OgilvyRED launches in Cape Town

OgilvyRED - the global strategic think tank at the heart of Ogilvy & Mather - recently launched its first offices in South Africa in Cape Town as a driver of growth, innovation and change in the local brand and marketing space.

"Opening in South Africa means that local brands can now have closer access to our global 'brain trust'," says local associate and CEO, Keith Stevens.

OgilvyRED's 'brain trust' includes a diverse team of experts ranging from senior consultants, strategic planners, insighters and specialty strategists from the wider Ogilvy and WPP stable that provide real ideas and growth platforms via consulting, facilitation and coaching.

"It is no secret that the world of business, branding and marketing is constantly evolving, which brings with it both challenges and opportunities," says Stevens. "More than ever, companies and brands in the competitive African market require partners to drive strategies and action plans that can be implemented in the real world. Our approach is to tackle difficult brand and marketing challenges by focusing on how to unlock growth in a robust yet pragmatic way; a way that makes a difference to the client’s growth trajectory, a way that inspires teams and galvanises action.”

OgilvyRED provides strategic growth and innovation consulting to some of the world’s best-known brands in many categories including retail, financial services, technology, business and information services and consumer goods, among others.

The Cape Town office has been operational since 2015. Lead strategist Fiona Biccard joins Stevens as a local associate.

7 Jul 2016 11:13