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ASUS offers the best mobile computing technology. No matter where you are on your professional journey, there's a notebook ready to expand your capabilities and streamline your digital life.
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Asus announces full ExpertCenter desktop lineup at CES 2024
High-performance desktops feature new chassis updates, the latest 14th generation Intel CPU, and professional-grade discrete NVIDIA graphics to suit all business needs. 16 Jan 2024 Read more

Navigating the digital realm: Asus' role in South Africa's business evolution
The winds of change are sweeping through the South African commercial space, heralding the digital transformation era. The relentless march of technology is reshaping industries, redefining workflows, and presenting unprecedented opportunities for businesses to thrive in the digital age. 19 Dec 2023 Read more

Revolutionising medical imaging: Asus healthcare AI solutions unveiled
Embracing the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is a global trend. 19 Dec 2023 Read more

The impact of smart conferencing equipment on business collaboration
In the ever-evolving landscape of how businesses operate, the era of remote work has ushered in a paradigm shift, redefining how teams collaborate and communicate. 18 Dec 2023 Read more

Tech trends shaping the future: The rise of AI in South African businesses
In the pulsating heart of South Africa's business landscape, a transformative force is quietly making its mark – Artificial Intelligence (AI). 11 Dec 2023 Read more

Building resilient businesses: Diversification in the workplace and the role of technology
In modern business, the concept of diversification extends beyond financial portfolios. 8 Dec 2023 Read more

Powering through load shedding: Asus innovations for uninterrupted productivity
In the dynamic landscape of South African businesses, the shadow of load shedding looms large, casting intermittent interruptions that can disrupt the flow of operations and impede productivity. 30 Nov 2023 Read more

Protecting your business: navigating the rising tide of phishing scams in South Africa
In an era dominated by digital transactions and online interactions, the threat of phishing scams looms larger than ever for South African businesses. 23 Nov 2023 Read more

Overcoming remote working challenges in South Africa
In recent years, the global workforce has shifted towards remote work, and South African businesses are no exception to this transformative trend. 17 Nov 2023 Read more

Why sustainable tech is - and should be - here to stay
If sustainability isn't on your agenda in 2023, as a company you'll soon find it affecting your bottom line - if it isn't already. Consumers are increasingly looking to purchase from companies that reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, studies show that employees, investors and the youth are pressuring companies to act more responsibly and, fortunately, the technology is available to help make it happen. 23 Mar 2023 Read more

Creativity is evolving: Let your business technology evolve with it
Creativity is evolving. There is more opportunity for everyone, from a solo creative all the way up to full design agencies, to create extraordinary productions. Everything from video to 3D graphics and beyond. The opportunities are endless, and this explosion in digital applications for creativity is due in large part to the rise of powerful, innovative technologies. 22 Dec 2022 Read more

Top 5 factors to consider when buying a business laptop
It's official. Your business needs to update its IT infrastructure and laptops are on the top of the list. Where do you begin? What factors should you consider off-hand and what isn't essential at this point? 21 Dec 2022 Read more

It's critical: How digital tools can drive reliable and patient-centric healthcare
The shape of healthcare is transforming. According to McKinsey, consumers are increasingly taking their health into their own hands, turning to digital tools to book their own appointments, get necessary prescriptions, and even monitor their own health between visits to the doctor. 20 Dec 2022 Read more

Reset with reliability: How dependable digital workplace solutions can build long-term growth
The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped global business and changed the way we all live and work. Chief among the changes is the shift to digital business and hybrid work. According to Gartner, 48% of employees will work remotely by 2030, compared to 30% pre-Covid. 14 Dec 2022 Read more

Access over ownership - subscription models are dominating the tech industry
The subscription economy is forever changing how consumers interact with brands. As a result, we're raising a generation that'll have a complicated relationship with ownership. 13 Dec 2022 Read more

Your laptop - the mobile plague-bearer?
This is how Asus Antibacterial Guard safeguards your every moment with your laptop. 12 Dec 2022 Read more

Tools built specifically to keep your laptop and files in it safe
Security has become an increasingly essential part of our daily lives, and its continued relevance is becoming more apparent. Similar to how you would secure your physical property using risk management tools and security services, corporate and personal data and files should ideally be secured using a handful of tools and strategies. 7 Dec 2022 Read more

What is military-grade testing, and why should you opt for a notebook that's certified?
Technology is so entwined in our daily routine that our devices have become synonymous with tools of simpler times. But because they are constructed from finicky (and sometimes expensive) components, they're not as robust as, say, a sword, or a hammer. 5 Dec 2022 Read more

South African children are learning robotics from Grade R
Take a look inside Curro Academy Protea Glen, Soweto and its robotics class. 30 Nov 2022 Read more

Business laptop vs a general laptop - What's the real difference?
Whether you have a home laptop, a personal laptop or a business laptop - they all seem like they do the same thing. These devices accept inputs, process data and display images on the display. Each range is unique in its own right. 28 Nov 2022 Read more

What is the best laptop for media, marketing and sales?
The Asus ExpertBook B9 slots into the company's commercial line of laptops and business-focused hardware solutions. But that doesn't mean these are only destined for the desks of traditional office workers. 24 Nov 2022 Read more