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Ignition Group Press Office
Ignition Group is a global technology company with operations in Africa, the USA and the UK. By leveraging the power of technology, data and people, Ignition is able to provide clients in diverse sectors with exceptional business services. Within the Ignition ecosystem are business units in the telecommunications, customer experience, financial services, banking, ecommerce, platforms and products sectors, all operating with synergy to open up the digital economy to everyone.
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Ignition Group’s Lucy Engels speaks respect, diversity, and the role of HR in business
Lucy Engels, head of people at Ignition Group, combines years of experience and her passion for people to bring true diversity through HR strategies. 8 Dec 2023 Read more

Professional rugby gave Greg Goosen the skills he needed to be successful in the business world
Greg Goosen, senior director: EVP of Ignition CX, uniquely combines his professional sports background with corporate acumen, driving international business growth and innovative customer strategies in the technology and CX space. 16 Nov 2023 Read more

Ignition Group takes the power of reading to where it's needed most
"South Africa is facing a reading crisis, with eight out of every 10 children unable to read properly," says Samantha Botha, head of group marketing for Ignition Group (Ignition). "The foundations for encouraging a literate society in the country, have slowly deteriorated due to a number of factors - the absence of a reading culture amongst adult South Africans, the demise of school libraries due to the high cost of books and the sub-standard training for teachers of reading." 25 Aug 2023 Read more