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The MSC Artisan Academy is a technical training centre with campuses located in East London and Gauteng. Students are engaged in practical learning and our teaching conditions simulate those that the students will face in industry.
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Why study a course in HR management practices?
Tim Vaughan promotes the whole purpose of Human Resource Management so aptly when he explains that it "cannot miss the opportunity to add value, build individual visibility, trust and knowledge with their [respective company's] executives" (Poppulo, 2023). What's more is that the entire function of Human Resource Management (HRM) depends on creating a strong, reliable, motivated, and above all, informed, workforce who collectively form the image of a business or company. This is the very image responsible for how we (negatively or positively) perceive a company, as well as the goods and/or services it sells. 24 Jan 2023 Read more

Becoming scam-free savvy
Most social media users would like to believe that they are reasonably tech-savvy when it comes to any suspicious content that they may encounter on their phones, via email, or simply on the net. In fact, we've become pretty complacent, in recent years, to happily download apps that require us to share private and often confidential information. It's noteworthy to accept, however, that hackers and scammers are continuously improving their target tactics and methods to carry out their tricks. And any kind of vulnerable situation may catch you completely unawares. 12 Dec 2022 Read more

A gap year: Good idea or not?
For many school-leavers, the thought of pursuing a higher education qualification that aligns with their desired career path, can be a daunting prospect. Parents and guardians are just as, if not more, concerned regarding the outlook of what will happen with their children after they've written their last exam. Despite the efforts that most schools and curricula invest in career guidance and advice for learners throughout their school career, there remains a large part of the country's matrics who simply do not know what kind of direction to take after they tread their final steps from the schoolyard. Learners also risk failing and dropping out of their studies midway if they're unable to connect with their course, resulting in a cringing waste of hard-earned finances or debt. 3 Oct 2022 Read more

Finding funding for your studies
One of the most significant hurdles when it comes to furthering your studies is the element of funding. For students who opt for a private college or institution, finding a cost-effective funding partner is crucial unless provision has been made through an endowment or savings plan. With careful planning and research, private students can rest assured that there are a number of options to pursue when it comes to funding their study fees without the fear of bankruptcy by the time they start their careers. 9 Sep 2022 Read more

Smart study options - A guide to planning your career
With only 6.4% of youth aged 19 years old attending tertiary education, according to South African Market Insights (2020), making the right decision regarding your studies is of great importance as, for most, tertiary education is nothing more than an unattainable dream. Despite this, however, the demand for tertiary education has grown significantly over recent years. There have been significant advances in the higher education sector in past decades, and most notably a rise in the number of institutions that prospective students can choose from due to an increased provision of these from the private sector. 10 Aug 2022 Read more

The pursuit of precision
A well-constructed home or commercial building, such as an office block, stadium, shopping mall, or theatre are admired as much as a well-written novel or motion picture. The symphony of their curves, lines and walkways are appreciated by the eye in as much as it is pleasing to its practical functioning. However, without its fittings, fixtures and lighting, a building of any kind is but an empty shell, in as much as a novel is an empty notebook without any words. This is where the skill and craftsmanship of artisans becomes so important in allowing a building to reach its full potential and to serve out its full practical function. In a May 2021 article published by Business Tech, reports reveal that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a growth in the demand for skilled artisans in South Africa, including carpenters, toolmakers, fitters, joiners, and mechanics. Arjun Khoosal (qtd in Business Tech, 2021) indicated that "a 750% increase in demand for home services [has been experienced] over the last year". Yes, that's not a typo - a 750% increase! 31 May 2022 Read more

Making simple sense of scarce skills in SA
Along with the lamplighter, the human alarm clock and the milkman, the world has seen a fair number of jobs succumbing to extinction in recent years. Whilst traditional job titles, such as undertakers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and politicians will remain for a considerable number of years to come, a significant evolutionary shift has taken place in employability in a bid to adapt to new technologies, methods of communication and information sharing and ongoing globalisation. 17 May 2022 Read more