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Gareth Lessing appointed as Demographica's first executive creative director

Gareth Lessing joins specialist B2B marketing agency, Demographica, as its first executive creative director (ECD). Lessing's appointment has stirred up plenty of excitement, coupled with the hunger of a likeminded group of people to create B2B content with a very clear goal in mind, truly giving B2B work its time in the sun.
Gareth Lessing appointed as Demographica's first executive creative director

“Executive creative director: Wow, what a mouthful. The truth is that all ECDs, CDs, and CCOs will admit that a great deal of their success is a result of being surrounded by brilliant individuals. My job is to create an environment and culture for them to thrive. Yes, with a little nudge here and there. This will result in what matters most, the work. That’s what our clients deserve and what we will pride ourselves on. Work that works,” says Lessing.

Lessing goes on to say that he won’t be changing anything in the way he goes about his role as ECD. He looks forward to the opportunity to apply himself in a B2B world, which has traditionally been the bridesmaid of advertising — a concept he is eager to change.

“Besides being blessed with a creative mind. I think this ability to be moved and feel so much is what has contributed to my success in our industry. We, as humans, aren’t only fact-absorbing vessels, but all need to be entertained and moved. That balance of entertaining while offloading important and relevant information is the sweet spot we all work so hard to achieve in this industry we call advertising,” comments Lessing.

After completing a diploma in design, Lessing’s early employers spotted his conceptual abilities and eagerness to co-create and help others grow and create. “I was fortunate enough to enjoy a steady growth from an art director to ECD while cutting my teeth at the best agencies in SA and learning from advertising giants, i.e., John Hunt, and the likes of,” Lessing explains. “As a result, I was rewarded with top marketing achievements, both locally and globally throughout the years, but most importantly, I met and made special connections with amazing people, and I look forward to continuing to do so.”

Warren Moss, CEO and founder of Demographica, commented on the appointment of the company’s very first ECD: “Demographica historically has been exceptionally strong at B2B strategy and insights, and as we grow as a B2B agency we are investing in the strength of B2B creative. The recent launch of the first-ever Cannes B2B Lion demonstrates that the B2B industry is ready for big creativity… which is why we’re delighted to having brought in a heavyweight such as Gareth Lessing as Demographica’s first ECD. We have followed him for a while, and we’re so excited for our clients who are now going to get Gareth’s creativity, coupled with Demographica’s B2B capabilities.”

Keep an eye out for creative B2B concepts that Lessing guarantees will challenge the B2B status quo, surprise and delight, as well as ultimately make Demographica and its client partners proud to put their names on!

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28 Jul 2022 13:44