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Chris Moerdyk
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Marketing help for lawyers and accountants

With the relaxation of promotional restraints and an increase in competition among legal and accounting firms, two specialist marketers have collaborated to provide marketing strategy and implementation for professions such as legal and accounting as well as the medical and construction industries.
Chris Moerdyk, the well known marketing analyst, advisor and commentator will collaborate with specialist marketer Rachelle Bricout under the Professional Services Marketing banner and will initially concentrate on providing strategy, advice and implementation for lawyers, accounting firms and any other professional services firms.

Rachelle Bricout has worked in marketing overseas and in South Africa for many years and currently eighty percent of her clientele are attorneys. She consults to some of the top legal firms in the country.

She has worked as a marketing executive in a number of legal firms in London, the USA, and Cape Town as well as in other corporate environments such as the asset management industry.

She has extensive experience within the professional services industry with her many years of international experience invaluable in allowing her to recognise opportunities within this industry here in South Africa.

Chris Moerdyk, a Fellow of the Institute of Marketing Management, is a former head of strategic planning and public affairs at BMW South Africa and was listed in a 2006 Markinor corporate survey as one of South Africa's top marketing thought leaders and in an earlier Financial Mail poll he was voted one of the 20 most influential people in the SA advertising industry.

Moerdyk will act as consultant to Professional Services Marketing as an advisor and strategist while Bricout will add implementation to her strategic input.

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5 May 2008 17:36