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Automatic in-line labelling for chemical products

The ALline series of labellers, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, was developed with the latest Altech design criteria and based on years of experience from thousands of machines installed around the world. The result is a series of labellers designed for the heaviest workloads.
Altech systems provide extremely accurate label placement at high production speeds and feature a superior level of operator friendliness. Changeovers are simple, toolless and intuitive.

Altech’s philosophy is to provide a built-in structure for its labelling machines. This means that all components are mounted on or are enclosed in a sturdy base, well protected against dirt and accidental bumps. Labelling heads are mounted firmly to the machine’s base to eliminate vibration that can affect labelling accuracies.

Every ALline labeller is controlled by a powerful PLC and its colourtouch screen HMI makes it possible to set all the machine’s electrical devices, minimising the need for individual unit adjustment. Recipes can be stored for components and labelling parameters for 100 different products/labels, resulting in fast, simple changeovers.

Mechanical adjustments have been engineered so that every component can be firmly secured during operation while providing accurate repeatability during changeovers. All handwheels include rotary counters and their positioning values can benoted in the HMI to be recalled with the related format recipe.

ALline E for chemical products

The ALline E is designed to apply front and back labels onto elliptical or rectangular products, generally used to label glass, plastic or metal jars, boxes or bottles for the food, cosmetic, health & beauty and chemical industries. Two opposing ALritma label heads are mounted to a sturdy enclosed ALline basewhile handling and spacing devices align and drive products for correct orientation.

As a standard feature, ALline E includes a state-of-the-art synchronising system using an encoder and brushless motors to provide a distinctive speed set for the entire machine. This provides constant labelling accuracy even in the case of load variation or during the start, stop and acceleration phases.

On the ALline E the upper trestle is always present, adding additional strength to the entire structure. The rotary control panel ensures ergonomic access to the HMI, and is easily accessible from either side of the machine. The safety cabinet is optional (depending on the application) and includes interlocks on the doors for complete operator protection.

11 Apr 2022 11:25