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86% more readers for Edgars Club Magazine

Edgars Club Magazine is the most-read fashion and beauty title in South Africa among LSM 8-10 consumers according to the newly released AMPS figures. Readership has climbed by 86% from 1 153 000 [AMPS 06 12 months] to 2 153 000 [AMPS 08B] since New Media [NMP] took on the title. One cannot attribute this growth to circulation alone, which rose by 5% in the period [ABC 920 861 Oct - Dec 08 vs 876 985 Oct-Dec 06].
86% more readers for Edgars Club Magazine
“If more customers are reading our magazine and passing it on, we must be doing something right! With the help of an expert team at NMP, as well as ongoing research, we continue to craft an editorial strategy that's spot-on. This means we remain relevant, with content that inspires Club members to engage with our brand like never before,” comments Stacey Schubart, Edgars Club publications manager.

Edgars Club Magazine is one of the benefits and the key communication tool of the Edgars Club - a loyalty programme available to Edgars account holders. The magazine continues to be the firm favourite benefit among all Club members.

Says Anelde Greeff, Edgars' group editor, “It's reassuring to see how our readership figures have grown. The challenge will be to continue to grab the consumer's attention and influence their shopping habits - particularly in the cut-throat retail environment. While the credit crunch has seen our consumer counterparts taken off the shopping list, we know that we've stepped up to deliver the only fashion and beauty fix to thousands of households.”

NMP started publishing the monthly Edgars Club Magazine in September 2005 with an editorial mix of fashion, beauty as well as home and entertainment.

14 Apr 2009 13:03