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Promise creates turnkey brand experiences

Promise is proficient in delivering a broad output of branding expertise - the agency is not confined to above-, through- or below-the-line communications. Creative marketing solutions form a significant part of the agency's services. In addition to this, the agency has a strong ability to deliver turnkey brand experiences that are tactile and add significantly to the profitability of clients' businesses over the medium to long term.
Promise creates turnkey brand experiences
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Promise creates turnkey brand experiences
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Promise creates turnkey brand experiences
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Promise creates turnkey brand experiences
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Getting brands to live within their homes, being their corporate environment, is also critically important. It is essential that brands are correctly experienced at every touchpoint. Following on from the success of the new smart car lifestyle dealership in Cape Town, whereby the brand promise was experienced both conceptually and visually, Promise has now completed its latest "corporate interior brand experience".

The agency was approached to create a restaurant brand experience from the ground up. The chef's menu was used to draw inspiration for the marriage between food, décor, restaurant name, logo and interior design. The menu is a contemporary interpretation of old classic cuisine.

All elements therefore tied into this foundation, with the recommended name "Vintage Fresh" as a starting point for this journey. The logo and the restaurant itself had to borrow from the romance of the past but still cater to patron's desire for a fresh, contemporary eating experience. Essentially - the marriage of old and new.

The décor and interior design was inspired by the brand values to create a seamless experience, via:

- the use of pressed ceilings juxtaposed with modern, backlit floating bulkheads
- vintage damask wallpaper
- furniture custom-designed by Promise with turned table legs, finished in high gloss Duco with wooden surfaces
- vintage chandeliers surrounded by contemporary reflective shades
- contemporary/lounge music
- use of large mirrors, wood paneling and painted wallpapers
- menus and wine lists
- specially created restaurant art, shot with a weathered vintage fork and contemporary, new knife

The project was completed in 10 weeks and the restaurant has been a great success, with bookings now essential on certain days of the week. Promise is also currently working on another client interior - the head office of Elliott International. To date Elliott's has received highly effective and diverse communication solutions from the agency, ranging from a successful 3-spot ATL TV campaign to BTL, press, design and direct mail solutions.

Vintage Fresh
BluBird Shopping Centre
Cnr. Athol Oaklands & Main Road, Birnam
011 786 4586

29 May 2008 09:50


you know what they say about a promise...-
meant to be broken
Posted on 29 May 2008 16:19