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The Edgars Club magazine celebrates 80 years of fashion - and a new look

South Africans will be celebrating Edgars' 80th birthday in style this September with a special edition of the Edgars Club magazine. From the beautiful gold masthead and gatefold cover - something not seen in consumer or customer magazines in a while - right through to the last page, the magazine is a celebration of everything Edgars has been in the lives of South Africans over the past 80 years.
The Edgars Club magazine celebrates 80 years of fashion - and a new look
The theme for the magazine is “80 things to love about Edgars”, and it features everything from the history of Edgars, to classic fashion and fragrances, to home inspirations and not-to-be-missed special offers for Club members. This special collector's edition has turned magazine convention on its head - it sports none of the normal sections and features an exciting new design and beautiful fashion photography. Plus, the cover showcases nine models wearing iconic clothing representing every decade that Edgars has been in business.

The September issue forms part of the revamp of the Club magazine. “In response to the challenge of an evolving brand, store and customer, we felt compelled to employ an exciting new editorial and creative strategy - positioning the magazine as, what we believe, is the ultimate shopping magazine for South Africa's ultimate department store,” says Editor Anelde Greeff.

Imran Patel, Edgars Club Financial Services, Events and E-Commerce Marketing Manager, adds: “We are delighted with the new-look magazine. Since the rejuvenation started, there has been a surge in the uptake of Club benefits. We have also seen an 11.28% increase in the number of Club members who upgraded to the Edgars Premium Club membership option, which offers a more comprehensive set of benefits. The option has been marketed aggressively in the magazine over the past few months.”

The monthly magazine is the key benefit of the Club loyalty programme, membership of which costs R18.95 per month. The loyalty and rewards programme is the biggest for the upper LSMs in South Africa, with more than one million members. The magazine is also the client's main means of communication with Club members.

According to recent AMPS figures, the title is the most-read fashion and beauty title in South Africa among LSM 8-10 consumers. Current readership stands at 2 153 000 [AMPS 08B] while the magazine has an ABC of 902 425 [April 09 - June 09]. The magazine continues to be the biggest perceived benefit among all Club members.

7 Sep 2009 15:19