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SA's traditional trade revolution: 4 must-know strategies for success
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers in South Africa have a massive array of advertising channels to consider when strategically planning their marketing budget. From formal retail to e-commerce and midi wholesalers to spaza shops, there is a much wider range of touchpoints to plan for. 13 Mar 2024 Read more

ConnectGroup on redefining field sales technology and cashless payments in Africa
Businesses who operate in the formal South African retail trade and have a presence in Africa through distributor partners, are faced with the challenge of decentralised field data and having to fit into their partners' way of doing business. With different ERP systems, paper-based operational methods and multiple data resources, it is difficult to get a consolidated view of trends, sales, payment types, infiltration issues and out of stocks, to name a few. This, combined with the rapidly evolving technology advancements mean that staying ahead of the competition requires innovative approaches to streamline processes and ultimately enhance the merchant and end customer experience with your brand. 30 Aug 2023 Read more

The 5 keys to stokvel advertising success
We know that stokvels play a significant role in the financial lives of many South Africans, especially in low-income communities, as they provide a means of support and a way to manage expenses collectively. Stokvels are a considerable force of customer purchasing power for many people in various life stages in the calendar year. Burials and Christmas are the obvious annual events, but general grocery stokvels are becoming more formalised with groups sized between 12 and 20 people pooling resources for monthly grocery buying. MegaVision Media has compiled a list of this season's must-haves for brands wanting to make an impact and boost sales. 8 Aug 2023 Read more

Untapped market: How spaza branding can increase sales and consumer demand
South African townships have become a powerful and untapped market for brands looking to expand their reach and connect with diverse consumer segments. These vibrant communities offer unique characteristics and consumer behaviours that present numerous opportunities for businesses to thrive. Let's explore why branding spaza shops in South Africa is an exceptional opportunity for brands: 22 May 2023 Read more

How to give shoppers that last push to purchase
"A brand that gets remembered gets bought". A succinct and perfect summary declared by brand consulting agency, Kantar and strap line that marketers should live by. Advertising is an ever-present element of our day to day lives, bombarding us with messages and images from all angles. A fair question to ask is do people really pay attention to billboards on the side of the highway, and does it prompt them to make a purchase, or is there more to it? 31 Mar 2023 Read more

Media buying made simple
MegaVision Media, stalwart of the South African retail and wholesale in-store media industry, has launched a new online media booking platform. For agencies looking to close the gap on a through-the-line campaign, they can now browse indoor and outdoor media offerings for retail giants such as Makro, Pick 'n Pay, Kit Kat, Cambridge, Advance, Overland, Devland, UMS and Elite Star Cash 'n Carry. This includes everything from a parking lot MegaPave to an in-aisle BrandingBoard, a giant suspended MegaFlex and even Township Branding. 15 Jul 2022 Read more

Media rentals: Long-term cost benefit + short-term flexibility
When it comes to advertising on fixed, physical structures like parking lot paves or in-store hanging systems, there is something for everyone. There is the brand who wants static highway exposure with slowly fading artwork over time. The brand who wants quick punchy short-term campaign signage at store level to tie in with a larger through-the-line campaign. And the brand who knows they need to advertise but can't work out whether the short-term route is more effective than the long-term approach. 11 May 2022 Read more

Impact of Spaza branding on customer value and sales
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands in South Africa are constantly looking at creative ways to stand out from their competitors, build better relationships with shoppers and elevate sales. 28 Mar 2022 Read more

No headaches for Panado's OOH advertising
Panado, a subsidiary of Adcock Ingram, is a household name in South Africa. The Panado brand is synonymous with pain and fever relief for both adults and children. Part of Adcock's marketing strategy was to book out-of-home (OOH) media spaces at various wholesale stores in order to maximise the effect of their wider advertising campaign. OOH is a form of advertising that is found outside of a consumer's home such as in-store advertising, street pole advertising and highway billboards. OOH advertising can be used as a support medium, lead medium or in isolation depending on the brand's objectives. 3 Dec 2021 Read more

Unilever rolls out epic MegaSpaza campaign
MegaVision Media's MegaSpaza offering has been an incredibly successful venture for the company. The core product value lies in creating a mutually empowering and respectful relationship between the brand and the spaza shop owner. 29 Oct 2021 Read more

Media planning: How brands and agencies should strategise during the pandemic
Once upon a time, in a world before Covid-19, brands sat with their creative teams and media agencies and planned calendar events for the 12-month period that lay ahead of them. 17 May 2021 Read more

How to establish your brand in townships
To have a strong brand is one of the key objectives of any business. Irrespective of industry, having a strong brand is undeniably linked to success. With informal trade stealing much of the spotlight from formal retail trade in recent years, companies seeking to build a strong brand in the informal markets are now pivoting into the spaza and wholesale arenas aggressively. Most, if not all South African brands, are trying to work out how best to capitalise on this rapidly growing business opportunity. Namely, how to establish a brands reputation with lower LSM shoppers, how to stand out from competitors where planogramming is not a formal opportunity, how to reinforce loyalty and trust with spaza shop owners and shoppers alike and, finally, how to uplift sales. 10 Mar 2021 Read more

Why managed media is the cornerstone of in-store brand communication
It seems that retail has, somewhat, come full circle over the past few decades. The in-store shopping experience started off with stock on shelf being the sole priority for shoppers and manufacturers alike. A simple, clean, well-lit, competently managed and heavily stocked store was the main mutual goal. It was, perhaps around the 'hypermarket' era of the mid '70s in South Africa, which retailers started thinking differently. Inspired by the French and American big-box store type 'hype' a decade prior, South African retailers slowly turned the shopping experience into a more immersive, carnival-style one. The premise being that in order to engage shoppers in a more meaningful way and increase sales, retailers would allow brands to flood the floor with a vast range of activity and point-of-sale material to attract attention to product and promotion (whilst earning a fat sum in exchange for the retail estate.) This extended, in its prime to live bands, boxing matches and beauty competitions being hosted in these retail spaces. 9 Dec 2020 Read more

Technology-integrated township advertising
It is well known that brands struggle to understand the return when it comes to their advertising efforts in the general trade. Brands are also desperate to get a grip on customer data at spaza level. Issues relating to stock, promotions, new product and pricing are some of the fundamental questions that brand managers need answers to. 24 Jul 2020 Read more

Key Distributors boosts sales by 25% with ConnectFMCG
Key Distributors, a business of Value Logistics, is a warehousing and sales company focused on the distribution of FMCG products to formal and informal retail markets in South Africa. The warehousing and distribution landscape has changed in the past decade, shifting from formal retail to the ever growing segments of the informal trade and forecourt business. This shift means pressure to visit more stores across a larger territories with smaller sale baskets per customer. 25 May 2020 Read more

How brands should prepare for life after #Covid-19
With a significant number of the world's population staying at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that the advertising industry has felt the pinch. South Africa has experienced very strong leadership during this crisis but the psychology of being in isolation is leaving people feeling trapped both mentally and physically. A trip to the grocery store or pharmacy is one of the few necessary 'outings' we are afforded. Whilst a visit to the shops may seem eerie and alien with people not looking at or speaking to each other, we believe that this is the precise opportunity for brands to jump in and bring much-needed comfort to the Covid-19 shopping experience. 8 Apr 2020 Read more

Image recognition: Does it actually work for South African retail?
In-store trade compliance, category management and the measurement of promotional execution have come a long way in the past five years. Whether FMCG brands use the services of merchandising agencies or deploy their own sales force automation technology, the advancements in this arena have certainly created a more efficient sales force. 9 Mar 2020 Read more

Spaza advertising: An ever-growing market in South Africa
According to research done by Nielsen South Africa, R1 of every R5 spent in South Africa takes place at informal spaza or township stores. This makes the informal retail environment a very attractive sector worth approximately R46bn. 6 Dec 2019 Read more

App for merchandisers
Merchandisers are the final piece in the very long chain of warehousing and distribution. 7 Nov 2019 Read more

Stokvel promotes big brand building
Stokvel is an estimated R50bn industry in South Africa. The stokvel system, which dates back to the early 19th century, is premised on group savings toward a central fund for various situations from burial to grocery purchasing. The groups vary in size from 12 to 20 people and each entity decides how much to contribute and how often the money is shared. From a retail and wholesale perspective, the annual Christmas stokvel is starting to heat up and South African brands are capitalising on this opportunity to offer great deals through bulk purchasing. 17 Jul 2019 Read more

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