Beat of NamibiaA song made by a nation? A fusion of beats, tunes and moves co-created by Namibians and edited by Namibia's top producer, Samm-E Lee Jones. 26 Apr 2019
Weathermen & Co welcomes you to your new lifeNew NBL ad drives home responsible drinking 2 Jul 2018
Namibian agency Weathermen & Co wins MTC, FNBNamibian ad agency Weathermen & Co Advertising (W&Co), a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group and The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, has won a five-way pitch for the ad account of mobile telecommunications provider, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC). It also won the Namibian business of First National Bank (FNB), and other brands in the Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) stable. 21 Aug 2017
Putting an eye in the skyOur client, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), is dedicated in its support of Namibia's wildlife species and the fight against illegal rhino poaching activities. In partnership with ISAP (Intelligence Support Against Poaching), NBL is involved in several projects to help fight the fight against poaching. 16 Feb 2017
Celebrating a new look for Namibia's finest lagerNamibians love beer. In fact, they're so proud of their favourite brew, its tagline reads: Made of Namibia. Well, cheers to that, Tafel Lager, an ice cold cheers to that! 29 Sep 2016
Blowing the horn on rhino poachingWhen it comes to protecting our natural resources, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), one of our biggest clients, is a pretty committed Namibian corporate citizen. This year they partnered with Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in launching a campaign to help save Namibia's declining black rhino population. From our side, we were pretty excited to be playing a part in such a major national campaign with the potential to truly make a difference. 4 Aug 2016
Taking funeral insurance to every corner of NamibiaOur client, Bonlife, is a Namibian funeral insurance company who asked us to breathe some new life into their brand identity and voice. With a strategy session to boot, we came to Bonlife's true brand persona... The Guru. The brand that guides, understands and acts on the wisdom it has gathered throughout the years. We even found a Guru to become Bonlife's new face and voice, who was used on many of the Bonlife elements. Now consumers had someone to look to as the comforter, caretaker, wise 'father' who guides you to make the right decisions for your family. 15 Jun 2016
Rebranding Rietfontein: A fresh new arrivalThe familiar Namibian juice brand, Rietfontein, recently briefed Weathermen & Co to create a new look for their line of fruit juices. It was an exciting challenge, giving an established, well-known brand like Rietfontein a new set of clothes and put some wuma in its personality. This is a brand that's been around for decades (since 1985) and as everyone knows: people don't like change, especially if the change involves their favourite beverage. 7 Apr 2016
Showing how easy it is to go local for Team NamibiaWeathermen & Co. is proud to have been part of Team Namibia's very first TV production. 3 Feb 2016
Brewing up a record number of entries with Tafel LagerWeathermen & Co.'s client, Tafel Lager, made history with their latest consumer interaction promotion after receiving a remarkable 4.7 million entries into their Tafel Lager National Bakkie Lotto competition. 3 Feb 2016
Weathermen & Co team hit 1,000-day markThe Weathermen & Co team celebrated 1000 days in business and credit goes to the real heroes behind their success story, the W&Co team, who has consistently raised the bar and delivered breakthrough results in all aspects. 9 Nov 2015
Ad of the Week: I'll be waiting for you, oh-oh-oh!The minute I heard the music for the new Tafel Lager adverts, I wanted to get up and dance. I wanted to dance on the table. I wanted to dance on the chairs. 20 May 2015
Advertising Agency, Weathermen & Co. Launches in NamibiaA new independent Namibian advertising and communications agency, Weathermen & Co Advertising (Pty) Ltd., has launched in Windhoek, Namibia. The startup agency is a joint venture between Namibian holding company Ohlthaver & List Group and The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town). 31 Jan 2014