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Kawena ensures a better life for Zimbabweans with OK Zimbabwe

Kawena Exchange's vision has always been to become an integral part in the lives of Zimbabwean nationals living in South Africa, catering to all their needs by supplying them, through OK Zimbabwe, with a unique basket of goods at unmatched prices on the same day of purchase, as well as providing them with the ability to transfer value to their families back home.
Kawena ensures a better life for Zimbabweans with OK Zimbabwe

During the current Covid-19 crisis when many Zimbabweans are struggling to obtain basic food items and essential goods, Kawena Exchange in partnership with OK Zimbabwe Limited took the lead to help these customers. Kawena cares about the quality of life and health of its Zimbabwean customers and hopes by allowing customers to receive 30% cashback on their spend when they shop online with OK Zimbabwe Limited will allow them to send much-needed groceries to families and communities in Zimbabwe.

Who is Kawena Exchange?

Kawena Distributors, more commonly known by Mozambican migrant workers through product and service delivery, stretches back almost 33 years. With the increasing demand for quality products and services, they expanded outside the mine-workers industry to include all Mozambican and Zimbabwean nationals living in South Africa. On 8 February 2019, Kawena Exchange (Pty) Limited was added as an authorised dealer in foreign exchange with limited authority. Over the years, Kawena has diversified, leveraging off the relationships they have forged with the various ministries, principal suppliers and extensive infrastructural network within Mozambique and their partnership with OK Zimbabwe Limited to help expand their reach.

How does Kawena guarantee a better life for its customers?

Kawena provides its Zimbabwean customers with a platform to send value home, where their families can collect the value in bond notes, goods from OK Zimbabwe or the option of loading their value onto a Money Wave Card, giving the family members the freedom to spend that value anywhere in Zimbabwe that accepts electronic payment methods. Their service is not limited to its customers, as any Zimbabwean national with a valid ID can sign up to send goods and groceries home.

Kawena ensures a better life for Zimbabweans with OK Zimbabwe
The Kawena E-Wallet allows customers to load value into their phones and transfer the value to their family members cell phone numbers back home in Zimbabwe. This service to transfer funds is at zero cost for the sender and registration with Kawena is free. Customers can shop for their goods and groceries online and after paying for their orders, customers' loved ones can collect the products at OK collection points in Zimbabwe. The value can be collected from any OK Zimbabwe Limited store across the country in bond notes using their Shop Easy Card. The Shop Easy card works in all 64 OK stores.

Kawena offers more than just an online platform!

Kawena also offers customers a funeral cover that will guarantee that should something happen to the breadwinner living in South Africa, that all necessary repatriation and benefit pay-outs are made across the border to beneficiaries living in Zimbabwe.

Kawena continuously strives to provide services to customers that add value to them and their families living across the border in Zimbabwe. Visit Kawena on or join one of its exclusive WhatsApp groups to receive updates on specials. Dial *120*529362# for a better life with Kawena! Register with Kawena today!

5 Jun 2020 12:38