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Why the smartest marketers choose MyBroadband

MyBroadband easily outperforms other marketing channels for IT products and services in South Africa, which is why it should be a core part of any marketing campaign.
Why the smartest marketers choose MyBroadband

Software development company Codehesion’s latest advertising campaign shows that MyBroadband and BusinessTech produced more traffic and leads for the company than all other channels.

The marketing channels used in Codehesion’s campaign included online IT publishers, Google Search, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The campaign’s results revealed that online IT publications produced the highest engagement, more web traffic, and more leads than any other channel.

Breaking the statistics down further showed that MyBroadband and BusinessTech outperformed all other marketing channels.

These two publications provided Codehesion with the highest engagement and the best quality leads.

The results were so impressive that Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers is now moving most of their marketing budget to content marketing on major IT publications.

“The top IT publications in South Africa are producing more and better leads than other marketing channel for Codehesion. It is logical for us to direct our market budget there,” Beyers said.

The chart below shows the results of the campaign, based on Codehesion’s advertising results.

Why the smartest marketers choose MyBroadband
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6 Mar 2019 12:19