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Broad Media is South Africa's leading independent online media company. Broad Media owns South Africa's largest business and technology publications - BusinessTech and MyBroadband, as well as motoring website TopAuto.
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Where South African companies spend their marketing budgets - 2024 Report
The report is based on a survey conducted in May 2024 and provides key insights for marketers. 20 Jun 2024 Read more

BusinessTech achieves best-ever Q1 performance in 2024
BusinessTech has seen a record number of advertising campaigns being booked with it in Q1. 13 Jun 2024 Read more

Reach South African investors with Daily Investor sponsored articles
Daily Investor’s marketing team makes it easy to get your sponsored articles published on our website. 5 Jun 2024 Read more

Here is what happens when you partner with MyBroadband
Real-world data from one of South Africa’s top software development companies shows the power of MyBroadband’s platform. 28 May 2024 Read more

Why South Africa’s top companies advertise on BusinessTech
BusinessTech offers unmatched ROI thanks to its influential audience of business decision-makers. 23 May 2024 Read more

How to get your executives on South Africa’s hottest investment video podcast
Smart Money with Alishia Seckam is South Africa’s most popular finance and investment podcast. 16 May 2024 Read more

Sponsored articles on MyBroadband - The best way to build trust in your business
The best way to grow your business and build trust in your brand is through sponsored articles on MyBroadband. 9 May 2024 Read more

Business Talk with Michael Avery - South Africa’s leading business podcast
Business Talk with Michael Avery is South Africa’s premier business podcast and has featured the country’s most influential executives. 2 May 2024 Read more

Reach South African investors and high-net-worth individuals on their smartphones
Affluent South Africans consume the majority of their content on their smartphones, and companies can take advantage of this to boost their marketing ROI. 24 Apr 2024 Read more

How a top 5G provider rapidly grew its subscriber base in South Africa
The 5G connectivity industry in South Africa is fiercely competitive. Advertising on MyBroadband gives you an advantage over your competition. 18 Apr 2024 Read more

Build your brand on Daily Investor with thought leadership articles
Daily Investor is South Africa’s premier investment and finance news website, and the go-to source of information for investors and high-income earners. 9 Apr 2024 Read more

MyBroadband 2024 Cloud Conference - Sponsor South Africa’s most popular cloud event
The MyBroadband 2024 Cloud Conference will take place on 11 July 2024 at The Venue in Melrose Arch. 2 Apr 2024 Read more

Why top South African companies sponsor Business Talk
Top South African companies achieve excellent brand recognition through Business Talk season sponsorships. 26 Mar 2024 Read more

Smart Money Season 4 presented by PPS Investments – coming soon
The exciting new fourth season of Smart Money with Alishia Seckam is coming soon. 19 Mar 2024 Read more

How advertising on BusinessTech turbocharges South Africa’s leading e-commerce retailers
Top South African e-commerce retailers advertise their biggest sales on BusinessTech – and achieve huge success. 12 Mar 2024 Read more

How MyBroadband helped a backup power brand improve its sales in South Africa
Thanks to this marketing campaign, the brand sold more power stations than it had expected and firmly established itself as a leader in the local market. 5 Mar 2024 Read more

How a top South African property developer boosted sales by advertising on BusinessTech
A leading South African luxury property developer benefited hugely from advertising on BusinessTech. 27 Feb 2024 Read more

How you can build trust in your brand using Daily Investor sponsored articles
Running sponsored articles on Daily Investor will build trust in your brand by positioning you as an industry leader. 20 Feb 2024 Read more

Why your executives need to build a strong personal brand – and how BusinessTech can help
Executives with strong personal brands generate trust in your business. 13 Feb 2024 Read more

The power of MyBroadband’s sponsored content
MyBroadband’s influential audience of over three million South Africans will ensure that your article reaches the right target audience. 6 Feb 2024 Read more

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