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New Media brings the 'magic' of augmented reality to Ackermans Club magazine

Following digital successes for other client publications, New Media brings the latest issue of Ackermans Club magazine to life using the power of augmented reality (AR).
New Media brings the 'magic' of augmented reality to Ackermans Club magazine
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Available to Ackermans Club members, the March issue with the theme "Kids get more of the good stuff" is yet another example of the seamless marrying of print and digital being perfected by New Media. Augmented Reality works by enabling the printed page to come alive with digital content that streams directly to a mobile device, explains New Media's general manager Andrew Nunneley.

"With this issue of Ackermans Club magazine, we have a beautiful cover shot of children bundled up in their winter best. But when you activate the augmented reality element using your mobile device, as if by magic the cover comes to life showing the kids on the cover jumping around and playing."

Have a look at this little 'how-to' video to see it action:

"At New Media, we firmly believe in not only ensuring that regardless of the platform the content we create is published on, it is engaging and entertaining to our readers. As far as New Media is concerned, print is not dead or even dying. When not seen as the poor cousin of social or other forms of digital media, print publications can still deliver considerable value for both publishers, clients, and readers. That digital tools now are actually proving to be stimulating additions, rather than replacements to print is only futher proof of this," says Nunneley.

Commenting on Ackermans' first foray into the world of augmented reality, Marketing Manager: Customer Relations for Ackermans Angela Beukes says, "I am excited about and proud of our first ever AR issue! We love to surprise our customers with added value and to be innovative and the use of augmented reality technology allowed us to do just that."

"With the publications we've produced in partnership with New Media, the core consideration has always been the value they add to our customers' lives. This value, as far as Ackermans is concerned, is not only through the affordable products which are featured in the magazine, but also in ensuring that the magazine is a lifestyle companion for our readers. These magazines don't only sell Ackermans, but are an engaging and entertaining value-add to our club members. This is why this magical addition to this issue of the magazine is something we're so pleased to present to our readers."

New Media has previously gained prominence in the publishing industry through its innovative use of digital technologies for clients such as the City Press, Mercedes Benz, and Vodacom.

To access this additional augmented reality content, readers must download the Layar app which is available for free download, in the iTunes and Google Play apps stores, for Apple and Android devices respectively.

24 Apr 2014 11:06