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Influencer agency gets double nomination at Bookmark Awards
Brand Influence, a leading South African influencer marketing agency, is thrilled to announce its nomination as a finalist for two digital campaigns at the prestigious 2024 Bookmark Awards! 18 Jul 2024 Read more

Survey results from South African mom-fluencers in the baby spaces - Get it now!

The rise of the mom-fluencer in the baby space - Influencer agency shares survey report.

 10 May 2024 Read more

Beauty survey results from South African Gen Zs - get it now!
Brand Influence, a leading South African influencer marketing agency, is sharing the results of an extensive survey targeting Gen Z's behaviour within the beauty category, as well as their interactions with beauty brands on social media. The study, conducted through the agency's B2C channel Beauty Bulletin (on both Instagram and TikTok), gathered insights from 7,000 Gen Z respondents, shedding light on the beauty purchasing behaviours and social media usage of one of the market’s most influential demographics. 6 May 2024 Read more

Brand Influence marks success with their first property influencer campaign
Brand Influence, a local trailblazer in large-scale nano influencer campaigns, recently orchestrated its first-ever property-based campaign for Live Easy apartments in Gauteng! By securing 100 targeted influencers to attend Live Easy’s in-person property showcase, this collaboration marked a significant milestone in property-focused influencer marketing, bringing to light Live Easy’s affordable, stylish living spaces! The campaign cemented the #LiveEasyExperience as the ideal choice for young, ambitious individuals, and highlighted Brand Influence’s prowess with impactful service campaigns around in-person events! 8 Apr 2024 Read more

Navigating the service landscape
Insights from Service Insider's consumer survey. 4 Mar 2024 Read more

Brand Influence lights up Masa Awards with double nomination
Brand Influence, a prominent influencer marketing agency known for its authentic large-scale influencer campaigns, is proudly announcing its nomination for two prestigious Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) Awards. 12 Dec 2023 Read more

Brand Influence expands its offering with the launch of Service Insider
Brand Influence, the trailblazing influencer marketing agency known for connecting brands with digital community of influencers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its third B2C platform, Service Insider. 9 Nov 2023 Read more

Celebrating success: Brand Influence strikes Gold at Shop! Awards debut
Brand Influence, a prominent influencer marketing agency that focuses on authentic large-scale influence, is thrilled to announce its triumphant victory at the inaugural Shop! Awards in South Africa. 7 Nov 2023 Read more

First 1000-influencer activation from Brand Influence and Avon
Brand Influence proudly announces the success of its first-ever activation with 1000 nano/micro influencers - the Avon #HydramaticLipstick campaign. The goal: To drive viral product awareness and create a social trend that reverberates across the digital landscape. With an electrifying nano and macro activation, the campaign generated explosive beauty buzz, creating virality within 24 hours, first on TikTok and then Instagram. This extraordinary collaboration showcases the power of influencer marketing to revolutionise the beauty industry and ignite bold conversations. 3 Jul 2023 Read more

Brand Influence's Gen Z campaign ignites frenzy for Prime Hydration launch at Checkers
Brand Influence partnered with retail giant Checkers to unleash an electrifying influencer campaign on the Brand Advisor platform, targeting the Gen Z market. The mission was simple: Create a whirlwind of hype and excitement around Checkers becoming the official partner of Prime Hydration in South Africa. With a masterful blend of nano/micro influencers, creativity, and Gen Z-centric activations, the #DrinkPrimeWithCheckers campaign took the nation by storm, demonstrating the immense influence and buying power of Gen Z and their parents. 27 Jun 2023 Read more

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