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Focused Investment Holding Company for Insurance

Badger Holdings is a focused investment holding company specialising in the short-term motor insurance industry. For almost 2 decades we've been helping motor insurance and related companies maximize their potential by providing our unique blend of skills and expertise to overcome the unique challenges that the insurance industry presents. We help the companies we invest in by providing assistance based on their specific needs be it software requirements, training requirements, expert advice or new product development.

We believe in investing in great companies with excellent track records and helping them grow sustainably into the future, holding long-term strategic investments in a range of insurance and related companies.

To us, brokers are some of the most important players in the insurance industry and we've made it our role to partner with brokers to help them overcome challenges they face. This can be anything from direct insurers, FAIS, regulatory exams, compliance, finance issues, succession planning to an additional panel of insurers or selling their business.