So who's drinking the dash?With the undeniable influx of low and no-alcohol beverages, one has to ask - who is the consumer, who is buying it and how are we advertising to them? 22 May 2019 Read more

Say the same thing, betterHere in Nairobi, we might not have Super Bowl budgets, but we do have bravery. However, when it comes to communicating change, where exactly does that bravery go? Sure, redesigning a pack creates some excitement in our local market. But if that's all you do... you're missing a trick. 2 May 2019 Read more

How blackouts impact the shopper behaviour of everyday South AfricansBillions. By now we all know how much loadshedding cost the South African economy. But what was the cost to South African shoppers trying to get the most out of their rands? We used our people-led, proprietary research tool, 34° Families, to find out what changes come about when the lights go out. 18 Apr 2019 Read more

Find your edge or prepare for the fallWe don't mean to be alarmist, but it's a war out there. Brands are falling weekly. Profits are up in smoke. Businesses are closing their doors. It's safe to say that the future is worryingly uncertain and we can't placate ourselves by just blaming the economy. 27 Feb 2019 Read more

Quench and 34° are putting a bar in your pocketQuench, the latest alcohol delivery app, has appointed 34° as their TTL agency. The partnership is allowing 34°s broad expertise to be fully utilised as the agency develops the communication strategy and a full TTL campaign supporting the regional and national launch. 27 Jun 2018 Read more

34° opens up the conversation around mental illness and depressionMental illness and depression is sadly something that still carries a lot of stigma and in South Africa this is especially true with many cultural taboos being prevalent. 13 Jun 2018 Read more

Klipdrift's new ad marks a return to genuine friendshipAfter two years handling the BTL account for Klipdrift, TTL agency 34° has now created the brand's latest TV commercial. The ad forms part of a bigger campaign that celebrates the Gold Between Friends, ensuring the brand can play a believable role when it comes to the genuine interaction between friends. 31 May 2018 Read more

Edge and 34° embrace individuality at AfropunkThe thing about being the new kid on the block is that there's a great amount of pressure to show up and show out. The brands that leave a lasting first impression are those that strike a perfect balance between not trying too hard to fit in and doing enough to get noticed by the right people. 11 Apr 2018 Read more

34° has the right mix for 2018At 34° we feel exceptionally prepared for the year ahead. Our creative offering has grown thanks to a host of new senior hires that answer the channel-neutral, solutions-based needs of our growing client portfolio. 22 Feb 2018 Read more

34° crafting our very ownBeer used to be simple. Cold, fizzy and served in a glass filled all the way to the 500ml line. Beer used to be for everyone. Not anymore. Craft beer has made beer exclusive, and its made beer expensive. Chances are if you order a craft beer, you'll be getting less than you expect for much, much more than you want to pay. And for us, that defeats the purpose and spirit of beer. 15 Feb 2018 Read more

34° Kenya are blowing itWe like to celebrate our good news by blowing our over-the-top vuvuzela any chance we get. 23 Nov 2017 Read more

34° - So much more than just a numberAs we battled through the depressed economy of 2017, it's certain that this has not been an easy year. And the advertising sector brings with it more uncertainty as agencies and brands navigate their way through a dramatic redefinition of advertising to an increasingly enabled consumer. 23 Nov 2017 Read more

34° launch Savanna's new special release rum-flavoured cider through an innovative BTL approachAfter the roaring success of Savanna Loco, the tequila-flavoured Savanna variant, the Savanna marketing team recognised a gap in the market: millennials want something unique that taps into the recent "craft" trend that has taken the world by storm. With this insight, the task was set to launch another special release that would further cement Savanna as an unapologetic and innovative brand. 1 Nov 2017 Read more

34° to launch specialist VR and AR technology solutions division, 34i34° is launching a specialist division, 34i, dedicated not only to the discovery, development and implementation of innovative creative technology solutions in the retail environment, but to how they are woven into broader brand strategy. 31 Oct 2017 Read more

34° in search of the Kenyan storyThe age-old practice of storytelling falls front and centre of the African experience: it's how information is disseminated, skills are exchanged, and histories are kept alive. That's why when it comes to getting to know someone, the wealth of insight (usually hidden under time constraints, budget cuts, border gates, and red tape) is richest when you place yourself in environments where the act of storytelling unfolds. 6 Oct 2017 Read more

Klipdrift and 34° celebrate the gold between friendsAs BTL agency for Klipdrift, 34° created an engagement platform that celebrates friendship in a way only Klipdrift can. Using the unique Klipdrift positioning, gold in every drop, we were able to transform the brand positioning into a physical acknowledgement of friendship. 18 Aug 2017 Read more

Savanna have the apples to appoint 34°Savanna has announced the appointment of 34° as its new strategic BTL and engagement partner. Savanna is now available in over 50 countries around the globe with an expansion plan in several key markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. 2 May 2017 Read more

Betway bets on 34° in KenyaBetway, one of the world's largest online and mobile betting platforms, launched in Kenya in late 2015. But in a sports betting market that is saturated with betting brands and dominated by SportPesa, Betway needed to stand out from the clutter and ultimately differentiate itself as a brand that the Kenyan market could resonate with. 19 Oct 2016 Read more

BF.34° are blowing it in KenyaWe like to celebrate our good news by blowing our over-the-top vuvuzela at any chance we get. 17 Oct 2016 Read more

34° maps out the perfect Campworld destinationsCampworld is a one-stop store for camping, caravanning and outdoor gear and offers travellers, including backpackers, an extensive option to gear up before they explore South Africa. 21 Jul 2016 Read more

34° creates a conversation with Warwick WineWine is a talking drink. You start out slow and next thing you know, you're several glasses down and the chat has taken you far from where you started. But, as we all know, words don't always come easily at first, and with this simple truth in mind, we decided it was time to accept that "the weather" just wouldn't cut it as conversation anymore. That's how our limited-edition wine collection, "Awkward Silence", came to life. 20 Jul 2016 Read more

34° delivers an Instagram scout challenge for campworldInstagram is overrun with users who spend all of their free time outdoors. But these nature enthusiasts have no idea that Campworld is the one-stop shop for all their camping needs. Nor would they ever think of interacting with the brand on social media. 30 Jun 2016 Read more

At 34° we speak to people, not numbersHuman nature craves real and tangible interactions. It is in our genetic make-up and intricately woven into our psyche, regardless of culture or geographical divide. With advances in communication platforms and the endless evolution of ways to connect, real human interactions have become compromised, diluted and somewhat jaded. 28 Jun 2016 Read more

34 creates a curious occasion for Musgrave GinMusgrave Gin approached 34 and asked for out-of-the-box ideas. 4 May 2016 Read more

34 invites cricket fans to 'Feel The Rumble'The Gauteng Cricket Board appointed 34 to launch a campaign to highlight and celebrate the stadium's unique viewing experience and infectious vibe. 10 Mar 2016 Read more

Picking it up with Makro and 34In a world where convenience is king, shoppers know that more often than not, "easy" means "expensive". But that's all changing, courtesy of Makro's latest locker delivery system, currently being piloted in Gauteng. Now shoppers will have access to Makro's incredible offers without having to go in store! 15 Oct 2015 Read more

The buzz around 34 and Jack Daniel's Tennessee HoneyWhen Brown-Forman approached 34 to introduce a new variant of Jack Daniel's through an innovative trial programme, the agency came back with a surprisingly creative shopper approach that grabbed consumers' attention and helped put product into willing hands: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey presents The Hive. 9 Sep 2015 Read more

Brandhouse Head of Shopper Marketing joins 3434 have appointed Kristel van der Vliet as their Head of Strategy. She brings with her past experience in management consultancy both overseas and locally, and then a spell in strat planning at Jupiter CT before spending eight years at brandhouse - first in consumer insights and strategy and then heading up Shopper Marketing for the complete brand portfolio. 18 Jun 2015 Read more

BF.34 open their doors in Nairobi34 and Berge Farrell have combined forces in Africa and launched their first office in Nairobi, Kenya led by Edgar Kwach the previous client service head from the East African WPP juggernaut, Scanad. 11 Jun 2015 Read more

34 deliver The Sound of Hope in Hout BayAt the heart of 34's culture is a desire to not only deliver for our clients, but to genuinely help the wider community with the projects we take on. 29 May 2015 Read more

Viva Gym and 34 - A perfect fitWith a unique proposition honed in the Spanish market and a more than competitive price point of R239pm with no contract, Viva Gym was looking for an agency to help them sell more smartly and take on the big guns in the SA market. 20 May 2015 Read more

34 launches Happy Sundays for Coca-ColaWhen The Coca-Cola Company came to 34 with a "Home Spotters" brief, the agency came back with a strategic shopper solution that addressed the reality facing LSM B & C shopper moms as they went about their weekend meal planning. Key to creating an idea that could drive sales and brand love was defining an insight that tapped into both functional meal requirements, as well as the emotional connection to these occasions. 12 Feb 2015 Read more

34 wins the doubleWe like to celebrate our good news at 34 by blowing our over-the-top vuvuzela any chance we get. 28 Nov 2014 Read more

34 bringing the sound of hope to iKhaya le ThembaIn the heart of scenic Hout Bay, is an informal settlement known as Imizamo Yethu. This community struggles with poverty, safety and education. As an agency, 34 has long been involved in the community, doing our small part to support the people of this bustling place. 27 Nov 2014 Read more

34 make 52 Holidays A Year a reality for Campworld shoppers!There is a longstanding, false perception that exists around the subject of caravanning in South Africa. This perception is that caravan holidays are outdated, bland and for people that "cannot afford to holiday any other way". This could not be further from the truth however and Campworld, South Africa's foremost caravan and camping retailer, is setting out to show South Africans just how far from the truth this perception is. 20 Nov 2014 Read more

Kellogg's wakes up to 34's approach to shopper marketingIn May 2014, 34 embarked on their first shopper marketing campaign for Kellogg's to drive the trial of their new range of instant porridges and saw phenomenal results when out-of-till volume sales grew by 64% in just 8 weeks! Kellogg had requested a strong shopper marketing campaign to position Kellogg's All-Bran and Corn Flakes porridge variants as the breakfast choice over winter, and to ensure that these porridges became part of South Africa's breakfast repertoire. 16 Oct 2014 Read more

What women want when they shopThe spending power of the female shopper in SA is undebatable in today's retail environment. From FMCG and healthcare, to banking, car purchases and insurance, the need to understand this female shopper mindset has never been greater. The reality is, however, that conventional research methods that are usually based in controlled, sterile, and somewhat scary, environments, often restrict the levels of honesty and reality women are willing to share. "This is severely limiting brands' ability to uncover powerful insights that help them actually sell more smartly," states Mimi Nicklin, 34's Strategic Director and founder of the Council. 13 Aug 2014 Read more

Pernod Ricard and 34 launch a responsible drinking selfieDrunk driving is one of the biggest threats to road safety in South Africa. As a responsible alcohol distributor, Pernod Ricard is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. In fact, Pernod Ricard worldwide dedicates one day a year to educate all employees about responsible drinking. This year saw the 4th annual Responsib'All Day and was marked with the launch of 'Wise Drinking', the first global digital application promoting responsible drinking. 29 Jul 2014 Read more

34 launches its own award-worthy wine label, The Grape ShedAt 34 we know a thing or two about selling alcohol. So we thought we'd launch our very own wine label. 2 Jul 2014 Read more

34 saving indigenous forests one braai at a time with Castle LagerAs South Africa's original beer, Castle Lager is dedicated to all things local. So when something as important as the country's indigenous plant life being threatened by invasive alien plants came to their attention, the brand was keen to act. 27 Jun 2014 Read more

34 delivers ambient media Lindt zones for momsFor moms, indulgent moments are hard to find. That's why 34 and Lindt developed a Mother's Day campaign that spoils moms with a good read and the irresistibly smooth taste of Lindor. 12 May 2014 Read more

@SunfoilCricket cooks on Twitter with 34When South Africa's premier triple-refined, pure sunflower cooking oil, Sunfoil, announced its sponsorship of test cricket in South Africa in 2011, they certainly turned heads. Over the past three years its sponsorship awareness levels have grown significantly and now the brand is making waves on social media site Twitter. 24 Apr 2014 Read more

34 transforms art into party for Absolut VodkaAbsolut South Africa tasked 34 with adapting their global marketing campaign, Transform Today, to resonate with the South African consumer. 15 Apr 2014 Read more

34 and Lindt create an irresistibly brilliant Mother's Day campaign34 was asked to create a campaign to drive sales of Swiss luxury chocolate brand, Lindt, by positioning its Lindor chocolate as the ultimate Mother's Day treat that provides the best gift of all - an irresistibly smooth me-time moment of pure personal indulgence. 10 Apr 2014 Read more

South Africa's first-ever guaranteed rewards campaign in beer shot the lights out with top resultsThe 18th of January 2014 saw the end of the very successful 'Carling Black Label Rewards' campaign; the latest installment in what is now the Carling way - doing TTL campaigns like no one else and turning the industry on its head! 6 Mar 2014 Read more

34 gets Samsung to 'Switch On' Kenya"What do you want to Switch On in your life?" This is the question that we asked young Kenyan consumers this winter when 34 launched a breakthrough digital campaign that delivered unprecedented levels of engagement as well as game-changing campaign results. 6 Nov 2013 Read more

34 teams up to support charity fundraiserOn Saturday, 26 October, specialist below-the-line agency 34 teamed up with their charity, Bright Start, to successfully launch their inaugural Amazing Race fundraising event. Seventeen teams took to the streets of Cape Town with great enthusiasm to solve and complete 14 cryptic clues that led them to specific points around the Peninsula. 30 Oct 2013 Read more

34 fires Castle Lager into the record booksSouth Africa's flagship beer, Castle Lager, entered the Guinness World Records on Tuesday, 24 September, when 2,353 South Africans united around the braai, to break the world record for the most people cooking at the same time. 24 Oct 2013 Read more

34 partners with Carling Black Label to launch SA's first ever consumer reward programme in beer!As marketers we know that consumers await the end of the year holidays tirelessly as people look forward to that moment of reward when they celebrate their hard work and efforts from the year gone by. 10 Oct 2013 Read more

34 partners with Castle to fire up the nation this National Braai Day!It's a well known fact that South Africans are a passionate nation. Over the past decade many brands have successfully marketed to the specific passions of South Africans, and none so more successfully than one of the country's most iconic brands, Castle Lager. 20 Sep 2013 Read more

34 develops attention-grabbing brand concept for new legal trailblazer, Whipping The CatLeading below-the-line agency 34 has developed the brand for the game-changing new commercial law advisory service, Whipping the Cat. Whipping the Cat, which has just launched its new offering, aims to shake up the traditional, high-cost legal industry by becoming a fixed-cost legal partner for businesses of any size. 12 Sep 2013 Read more

Another SA first for 3434 have joined forces with the IPM, the UK trade body that looks to protect, promote and deliver effective and legally compliant promotional marketing campaigns across all channels. The delivery of these communications can be through broadcast TV and radio, print, direct marketing, ambient media, online, mobile, interactive marketing, experiential and in-store, as well as through more traditional sales promotion channels such as on-pack. 31 Jul 2013 Read more

34 becomes the first SA agency to use Wi-Code vouchers34 became the first agency in South Africa to use Wi-Code vouchers across retailers when it launched Clover "Pick up one good habit with The One" campaign in January 2013. 4 Jun 2013 Read more

34Group launches 34Urban"We've always stated our intention to launch new products and services when our clients need them or we think we can make a significant difference and do it way better than current offerings in the marketplace," explains 34Group CEO Andy Sutcliffe. "34Group delivers powerful campaigns to help their portfolio of clients 'sell more smartly'." 4 Mar 2013 Read more

Now Sunfoil and 34Sport are cooking!South African Test Cricket Series sponsor, Sunfoil, teamed up with specialist agency 34Sport to activate and enhance the Test Cricket experience for fans during the 2012/2013 Sunfoil Test Series in South Africa. By concluding a four-year sponsorship deal as naming rights sponsor of the Test Cricket Series and Domestic Series in South Africa towards the end of 2012, sunflower cooking oil brand, Sunfoil, signaled their intent as a big player in the South African sports industry. 25 Feb 2013 Read more

34 Mo-Sistas and Clover Mmmilk support MovemberClover, one of South Africa's leading dairy suppliers and 34Woman, a division of AdReview's Specialist Agency of the Year, 34, developed a campaign to drive consideration and purchase of Clover's vanilla-flavoured Mmmilk, all whilst supporting a cause that resonates with the whole family. 15 Nov 2012 Read more

34Woman and Clover lift the Clover Aardklop National Arts Festival to new heights!For the second year running, below-the-line agency 34Woman ensured there was no doubt about who the main sponsor of the Clover Aardklop National Arts Festival is. 14 Nov 2012 Read more

34Group thinking aheadMimi Nicklin has been appointed 34Group Strategic Director with a simple remit in mind. Build a world class strategic department with a focus on brilliantly simple consumer and shopper insights that change the way we interact with brands as well as the way we buy them. 26 Oct 2012 Read more

34Woman and Kimberly Clark bring life to Huggies MomvilleHuggies Momville, a CRM programme that supports new and expectant moms as they embark on the ups and downs of parenthood, officially launched on 1 September through a mix of media events, activations and unique in-store displays. 5 Oct 2012 Read more

34Woman and Kleenex bag a winning campaignWhen Kleenex® asked 34Woman - a division of below-the-line agency, 34 - to develop a campaign to promote their on-the-go product range, it was a chance to demonstrate how effective promotional marketing campaigns are when underpinned by powerful insights. 19 Jul 2012 Read more

34 and Beam-e launch a likeable face in the vehicle tracking industryIt is not often an agency gets to crack an old market in an entirely new way, with a brand in its infancy and a marketing team willing to really do brave things. So when Mix Telematics' Beam-e team came to 34 with a brief to break into the vehicle tracking market, 34 pulled out all the creative stops. 17 Jul 2012 Read more

34 Group are special. And it's official.Thank you AdReview for awarding 34 Group the Specialist Agency of the Year Award. 18 May 2012 Read more

34 and Yum Yum get seriousBrand owners Foodcorp tasked 34 with the development of a creative platform to dramatise Yum Yum's commitment to producing the smoothest, most spreadable, edible peanut butter in the country. 14 May 2012 Read more

Bobtail and 34 launch top dog searchJoining forces with SABC 3's breakfast show Expresso, Bobtail is out to find a truly South African dog to win a starring role in the brand's next outdoor advertising campaign. The winning dog and its owner will also be interviewed live on Expresso, as well as enjoy a two-night stay at the fabulous Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town. 10 May 2012 Read more

A Powerade campaign of Olympic proportions developed by 34SportIn March this year, Powerade launched their "Train Like an Olympian" marketing campaign, leveraging the brand's sponsorship as official sports drink of the London 2012 Olympic Games, with the purpose of driving product sales. 12 Apr 2012 Read more

34Woman launches Huggies Momville!Below-the-line specialist, 34Woman, together with Kimberly-Clark®, has launched Huggies® Momville, a CRM programme that supports new and expectant moms as they embark on the ups and downs of parenthood. 30 Mar 2012 Read more

34 delivers Usher Experience in Soweto for Hansa PilsenerAfter months of anticipation, international platinum selling artist Usher took to the stage at Orlando Stadium on Saturday 10th March in front of a capacity crowd, supported by a host of local stars. 26 Mar 2012 Read more

34 and Capitec Bank prove that not all banking campaigns are the sameWhen Capitec Bank launched their R150,000 loan offering they knew it would be a hit. They had not however decided on the best way of informing consumers about their unique offering to achieve immediate response. When the brand knew they needed measurable and direct results in the weeks running up to Christmas, the most cluttered time of year, they turned to 34 for a creative solution. 8 Feb 2012 Read more

34's One2One goes live!Still feeling the success of 2011, 34 is excited to announce that it is embarking on giving its clients, the likes of Coca-Cola, SAB, Foodcorp and Kimberly-Clark, an integrated live media offering. 2 Feb 2012 Read more

34 partners with Vodacom m-pesa to reward Carling Black Label consumersWhen Carling Black Label, SA's biggest beer brand, had 11 million entries during the Carling Cup it was confirmed that their consumers wanted to communicate with the brand. As summer approached, Carling Black Label's BTL agency, 34, were tasked to convert this keenness to interact into driving incremental sales, and change purchase behaviour at the most competitive time of year. 10 Jan 2012 Read more

34 amp up the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine34's first task for their newly acquired client, Coca-Cola, was to drive a large volume increase over a four-month period to celebrate their 125 Year Anniversary. Knowing the brand is already one of the most loved brands in SA, 34 had to find a concept they believed could instantly change purchase intent as consumers reached to the fridge. 14 Nov 2011 Read more

34Woman creates R1 million campaign for moms and babies34Woman, a division of below-the-line agency 34, is going for gold with a new national campaign for Huggies® Gold. 11 Nov 2011 Read more

34 partners with Hansa Pilsener in entrepreneur searchWith the mindset of ambitious South Africans firmly set on advancement and opportunity, Hansa Pilsener recently engaged Egoli's beeg beeg dreamers by creating a platform for tomorrow's achievers to kick-start their way to success. Entrants were invited to submit their own 'special ingredient' - be it a business idea, creative idea, talent or skill, to compete for 1 of 6 prizes of R25,000 worth of support! 9 Nov 2011 Read more

34 UnitedWhilst the Springboks were facing a physical battle in their IRB RWC against Samoa, specialist below-the-line agency 34 celebrated Bokday in their own distinct way- by taking the agency on the Springbok bus (designed by 34) and facing their own battle on the road to Kalk Bay to watch the game at the Brass Bell and drink Hansa, Carling and a Coke or two. 4 Oct 2011 Read more

34, a specialist below-the-line agency that delivers campaigns to help clients sell more stuff, has been classified a level 1 B-BBEE contributor by Emex Trust, a SANAS accredited BEE verification agency. 3 Oct 2011 Read more

Springbok fans unite to bid the Boks farewell!34Sport, the agency behind SA Rugby's Springbok Fans Unite 2011 drive, crowned the campaign with a nationwide Fans' Farewell event, which not only united the Springboks and their fans but focused international media on South Africa once again! 30 Sep 2011 Read more

34Woman shows why you should thank goodness for KleenexAs one of an elite group of brands for which the brand name has become synonymous with the product, Kleenex enjoys near universal recognition as the definitive facial tissue brand. 7 Sep 2011 Read more

Springbok fans unite on Bokday!As part of the Unite 2011 campaign, SA Rugby and 34Sport launched Bokday on 1 June 2011 - a day for all Springbok fans to take to the streets in their green and gold in support of the Springboks. 25 Aug 2011 Read more

Shopper marketing in the digital ageThe Internet and, to a lesser extent, mobile communication have expanded the shopping environment exponentially. Stores are no longer the only place one shops in and the promises of brands are not the only voice we listen to. 12 Aug 2011 Read more

Does 34 have "it"?Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Stoney, Tab, PowerPlay, Powerade, Just Juice, Nestea, glacéau, Bonaqua, Valpre, Yum Yum, Sunbake, Monati Mabela, Glenryck, Bobtail, Catmor, Nola, Ouma, Pieman's, Clover Milk, Carling Black Label and Kleenex seem to think so. 5 Aug 2011 Read more

34 launches new 'Redd's It Up!' retail campaign for SABBelow-the-line specialists '34' are behind the new through-the-line campaign for Redd's Fruit Ale, aimed at encouraging consumers to "Redd's It Up!" and make a good time a great time with prizes to the value of R10 Million! And that's not all for this future South African Breweries (SAB Limited) power brand, having also recently undertaken exciting upgrades in recipe and packaging. 19 Jul 2011 Read more

Uniting and reuniting - it's what SARU and 34Sport do best!Following the successful launch of the SPRINGBOK FANS UNITE 2011 campaign on 1 June 2011, SA Rugby and 34Sport are excited to introduce the first members-only competition, exclusive to fans who have united behind the Boks. 10 Jun 2011 Read more

SARU and 34 Sport unites the nation behind the Boks!With the IRB Rugby World Cup 2011 around the corner, SARU and 34 SPORT used the "1 June 2011 - 100-day to kick-off" milestone to launch the Springbok Fans Unite 2011 campaign, inviting South Africans from all walks of life to UNITE BEHIND THE BOKS. 3 Jun 2011 Read more

34Sport brings rugby to YOU at the Vodacom Cup!Specialist below-the-line agency 34Sport developed an activation-based campaign for SA Rugby that engaged schools and took rugby to children around the country, using the Vodacom Cup as its vehicle. 6 May 2011 Read more

Get The Music, Get The Look with Clean & Clear and 34WomanBelow-the-line agency, 34Woman and client, Clean & Clear®, have launched a national campaign that encourages teenage girls to Get the Music, Get the Look when they purchase Clean & Clear®. 1 Apr 2011 Read more

34 and Hansa Pilsener get the Legends in the Making Tour on the road again!After the success of the first Hansa Legends in the Making Tour that brought Pharrell Williams with his band N*E*R*D to Johannesburg, Hansa continues to showcase the Special Ingredient in Mzansi's Legends in the Making with another tour. 31 Mar 2011 Read more

34 and Hansa Pilsener bring the Special Ingredient to the Cape Town International Jazz FestivalIn the run-up to the 12th annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival, 34 developed and executed a number of different activations to highlight Hansa Pilsener's sponsorship of Africa's grandest event. 30 Mar 2011 Read more

Hansa Pilsener and 34Sport team up for DusiThe biggest canoe race in South Africa, The Unlimited Dusi Marathon, was the backdrop to the four-part below-the-line campaign developed by 34Sport, for client Hansa Pilsener. 9 Mar 2011 Read more

34 partners with SAB and Foursquare to activate groundbreaking retail promotionSAB is on the hunt for the best pub lunch in town. Using sms technology and partnering with one of the hottest New York social networking tools Foursquare, consumers were invited to claim their pub lunch deal from one of the selected 55 participating venues in the Western Cape between 24 January - 06 March. That's a tasty pub lunch & free draught for R50! They could choose from the finest draughts SAB has to offer... Carling Black Label, Castle, Castle Lite, Grolsch, Hansa, Peroni. 8 Mar 2011 Read more

N*E*R*D's Pharrell rocks at Hansa Tour finaleThousands of expectant fans packed the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg for a show they would not soon forget as the Hansa Legends in the Making Tour came to a dramatic finale with an energetic performance by international headline act N*E*R*D. 15 Feb 2011 Read more

34 gears up for 'Hansa Legends in the Making' finale with N*E*R*DAlmost two months and 14 concerts after the Hansa Legends in the Making Tour kicked off at a plush mansion in Dunkeld, all eyes are firmly fixed on Johannesburg's Standard Bank Arena, where N*E*R*D is set to headline the final event in front of 5,000 fans. Having produced hits for Justin Timberlake, Nelly and Jay-Z together with Chad Hugo as The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams will feature alongside Sheldon Hayley when N*E*R*D takes to the stage in what promises to be the highlight of the tour. 10 Feb 2011 Read more

Shopper marketing: Fact or fictionShopper marketing is considered an important component of the marketing mix into 2011. We hear of increased investment within this arena and it is often touted as the next big thing, especially now that internet strategies are firmly entrenched on most marketing plans. 8 Feb 2011 Read more

Ambient media execution sets tone for Sevens rugbyThe South African rugby calendar ended in spectacular fashion with a successful Emirates Airlines SA Sevens tournament in George on 10 and 11 December 2010. 4 Jan 2011 Read more

34Sport push the tempo34Sport has teamed up with client SA Rugby for the South African leg of the 2010/2011 HSBC IRB World Sevens Series in George. 8 Dec 2010 Read more

Play it your way with Fanta and 34!Kids all over Luanda were full of smiles recently when they were told to "BRINCA À TUA MANEIRA" or "PLAY IT YOUR WAY" in 34's latest campaign. 1 Dec 2010 Read more

34Sport add spice to 2010 Absa Currie CupSpecialist below-the-line agency 34 added spice to the 2010 Absa Currie Cup for client SA Rugby, tournament rights holder of the Absa Currie Cup. A two-tier activation was developed to engage passionate rugby supporters in both the online environment and at rugby stadiums around the country, integrating above-the-line elements to create awareness around the campaign. 26 Nov 2010 Read more

Super M chooses 34With the consistent aim of bringing potent ingenuity to life below the line, agency 34 has launched the Super M "CHOOSE YOUR CHILL. CHOOSE YOUR PRIZE" campaign. The main objective of this campaign was to engage the target by getting them to vote for how they chill in their free time. 22 Nov 2010 Read more

Hansa Pilsener brings landmark music tour, powered by 34The Hansa Legends in the Making Tour was unveiled to an audience of invited guests, music industry leaders and media on Saturday, 13 November. The launch, held at an impressive private location in Dunkeld, Johannesburg, was hosted in association with national radio partner Metro FM, who performed a live outside broadcast from the venue. 22 Nov 2010 Read more

Say hello to another great Huggies Gold campaign from 34WomanThe Huggies® Gold 'Say Bye-Bye' campaign, which launched on 25 October 2010, asks moms to "say bye-bye to bulky, chafing nappies" when they use new Huggies® Gold. 18 Nov 2010 Read more

34, a specialist below-the-line agency that delivers campaigns that help their clients sell more stuff, has been verified as a level 2 B-BBEE contributor by Emex Trust, a SANAS-accredited BEE verification agency. 4 Nov 2010 Read more

34 wins Hansa Pilsener accountAfter a keenly contested pitch against four other leading Below The Line (BTL) and experiential agencies, Cape Town based 34 has been awarded the prestigious Hansa Pilsener account. Yardstick was brought in to co-ordinate the pitch process, tasked with sourcing an agency for the brand with a long term view to partnering. The South African Breweries (SAB) General Manager for Hansa Pilsener, Mosidi Seretlo expressed her delight at the appointment, saying she was "impressed by the agencies' ability to combine sound creative strategy with clever and surprising execution to bring the brand to life". 15 Oct 2010 Read more

Huggies Gold - fit for little Kings & Queens!In the current economic climate, everyone is feeling the pinch. Huggies® Gold wanted to offer consumers a compelling reason to choose their product over others by rewarding them with prizes that really meet their needs. 14 Sep 2010 Read more

South African Rugby Union appoints 34Sport to manage SA Rugby World Cup campaign34Sport has been appointed to conceptualise and run the World Cup 2011 campaign for SA Rugby. The campaign is focused on getting 50 million voices behind the team as the Springboks take on the massive challenge of defending their World Cup title in New Zealand. 12 Sep 2010 Read more

34Woman and Jo'burg Child Welfare 'Let a Little One In'To celebrate a hundred years of caring for abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children, Jo'burg Child Welfare is auctioning off one-of-a-kind doors, created and designed by local artists, designers, musicians and celebrities. 2 Sep 2010 Read more

A clearly clever campaign from Clean & Clear and 34WomanJohnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd, in collaboration with below-the-line agency, 34Woman, launched 'C U @ THE MOVIES', a three-month campaign to promote Clean & Clear®, one of the leading teenage skincare brands in South Africa. 13 Jul 2010 Read more

A taste of South Africa from Ceres and 34Woman2010 is a year of celebration for South Africa, and Ceres fruit juices joins the festivities by celebrating all things local with the launch of a new limited edition Ceres fruit juice, Ceres Flavours of South Africa. 1 Jul 2010 Read more

34 hires head of Saatchi XSue Evered has joined below-the-line agency 34 as Head Of Strategic Planning. 25 Jun 2010 Read more

Powerade fuels excitement for the 2010 FIFA World CupPowerade, the chosen sports drink of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, will provide 31 amateur clubs with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send 12 of their players between the ages of 14 and 17 to this world football showpiece as the Powerade Ball Crew. 28 May 2010 Read more

thirtyfour launches national Castle Lager promotion to coincide with 2009 Proteas Cricket TourSpecialist below-the-line agency 34Sport has launched an eight-week national promotion for Castle Lager to coincide with the brand's sponsorship of the Proteas Test Cricket tour against England that kicks off at SuperSport Park in Centurion next Wednesday, December 16. 14 Dec 2009 Read more

thirtyfour launches a dedicated women's activation divisionSpecialist brand activation agency, thirtyfour has announced the launch of its third satellite division, 34Woman, this month. Headed up by Judy During, the new division is designed to assist brand owners to better understand and access the female market. 14 Oct 2009 Read more

Castle United's Ultimate Game - in a league of its own!South Africa offers a number of unique challenges to marketers. With 11 official languages, a huge cultural diversity and unequal access to communication channels like the Internet, finding innovative ways to reach one's target market is an ongoing challenge. 11 Sep 2009 Read more

thirtyfour and Redd's rewrite the record books!The groundbreaking Redd's Get Chatting promotion with over R25 million airtime up for grabs drew to a close at the beginning of July. It revolutionised promotions in SA, since entry via cellphone was absolutely FREE to all participants! 1 Sep 2009 Read more

thirtyfour and Redd's set to get millions talking with a massive airtime giveaway!The groundbreaking Redd's Get Chatting promotion with over R25 million airtime up for grabs began at the beginning of April. And the best part of all? Entry via cellphone is absolutely FREE for consumers - a revolutionary first in SA! 5 May 2009 Read more

Specialist brand activation agency, thirtyfour has announced its 25.1% black economic empowerment (BEE) deal with South African black-owned private company, Mvelaphanda Holdings, founded by Tokyo Sexwale in 1998. 9 Feb 2009 Read more

Bollywood film shot at 34 offices in Cape TownWhile everyone else went to the beach, Cape-based brand activation agency thirtyfour was hard at work. 22 Jan 2009 Read more

Exceptional results par for the course as thirtyfour, Global Trader Putt for a MillionIn yet another very successful brand activation campaign for Global Trader, thirtyfour yet again lived up to its promise of delivering measurable results in a below-the-line environment. 9 Jan 2009 Read more

Leading non-traditional agency launches sports activation divisionSpecialist brand activation agency, thirtyfour has announced the launch of a new satellite division, 34 Sport, this month. Grant Hillary, previously manager of Brand Activation at South African Breweries (SAB) has been appointed Managing Director. 17 Sep 2008 Read more

thirtyfour launches SA's biggest national braai campaign for Castle LagerCape Town - One of South Africa's biggest braai promotions has been conceptualised for Castle Lager by national brand activation specialists, thirtyfour and was launched last week. 8 Sep 2008 Read more

thirtyfour on the money with their pitch to ThuoslotsIn a three-way pitch against Bester Burke and Grey Matter, the activation agency thirtyfour scooped up the Thuoslots business, signing a three-year deal with this rapidly growing blue-chip client. 12 Mar 2008 Read more

And the winner is? You! 34 helps Ster-Kinekor to shine in Oscars' limelightWith Oscar® fever sweeping the world, Ster-Kinekor Classic and Cinema Nouveau are bringing the Oscars® home to every South African, through their engaging and interactive 2008 Oscar® Movie Millionaire competition - where one lucky movie-goer stands the chance to win an amazing R1 million in cash! 20 Feb 2008 Read more

Castle Lager offers fans a winning chance to back BafanaThirtyfour, the Brand Activation Agency, has developed an innovative activation campaign – Soccer Millions – to assist SAB in optimising the company's Castle Lager sponsorship of Bafana Bafana until 2011 and beyond. 30 Jan 2008 Read more

Every once in a while a concept is introduced into the market place that changes the rules. thirtyfour, the brand activation specialists, have introduced the South African market to a first. Their Scan & Win™ concept is a simple but effective marketing mechanism for FMCG retail that rewards consumers when they purchase participating products. 22 Nov 2007 Read more

Brand activation specialists, thirtyfour, back the Boks with R289 millionSometimes genius is pure simplicity in itself. In an environment certain to be saturated with promotional activity, brand activation specialists, thirtyfour have created a completely integrated promotion, that is so simple, but really effective in its activation. 4 Sep 2007 Read more

Brand activation specialists thirtyfour are proving that bringing brands to life is the most successful aspect of marketing. Having attracted business from leading companies like SAB, BMW, iBurst, Checkers and Autumn Star's Win Now, this dynamic agency is fast moving into the number one slot as marketing activators for South Africa's biggest players. 28 Jun 2007 Read more

How a strategic brand drive can get pigs to fly and hell to freeze overObtaining high-volume sales leads to build prospect databases over the internet, without contravening any privacy laws, is a challenge to any marketing campaign. Doing so with the inspirational creativity to attract almost immediate interest from 100,000 potential customers is even harder. 13 Jun 2007 Read more

thirtyfour, national brand activation specialists, recently undertook a delve into what online South African women between the ages of 25 and 40, think. 22 May 2007 Read more