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about us

Ready to Rogerwilco?

Rogerwilco is a multi-award winning, independently owned end-to-end digital customer experience agency. We exist to remove the friction in brands' digital engagement with their audiences, no matter the channel or touchpoint.

We're specialists

With over 80 specialist Wilcos whose expertise span data science, strategy, creative, content, social, website development, performance marketing and Martech configuration, we service global clients from our offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London.

We believe subject matter experts do it better, which is why we actively encourage on-the-job learning through our internship programme and continuous professional development. Collectively, we hold over 250 vocational certifications.
We know our stuff, but we don't just keep it to ourselves...

We Share Smart

Sharing is about giving back to the collective. Taking what enriches us and using it to enrich the group.
And what enriches us is knowledge.

When we take what we know or what we learn and give it freely to uplift others, we can help Rogerwilco, and our community, be the best they can be.

Our Share Smart purpose ensures that...

We're thought leaders

Beyond our structured training interventions, we upskill our specialists, and those across the industry, by sharing thought leadership in the form of benchmark reports, such as the annual South African Township CX report and the South African Digital Customer Experience report.

We're independent

Being staff-owned means we can be just that little bit more agile. It also means we're inclined to care more - after all, when you have some skin in the game you invest more into client success.

We suspect these attributes contributed to us winning the FM AdFocus Digital Agency of the Year award in 2021.

So, what'll you find at Rogerwilco?

Uncompromising curiosity.

The passion to craft an outstanding narrative.

An inherent need to deliver and do right for our clients.

You'll also pick up some pretty direct talking coupled with disarming transparency.

And yes, our name does have a meaning.

Roger = we hear you and understand; Wilco = we'll comply.

Meet Rogerwilco, an end-to-end digital CX agency committed to creating better user journeys that connect brands to their customers.

We're an independent agency of specialists with a passion to Share Smart. With thought leadership and Martech partnerships, we have what it takes to back our boldness.

We're Rogerwilco. We've heard and understood, and we will comply.