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Mortimer Harvey takes it through-the-line

On the 19 April the all new Barclaycard was launched and with it Mortimer Harvey’s entrance into the through-the-line arena.
Mortimer Harvey takes it through-the-line
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After 17 years of sustained financial growth alongside a steady building of skills and expertise, Mortimer Harvey is now proudly able to offer clients true through-the-line campaigns encompassing absolutely all elements from strategy to creative to marketing, public relations and beyond.

The Barclaycard campaign has proved itself to be a true indicator of the Mortimer Harvey culture creating so many different elements, ensuring their integration and finally overseeing their production.

Barclaycard was launched as serious contender in the credit card market. A product with an illustrious and long history as well as international credibility deserved a campaign that would fully maximise these values to the consumer as well as exposing the tangible benefits.

The Barclaycard campaign consisted of:

Above-The-Line TV
Above-The-Line Radio
Above-The-Line Print
Below-The-Line Print

Public Relations
Direct Marketing

With each element being tightly integrated into the campaign whole.

The Barclaycard is about prestige and convenience and the challenge lay in marrying these two conflicting messages.

Leading with television, the launch presented the card as an enabler to a luxurious, prestigious and opulent life. Essentially a ticket to the good life.

This was supported by the other elements of the campaign, which, whilst retaining the prestigious feel, presented the numerous tangible benefits.

The result? An extremely happy client and an exciting new vision for the future of Mortimer Harvey.

2 May 2007 13:38


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