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Suzuki therapy hits the spot

Penquin Advertising's TVC successfully showcases Suzuki's united offering

When Suzuki's Auto, Motorcycle and Marine divisions merged into a single entity in South Africa last year, the company needed to increase consumer awareness of the unified brand.

Suzuki, together with their advertising agency, Penquin, decided a TVC would be the best way to showcase all of Suzuki's offerings while allowing the audience to connect them as part of one entity.

In conceptualising the commercial, Penquin drew on dealership and social media feedback which showed Suzuki customers are passionate about the brand, exceptionally loyal and often engage by sharing their experiences. Various clubs, operating independently of the brand and without brand motivation, have been started by staunch Suzuki enthusiasts.

Says Penquin's Managing Director, Darren Leishman: "There is something very compelling about the Suzuki brand which its customers recognise and value highly. Using insights consumers shared about the company's products, we structured the campaign around the idea of "Suzuki therapy".

Production house Johnny Gunn, were responsible for bringing the concept to life, and the result is a beautifully shot ad that showcases the Suzuki offerings in an effective and compelling way.

The ad shows "patients" confiding to a therapist their love of and addiction to Suzuki products. The counsellor then affirms their passion as therapy in itself, setting them free to explore and enjoy it.

This concept allowed Penquin to feature products across the Suzuki range, and present them as part of a unified brand.

Says Yukio Sato, Managing Director of Suzuki South Africa: "The ad showcases our diverse automotive, motorcycle and marine offerings and the exciting and adventurous lifestyle they represent. The concept is dynamic, informative and entertaining - a great mix that gets our message across."

Contact: Darren Leishman | Managing Director | 011 879 1900 | az.oc.niuqnep@lnerrad

24 Apr 2015 10:09