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Marketing lessons from the world's leader in mobile and web content

Red Bull International is a world leader in guerilla and below-the-line marketing and has mastered the art of using video images to promote themselves on the web and on mobile.
Just looking at what they have done over the years, it is clear that Red Bull put an enormous amount of marketing strategy into everything it does. Its success is not only an obsession with quality content but the company seems to know exactly when to post its content of extreme and cultural events on all the available digital platforms to get the maximum amount of publicity.

Red Bull has a following of hundreds or millions and there is no doubt that its success is directly linked to the creation of a cult following.

The one big marketing lesson Red Bull teaches us is that mobile and web content is not just a question of getting someone with a video camera to shoot something and then to post it on You Tube or the company website.

It's lot more complicated than that.

Neil Webster is a partner and director at FixerFilm in Cape Town, a production company that has been producing mobile and web content for Red Bull for the past ten years.

"It isn't easy," he says. "It is all about making your content stand out. It's about getting the attention of the viewer and then managing that attention. Hanging on to it. This takes careful planning and a very specific form of production.

"Quite apart from the unique technical know-how required for this form of marketing, an understanding of an equally unique communication strategy is also essential. But above all, it's also a question of return on investment and measurement - two things that we had had to make part of our service offering."

He added that "the rapid increase of video-on-demand technology through all digital media is creating a huge need for credible content from tech-savvy consumers. This is the future of advertising and marketing. Edutainment is the creation of content that keeps people watching while providing them with relevant information about products and happenings that ensure that brands get the best exposure."

FixerFilm, that has recently started working on projects for the corporate sector, has provided content and post-production for Red Bull, Channel O, FNB, Good Hope FM, Carte Blanche, The Travel Channel USA, Rebel Media GmbH, SurfLine USA, Lotto, Hospice SA, O'Neil and Billabong XXL. It has also been a leading content provider for M-Net's Channel O with shows like Mzanzi Ridez and Goal Diggerz.

,; 083 654 2361.

9 Feb 2010 09:32


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