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Insig revived as Boeke-Insig

Insig will be revived as a books magazine, a book website and quarterly events in three cities – all of which are aimed at bookclub members. Well-respected celebrities like television personality Ruda Landman, book expert Hettie Scholtz, and acclaimed poet Danie Marais will all play an active role in the magazine.
The new magazine will be called Boeke-Insig. Irna van Zyl, the former Insig editor and current Editorial Director of New Media, will edit the magazine. The 64 page magazine will contain the latest book news, interviews, bookclub news, photos, articles, background information and extras about books. Hettie Scholtz will act as consulting editor, while Danie Marais, a freelance journalist, and Francois Smith, a publisher, will act as sub-editors and writers for the publication.

The quarterly “Insig-Boektafel with Ruda Landman” will be a social event, accompanied by a lovely meal at which Ruda Landman will interview an author. Guests will have the opportunity to ask questions, and signed copies of the books will be on sale.

The website, which will be administrated by Jomarié Dick, will build a virtual community, allowing members from all over the world to debate, exhange ideas, tips, photographs and even post their own writings, while giving their personal opinions and that of their bookclubs. Here you will also have access to Insig's archives, digital books and profiles on authors.

Insig's popular book pages and book manual is now revived. The new format will have even more appeal to the readers,” says Patricia Scholtemeyer, CEO of Media 24 Magazines.

Scholtemeyer also said that according to the latest AMPS (2006) about 579 000 Afrikaans speakers attend a book club at least once a year, and that companies like Leserskring has at least 108 000 Afrikaans members.

The club fee of R200 per year includes:

  • A free 64 page quarterly books magazine.
  • A fortnightly email newsletter.
  • R100 discount to attend the quarterly “Insig-Boektafel” with Ruda Landman.
  • Access to the Insig archive on the Internet.
  • Special discount on any book in the magazine, especially the Book of the Month.
  • Plus a welcome hamper with a book voucher, wine and a book – valued at R300 in total. The first 500 members also receive a special funky Insig books bag.

    “We want Boeke-Insig to be a respected magazine with useful and inspiring information about books. The purpose is to launch a community that people with a passion for books can join, and which will promote stimulating debate among young and old, mainly about good Afrikaans and South African books. We want to be part of international debates and successful books, without being too academic,” says Irna.

    Publisher Hannerie Visser says the magazine is mostly financed by Media24 Magazines. “There are only a few pages of advertising and the available pages have already been booked by existing clients.”

    More information about the magazine and the bookclub will be issued shortly.

    For more information send an e-mail to or phone Alicia Erasmus at (021) 417 5151.

    The club, magazine and website will be managed by New Media on behalf of Media24.

    The Boeke-Insig team is:
    Boeketafel host: Ruda Landman
    Consulting Editor: Hettie Scholtz
    Editor: Irna van Zyl
    Publisher: Hannerie Visser
    Managing editor & web editor: Jomarié Dick
    Sub editor and feature writer: Danie Marais
    Sub editor and feature writer: Francois Smith

  • 4 Sep 2007 16:52