. It covers various technologies, how to drive traffic, evaluate and understand audiences and how to commercialise their publishing activities to build profitable online communities.
New Media invests in strategic digital training
Content has become a powerful marketing tool as content marketers create engaging conversations which, if successful, can lead to an increase in sales and loyalty, says MD Bridget McCarney. "Today, content is one of the most powerful assets a brand can create. Having a digital presence is now of strategic importance as customers change and digital technologies evolve. We have to be able to tell brand stories on every channel - engaging, entertaining and informing the customer."

Digital developments have significantly shifted the marketing industry. NMP has chosen to substantially invest in this training to ensure that we can continue to boast industry leading skills on every available channel. Digital channels provide multi-way dialogue between brands and their customers, but like any medium, they only work if done well with a deep understanding of both the marketing imperatives, and channel specific best practice.

"This significant investment in up-skilling all employees is critical to ensuring we continue to provide the most effective marketing solutions for our clients," concludes McCarney.

23 Feb 2011 11:55