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Relationships strengthened with customer magazines

Five titles in the New Media stable have increased significantly in circulation, according to the latest announcement from the Audited Bureau of Circulation. Dish/Skottel, South Africa's biggest magazine, continues its incline as Multichoice signs on new subscribers. Mango's in-flight magazine, Mango Juice, recorded its first ABC of 14 543 (Oct- Dec 07).
Relationships strengthened with customer magazines
Comments MD Bridget McCarney, “In today's economic landscape, South African companies need to reaffirm their positioning in the marketplace. We provide a measurable platform for our clients to maintain and continually strengthen their relationship with their customers. This is confirmed by continuous increase in circulation of our customer titles.”

The following titles have increased significantly year-on-year:

Period: October – December 2007
Dish/Skottel for Multichoice
Current ABC: 1 656 489
Oct-Dec 06: 1 431 245
Year-on-Year Growth: 15.73%

Dish Africa for Multichoice
Current ABC: 236 613
Oct-Dec 06: 169 907
Year-on-Year Growth: 39.26%

Period: July 07 – December 07
Off Limits for Edgars
Current ABC: 70 000
Oct-Dec 06: 22 882
Year-on-Year Growth: 205.91%

Period: January 07 – December 07
Mercedes Transport for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles
Current ABC: 14 547
Oct-Dec 06: 9 020
Year-on-Year Growth: 61.27%

Plascon Colour for Plascon
Current ABC: 10 631
Oct-Dec 06: 9 778
Year-on-Year Growth: 8.72%

New Media has established itself as one of the leading customer publishers in South Africa, offering an array of communications solutions to several industry categories. From magazine publishing to website development and events, NMP's clients range from the retail, finance, property, entertainment, travel, motoring, décor, youth and food environments.

25 Feb 2008 16:49


Hang on, am I missing something here?-
Surely the increased circulation for these titles reflects the fact that the clients have increased their customer base (that is, they need more freebie mags), and not that people are snapping up the publications like hot cakes?
Posted on 26 Feb 2008 13:05
Yes... the obvious-
That's what customer mags are all about, kid. And as far as I know, New Media are doing at excellent job.
Posted on 26 Feb 2008 14:27
Err, is it honest-
Read the first paragraph - they say that Dish is increasing its circ as Multichoice signs on new subscribers!
Posted on 27 Mar 2008 15:14