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Moving house during the lockdownNew regulations permit homeowners and tenants to relocate between 7 May and 7 June 2020. 13 May 2020 Read more

The 'virtual' reality of shopping online for a propertyThe ins and outs of searching for a home in this new reality. 20 Apr 2020 Read more

The lockdown life: Divide your dayThe lockdown life takes some getting used to. We share some ways you can divide your day to stay on top of your to do lists. 14 Apr 2020 Read more

Going green at homePrivate Property shares their tips on going green at home, and why it pays off for you. 8 Apr 2020 Read more

Home insurance claims during the lockdownDealing with insurance claims during the national Covid-19 lockdown. 7 Apr 2020 Read more

Business as usual for banks during lockdownBanks will be open and your money will be accessible during the countrywide lockdown. 7 Apr 2020 Read more

While you're staying in, we're staying onPrivate Property remains online during South Africa's lockdown. 6 Apr 2020 Read more

Align your home loan to a Covid-19 payment relief programmeIf your personal or business financial plan is in disarray as a result of South Africa's lockdown measures, the payment relief plan for Absa clients will provide an effective short-term solution. 3 Apr 2020 Read more

Solutions for landlords and tenants impacted by lockdownIf you are in the situation where your income is threatening your ability to pay rent, you must take action now, rather than later. 1 Apr 2020 Read more

Private Property unveils new market strategy and rebrandingPrivate Property has launched its new brand repositioning, an integrated multichannel strategy to take the 21-year-old company, customers and property investors into its next phase of growth 27 Mar 2020 Read more

Lockdown is a good time to undertake home maintenanceThe SA government's decision to lockdown, despite its economic woes, places value on human life above all else, and provides opportunities to look at the state of your home and reassess your values. 26 Mar 2020 Read more

Private Property and Absa Bank announce new partnershipPrivate Property and Absa Bank have undertaken a strategic partnership agreement that will see the two major players collaborating to create maximum value for the South African property industry. 17 Mar 2020 Read more

The Property Show Cape TownSouth Africa's premier property exhibition returns to Cape Town on 21 and 22 March 2020 for what promises to be the biggest property show that the Mother City has ever seen, with almost double the number of visitors and exhibitors than previous years. 2 Mar 2020 Read more

Your 2020 property goalsWhat are your 2020 property goals? Private Property helps you plan towards achieving them during the fresh new decade, coming right up. 10 Dec 2019 Read more

Credit reports can make or break a property dealWhy a good credit rating is important when it comes to buying or renting property. 6 Dec 2019 Read more

What to expect: 2020 property trendsPrivate Property reflects on what happened during 2019 in the South African property market, and how that'll lead to 2020 property trends. 5 Dec 2019 Read more

How to finance your festive seasonHere's how to finance your festive season, without going for broke. 3 Dec 2019 Read more

Land expropriation updateHomeowner concerns around land expropriation and what this could mean for you. 29 Nov 2019 Read more

Repo rate stable at 6.5%The repo rate has been left unchanged at 6.5%. 26 Nov 2019 Read more

Capital Gains Tax explainedIt is not uncommon to misunderstand how CGT is determined and applied when it comes to the sale of your home or investment property. 15 Nov 2019 Read more

Understanding the transfer processThe property ownership transfer process explained. 13 Nov 2019 Read more

Budget tips for the festive seasonFinancing the festive season just got easier with our top 10 budget tips. 12 Nov 2019 Read more

Do you have what it takes to be a landlord?Six essential character attributes that you will need, to become an effective landlord. 22 Oct 2019 Read more

Breakout industry event for premium property investorsPrivate Property is proud to present the breakout real estate industry event of the year, the Real Estate Industry Summit, in October 2019. 9 Oct 2019 Read more

Golden rules for WhatsApp communitiesWhatsApp groups are proving increasingly more important for the dissemination of news that affects housing/street/suburb communities. But like many social platform technologies, they can be difficult to manage. 1 Oct 2019 Read more

The definitive guide to house plan approval permissionsThere are crucially important reasons why you need planning permission before you build, renovate or extend your home, not least of which is compliance to the law. 1 Oct 2019 Read more

Tips for a long-distance property searchSearching for a new home can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you plan on renting or buying a house that you haven't yet set foot in. 1 Oct 2019 Read more

Ask these questions before buying into a developmentMany first-time buyers will be considering homes in developments and they need to ask the developers some probing questions before making a commitment. 20 Sep 2019 Read more

How long will your home take to sell?Given the current economic climate, here's how long it could take to sell your home. 13 Sep 2019 Read more

What is the voetstoots clause?Disputes can arise if buyers and sellers don't understand the voetstoots clause in the sale agreement documents. 10 Sep 2019 Read more

What would 'junk' status mean for SA?Home owners should not take a knee-jerk reaction to the potential of SA being downgraded to junk status by Moody's says SA futurist/economist Daniel Silke. 6 Sep 2019 Read more

The power of a home auctionAuctions are one of the most efficient ways of selling a home regardless of the status of the market or economy. 5 Sep 2019 Read more

Finding a new rental propertyIf you are looking for a home to rent you need to prepare just as well as if you are buying a property, and many of the items on both checklists are the same. 3 Sep 2019 Read more

3 ways to collect rental arrearsDefaulting tenants can be a nightmare for landlords. Through this guide, we help landlords like you act on non-paying tenants to collect rental arrears. 2 Sep 2019 Read more

Your guide to relocatingHow to minimise the stress of choosing a new home in a different city or town. 14 Aug 2019 Read more

5 things to look out for when buying a repossessed propertyYou could pick up a repossessed property at a bargain price. But, there may be hidden risks to doing so. 13 Aug 2019 Read more

Good tenants get the best rental homesBuilding a desirable tenant profile will help tenants to be top of the list of applicants for new rentals. Here's how to do it. 8 Aug 2019 Read more

Buying a home off-planBuying a brand-new home off-plan directly from a developer can be a daunting prospect, but the advantages are significant and the risks negligible - if you do your homework. 6 Aug 2019 Read more

How does a property stokvel work?Could a property stokvel be the right solution for you? Let's find out. 31 Jul 2019 Read more

Attracting and retaining desirable tenantsBuy-to-let property can be the route to wealth creation. But you need the right tenants at the right rental to make it work. 30 Jul 2019 Read more

How the interest rate decision affects youAn economist gives insight into the repo rate reduction and how it will affect consumers and the property market. 25 Jul 2019 Read more

5 ways to make your rental apartment pet-friendlyHow to make your rental property more attractive to animal lovers. 19 Jul 2019 Read more

Buying property at home still a good option for SA expatsSouth African property is still a good investment opportunity for expatriates who intend coming home. 17 Jul 2019 Read more

SA's most expensive per day rental homesStep inside 10 of South Africa's most lavish holiday homes with whopping per day rental prices. 12 Jul 2019 Read more

How to run a successful show dayHelp your home's next owner fall in love. Here are our top five tips for running a successful show day yourself. 10 Jul 2019 Read more

How to spot a scammerHow landlords can easily spot a scammer, and steer clear of them. 5 Jul 2019 Read more

Happiness lives close to your officeCould moving closer to the office be the best solution for your family? 28 Jun 2019 Read more

Is living smaller for you?Living small is right on trend, but is it really suitable for your lifestyle? 25 Jun 2019 Read more

Why now is the time to purchase a buy-to-let student apartmentMany factors suggest that the latter half of the year may just be the right time to commit to the buy-to-let market. 24 Jun 2019 Read more

SA's premier property exhibition is bigger and betterAs proud new owners of the Property Buyer Show, Private Property is making the exhibition bigger and better than ever. 12 Jun 2019 Read more

Common landlord headaches and how to deal with themOwning a rental property can provide a much-needed source of additional income however, they can also be a source of many a headache if not managed properly and efficiently. 11 Jun 2019 Read more

KZN is flexing its real estate musclesThe coastal province is experiencing good month-on-month real estate growth. 31 May 2019 Read more

Minimise your carbon footprint at homeIn the spirit of energy month, we've got a few useful tips for reducing your carbon footprint at home. 30 May 2019 Read more

How to maintain your home and its valueKeep your most valuable asset in top shape with a practical maintenance schedule and budget. 27 May 2019 Read more

How to cut down on your home energy consumptionEveryone's trying to cut down on their bills, but have you tried these tricks for reducing your home's energy consumption? 27 May 2019 Read more

Real estate experts weigh in on the electionsNow that the elections are over, real estate practitioners have dusted off their crystal balls and give us their opinion on the future of the property market. 17 May 2019 Read more

Top 5 things to budget for as a landlordWhat to set aside for surprise expenses that may occur for landlords. 7 May 2019 Read more

How credible is your builderWhen you are about to spend five-figure rands (or more) on a new home build, you need some reassurance that the home builder you appoint has the right credentials. 6 May 2019 Read more

Do provincial election outcomes affect the property market?Two property consultants confirm that it is not provincial elections that cause semigration, rather it is the performance of individual municipalities. 2 May 2019 Read more

How to flood-proof your homeWith the recent floods in Durban, it's time to stop and reflect on how well we are prepared and protected when it comes to harsh weather conditions. 29 Apr 2019 Read more

Mixed-use developments on the riseMixed-use developments are a shining star in the property world. Here's why they're so popular. 23 Apr 2019 Read more

Choosing the retirement option that is right for youWhen you retire from work, choosing where to spend the next phase of your life is probably the most important decision to make, and will depend on personal circumstances. 12 Apr 2019 Read more

Is your home ready for winter?The chilly season is creeping in. Here's how to make sure your home is ready to keep you and your family warm and cosy this winter. 12 Apr 2019 Read more

10 tips for when the lights go outAlthough the threat of loadshedding seems to have faded for now, it's always a good idea to stay prepared. Here are 10 ways you can stay loadshedding-ready. 8 Apr 2019 Read more

How loadshedding affects the residential marketThe hows and whys of loadshedding and how it affects the property market. 2 Apr 2019 Read more

The art of minimalist livingWe've all heard the term, "less is more", but how does that practically find its way into our everyday lifestyles? 29 Mar 2019 Read more

Rands and cents of buying lowWith mortgage grants slowing down, and the supply of homes exceeding demand, is this the right time to invest in a new home? 27 Mar 2019 Read more

A moving out guide for tenantsMoving to a new house can be a stressful time, but what do tenants need to bear in mind as the big day approaches? 22 Mar 2019 Read more

How to find the right tenantYour beautiful investment property needs the perfect tenant. Here's how to ensure that you find a good match. 20 Mar 2019 Read more

Creating a portable gardenHow to make your rental space feel more like home. 12 Mar 2019 Read more

South Africa's premier property expo is backThe first Property Buyer Show of the year will be held at CTICC in Cape Town, 6-7 April 2019. 12 Mar 2019 Read more

Winter is comingYes, we're all very excited for Game of Thrones to return for one final dalliance with drama, but what happens when Winter is coming for your garden? 6 Mar 2019 Read more

2019 interior design trendsAlthough 2019 is in full swing, it's never too late to take a step back and look at what's trending design-wise for the year ahead. 4 Mar 2019 Read more

Budget 2019: What it means for the property industryFinance Minister Tito Mboweni made his debut National Budget speech in Parliament. Here's what the property experts say about what this means for real estate, South Africa and you. 4 Mar 2019 Read more

Private Property acquires Property Buyer ShowPrivate Property South Africa (Pty) Limited has acquired the Property Buyer Show, South Africa's premier property expo, from media company Spintelligent. 20 Feb 2019 Read more

How the repo rate affects youInterest rate fluctuations and economic policy announcements can have a big effect on your property, home life, and savings. We help you better understand the repo rate, and how it affects your home and lifestyle. 14 Feb 2019 Read more

Magical living in Midstream EstateLiving in a secure estate is the dream for almost every family. Midstream Estate, however, offers so much more than just idyllic living. 11 Feb 2019 Read more

Lessons on decluttering from New York Times best-seller Marie KondoIf we're honest, most of us will admit to having slight hoarder tendencies and a deep dislike for tidying or decluttering! Luckily for us, Marie Kondo - Japanese cleaning consultant and author of the #1 New York Times best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has developed a method that is revolutionising the chore of decluttering, organising and storing. 7 Feb 2019 Read more

Living Coral: Pantone Colour of the Year 2019Described as emotionally nourishing, energising and playful, the 2019 Pantone Colour of the year is Living Coral. 5 Feb 2019 Read more

4 Durban estates you really want to live inLiving in an estate comes with a big bunch of benefits. Here are four Durban estates you want to live in. 29 Jan 2019 Read more

The experts all agree - now is the time to buyProperty market predictions for 2019, and why the experts are encouraging you to buy property now. 25 Jan 2019 Read more

10 of the most expensive houses in South AfricaLet your mouse wander through 10 of the most exquisite homes that you've ever seen, with whopping price tags to match. 23 Jan 2019 Read more

Win R10,000 in our #PropertyDreams competitionWith JanuWorry eating into your pocket, we've got a great way for you to win big while sharing your property dreams with us. 21 Jan 2019 Read more

New year, new home, new rental?If you're planning to move in 2019, getting yourself rent-ready is important. Here's how to make yourself the best prospective tenant a landlord could wish for: 16 Jan 2019 Read more

Private Property appoints new CEOPrivate Property South Africa (Pty) Ltd has appointed Amasi Mwela as the company's new CEO effective from 2 January 2019. 13 Dec 2018 Read more

What to do about a derelict property in your neighbourhoodIt's an eyesore, it seems to attract criminal activity, and it's bringing down your property value. What to do when there's an unmaintained property in your neighbourhood? 4 Dec 2018 Read more

Property experts' reaction to interest rate hikeThe South African Reserve Bank this week increased the repo rate from 6.5% to 6.75%. The prime lending rate has increased to 10.25%. 28 Nov 2018 Read more

You can afford to buy your first home, thanks to FLISPFirst-time home buyers can qualify for a government subsidy of up to R121,626. Here's what you need to know about FLISP. 27 Nov 2018 Read more

10 easy ways to save on your grocery billBetween tax hikes and escalating fuel prices, 2018 has been a sad year for the consumer. But, there are ways you can keep saving and beat the grocery bill. 21 Nov 2018 Read more

5 buying secrets from property investorsWhen starting out as a property investor a lack of knowledge can lead to costly mistakes. 12 Nov 2018 Read more

Rent cheap now, so you can save up to buy laterHere's how choosing to rent a cheaper property for a while, will help you buy your own home much faster. 23 Oct 2018 Read more

Property Buyer Show returns to JoburgFirst-time home buyers and property investors can get a comprehensive understanding of the property-buying process at The Property Buyer Show. 9 Oct 2018 Read more

How the recession could affect the property marketStatistics South Africa recently announced that the economy is in a technical recession. But what does it mean for the ordinary man in the street and for the property market? 26 Sep 2018 Read more

Win a Home Season 5 is here!Win a Home, South Africa's premier interior design reality TV competition, is back for its fifth season, proudly brought to you by Capitec and Private Property. 12 Sep 2018 Read more

The 10 most expensive suburbs to rent property in South AfricaHere are the most expensive rental suburbs and what the average property looks like in each of them. 3 Sep 2018 Read more

Pets and a rental homeHere's what can you do to ensure you and your animals remain on the good side of your landlord. 31 Aug 2018 Read more

Why a tenant's safety should be important to landlordsLandlords have a duty to use reasonable care to safeguard their tenants and could be in breach of contract if they fail to do so. 28 Aug 2018 Read more

Private Property launches refreshed websitePrivate Property is excited to announce that we've updated our website with a host of fresh, new features that make finding the right property even easier. 21 Aug 2018 Read more

Property prices in Pretoria's most in-demand suburbsPrivate Property takes a look at the most in-demand suburbs in Pretoria and what you can expect to pay for property in them. 13 Aug 2018 Read more

Private Property nominated for gsport AwardPrivate Property has been nominated as Sponsor of the Year, for their work with the South African Women's Hockey team. 7 Aug 2018 Read more

The pros and cons of buying development propertyWith more buyers opting for new properties, developers are moving to fill the gaps in the market as evidenced by the huge number of development properties listed on our website. 30 Jul 2018 Read more

Is buying property always a good investment?The current buyer's market is great, but does this mean that everyone who has a steady job and income should rush out and invest in bricks and mortar? 25 Jul 2018 Read more

What you will pay for property in Sandton's most popular suburbsInterested in moving to the ultimate work, live, play area in the country? This is what you will pay for property in and around Sandton. 18 Jul 2018 Read more

Private Property restoring rights through title deedsPrivate Property, together with the Khaya Lam Land Reform Project, will be giving away 30 title deeds on Wednesday, 11 July 2018, to 30 families in Ngwathe, Parys. 10 Jul 2018 Read more

8 steps to becoming a property millionaireInvesting in property can be a profitable venture if done correctly. Follow these tips and you will soon be well on your way to building a property empire. 5 Jul 2018 Read more

Is now a good time to buy investment property?"Buy now" is a popular refrain that investors hear, but there is no right or wrong time to buy property. Buying property can be a good investment at any time, if you follow sound investment principles. 28 Jun 2018 Read more

10 Joburg suburbs where the average home costs under R1mAffordability is a major concern for home buyers looking for great value. We've compiled a list of middle-class suburbs where the average home costs less than a million rand. 12 Jun 2018 Read more

What you will pay for property in Durban's most popular suburbsPrivate Property data reveals that there is strong interest from buyers in suburbs across the city. Here are the most popular suburbs and the property prices in them. 7 Jun 2018 Read more

8 ways to ruin your chances of selling your homeSelling a home quickly and for the best possible price is what any property owner wants. However, there are many sellers that unintentionally make mistakes that sabotage their sale. 23 May 2018 Read more

Why buyers need to be honest with their estate agentProviding your estate agent with an honest assessment of your finances and needs will make it easier for them to match you with the perfect property. 21 May 2018 Read more

The 10 most expensive estates in GautengWith more than half of SA's estate properties located in Gauteng, there's no shortage for discerning buyers. Here are 10 of the most desirable, and expensive, estates in the province. 16 May 2018 Read more

'Ramaphoria' and its effect on the property marketThe 'feel-good' factor that spread across the country after Cyril Ramaphosa took over the reins has had many positive spin-offs. But, has it affected the property market? 14 May 2018 Read more

Private Property launches SA's smartest property appPrivate Property has launched an all-new app, introducing the first property feed to the market. The new property feed feature will change the way South Africans find their next property. 8 May 2018 Read more

No need to panic over land expropriation without compensationLand expropriation has been the cause of much confusion and panic in the market, with many choosing to sensationalise the issue instead of looking at it objectively. 20 Apr 2018 Read more

Get your free tickets for the Property Buyer Show, Cape TownWith improved sentiment in the property market and a much-improved economy, now is the perfect time for first-time buyers and property investors to enter the market. 17 Apr 2018 Read more

Property: To buy or not to buy?Whether to buy property or continue to rent is a tough question. Here are five reasons to buy now and five reasons to put it off. 13 Apr 2018 Read more

Interest rate cut: Great news for the property marketThe South African Reserve Bank announced this week that the interest rate will be cut by 25 basis points. 5 Apr 2018 Read more

Sorry, Jozi and CT, Durban is SA's most liveable cityWith amazing weather all year round, the warm Indian Ocean, great schools, free-flowing traffic and excellent value for money in the property market, Durban boasts a lifestyle like no other. 27 Mar 2018 Read more

Buying property together: How couples can avoid conflictConflict can arise when partners have different ideas about what they want in a home. Here's how to find common ground. 23 Mar 2018 Read more

Property buying at different life stagesAs we grow older the type of home that is most suitable for us, changes. Here is our advice on choosing the best property at various life stages. 19 Mar 2018 Read more

The rental suburbs that South Africans are flocking toWe take a look at the most in demand suburbs for renters in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape, and what you'll pay for a rental in them. 15 Mar 2018 Read more

The benefits of hiring an interior decoratorDecorating your home is exciting, fun and rewarding, but it can be expensive. Sometimes getting professional help can save you from making costly mistakes. 12 Mar 2018 Read more

Property management: Your key to property investment successProperty management is divided into two main components: tenant placement and rental management. Mastering these activities will dramatically improve your property investment success. 8 Mar 2018 Read more

Private Property joins forces with Caxton Local MediaA change in ownership will see the portal become the official property partner to a network of hyper-local newspapers and websites. 2 Mar 2018 Read more

Budget 2018: Here's the property industry's reactionThe finance minister delivered a "tough but hopeful" budget last week. Some of SA's top property experts weigh in with their opinions on how it will affect the economy and market. 28 Feb 2018 Read more

Do residential homeowners need to be concerned about land expropriation?Some South Africans are concerned that expropriation without compensation is a threat to residential property, but are these concerns valid? 22 Feb 2018 Read more

Six South African property trends to look out for in 2018We look at the major trends that are likely to shape the South African property market this year. 19 Feb 2018 Read more

Twelve things to consider before buying a homeBuying a home is not child's play and anyone who is considering making such a large investment needs to know the basics before signing on the dotted line. 14 Feb 2018 Read more

Gauteng driving the first-time home buyer's marketAfter two previous years of decline, the number of first time buyers entering the market has stablised in 2016 and 2017. 9 Feb 2018 Read more

Should I buy now or keep on renting?Here are a couple of pointers to help you decide if you are ready to step onto the first rung of the property ladder. 30 Jan 2018 Read more

Mixed reaction to interest rate announcementThe decision by the South African Reserve Bank to leave the repo rate unchanged at 6.75% has been met with mixed reactions by the property market. 22 Jan 2018 Read more

Do your homework before you let to studentsBecoming a student landlord can appear to be an attractive proposition. But, before you take the plunge, here's what you need to know about this type of investment. 18 Jan 2018 Read more

South African property market predictions for 2018Wondering what the property market will be doing this year? We asked some of the country's leading experts for their views. 16 Jan 2018 Read more

How to avoid holiday rental scamsWith the December holidays approaching, fraudsters are out in force. Here are some tips to keep in mind when booking your holiday accommodation. 28 Nov 2017 Read more

Private Property sponsors PHL team, the St Lucia LakersThe second edition of the hugely successful Premier Hockey League (PHL) kicks off on 25 November and Private Property is proud to once again be a sponsor of one of the teams. 24 Nov 2017 Read more

Cape Town's 20 most affordable suburbsWant to know where you can still find value in Cape Town's property market? These are the suburbs with the lowest asking prices. 23 Nov 2017 Read more

Take these steps now if you plan on buying in 2018Wanting to buy a home next year? Then now's the time to start making plans. 20 Nov 2017 Read more

Win a Home 2017: And the winners are...The fourth season of Win a Home, proudly sponsored by Private Property, came to a dramatic end in the live finale on Friday, 10 November 2017. 16 Nov 2017 Read more

Catch the Win a Home Grand Finale this Friday!The hugely successful fourth season of Win a Home ends this Friday. Find out who the winning Design Duo is and who wins the R3 million home. 10 Nov 2017 Read more

What you will pay for property in Gauteng's 10 most popular suburbsWe've compiled a list of the most popular suburbs in Gauteng and what you can expect to pay for property in these areas. 6 Nov 2017 Read more

Dealing with a demanding landlordA difficult landlord can make a tenant's life miserable. Knowing how to deal with them is the key to keeping the relationship amiable. 31 Oct 2017 Read more

Last chance to get your free tickets to the Property Buyer Show, GautengAs proud sponsors of The Property Buyer Show, Private Property is giving away 350 free tickets to attend this exclusive property exhibition in Sandton this weekend! 26 Oct 2017 Read more

The top 10 golf estates in South AfricaSouth Africa has some of the best golf estates in the world, but these estates don't just cater for golfing enthusiasts - they also offer an enviable lifestyle. 25 Oct 2017 Read more

Nine things to consider before becoming an Airbnb hostEarning extra income from your property may be an attractive proposition but there are other factors to consider too. 20 Oct 2017 Read more

Points to ponder when buying your first homeWhile buying your home may be one of the most exciting things you will ever do, there are many pitfalls that first-time homebuyers could fall into. 18 Oct 2017 Read more

How to protect your home from storm damageSevere storms like the ones that struck this week are likely to become more frequent. Here's how you can protect your home from future storms. 13 Oct 2017 Read more

Vat Jou Goed en Trek: Exciting new series and competition announcedPrivate Property is proud to return as the headline sponsor of the latest season of Vat Jou Goed en Trek on kykNET. One lucky viewer will win a R50,000 prize. 9 Oct 2017 Read more

SA Women's Hockey team off to Africa Cup for NationsThe South African Women's Hockey team, sponsored by Private Property, heads off to Ismailia in Egypt for the Africa Cup for Nations this month. 6 Oct 2017 Read more

Private Property looks forward to exciting future, new deal announcedPrivate Property has announced the conclusion of a deal which will see a change in ownership from the existing shareholder, OAM, which is an American private equity-controlled company, to a consortium of committed South African buyers, including listed media giant Caxton. 3 Oct 2017 Read more

Don't DIY: Seven jobs you should leave to the professionalsTackling a DIY job gives you a certain amount of satisfaction and saves you money too. Some jobs, however, should be left to the professionals. 29 Sep 2017 Read more

Help! My tenant hasn't paid rentIf a landlord finds themselves in a situation where the tenant hasn't paid their rent on time, it's best to take action as soon as possible. 28 Sep 2017 Read more

How to recognise and avoid rental scamsRental scams are on the rise and unfortunately, many people still fall for them. Here's how to spot the common red flags. 26 Sep 2017 Read more

Be prepared for your next rentalIn order to avoid being left high and dry when your lease expires, you need to have a plan in place to secure your next place. 19 Sep 2017 Read more

Is now a good time to invest in property?Private Property CEO Simon Bray provides insights on the property market for home buyers and investors. 14 Sep 2017 Read more

Running a business from home illegally will land you in troubleWhile the relevant municipality may turn a blind eye to the goings-on of property owners, there's a good chance your neighbours won't! 14 Sep 2017 Read more

Don't lose good tenants through high rental increasesLandlords that insist on unreasonable residential rentals every year risk losing those tenants... and in the current economic climate good tenants are hard to replace. 29 Aug 2017 Read more

How South Africans feel about property in 2017A survey by ABSA has revealed how South Africans feel about buying, selling, investing, renting and renovating property, as well as property market conditions in general. 22 Aug 2017 Read more

10 of the most expensive houses in South AfricaThese super luxury houses with enormous price tags will induce some serious house envy. 18 Aug 2017 Read more

Where is the most affordable housing in South Africa?Check out the top 50 areas in South Africa where most of the housing stock is below R600,000. 11 Aug 2017 Read more

Further rates cut could be key for ailing housing marketAnalysis by a leading bank indicates that the housing market continues to weaken. Further interest rates cuts are key to the market turning around. 8 Aug 2017 Read more

How to keep your food fresh for longerAnnoyed by food going off too quickly? Cut food waste and save money with these storage tips to make your food last longer. 4 Aug 2017 Read more

Don't be pushed into buying an unsuitable homeBuying a home is a big financial commitment so a buyer should be absolutely certain of their choice before signing an offer to purchase. 31 Jul 2017 Read more

Six rugged ideas for your man caveA few macho styles and ideas to use for your man cave, to make it your happy place. 28 Jul 2017 Read more

The new series of Win a Home is here!Win a Home, brought to you by Private Property, is back on SABC 3 for a fourth season! The season premiere kicked off on Friday, 21 July, on Afternoon Express. 25 Jul 2017 Read more

Last chance to enter this amazing Tour de France competitionTime is running out for fans to enter Private Property's Tour de France 2018 competition. 21 Jul 2017 Read more

Should I take my home off the market?Haven't received a suitable offer on your home? It may be a good idea to take it off the market while you fix the problem areas that are putting off buyers. 20 Jul 2017 Read more

How to fill the extra space, once you've upscaledOnce you've moved into a larger home, the empty space can seem daunting. Here's what to do with your newly acquired extra space. 17 Jul 2017 Read more

The guide to selling your home privately in South AfricaA home sale is likely to be the largest financial transaction you undertake in your personal capacity. With so much at stake, selling your home is understandably intimidating and stressful. 14 Jul 2017 Read more

Cheap interior decorating ideas for your homeYou don't need a big budget to transform your house into a home. Try these innovative ideas to give your home a fresh look. 12 Jul 2017 Read more

My agent has undervalued my homeSellers should be aware of the fact that the municipal valuation of their home may not be a true reflection of its value. 3 Jul 2017 Read more

How to spot a property bargainThere are many factors besides price that astute buyers will consider before investing in property. Here are six factors to keep in mind. 30 Jun 2017 Read more

Tips for new property investorsProperty is a great way to create wealth and those who want to secure their future should seriously consider tapping in to this market as soon as possible. 28 Jun 2017 Read more

Couple almost lose home over one late repaymentA couple who nearly lost their home because of a bank's attempt to penalise them for one late repayment, has been saved by the courts. 22 Jun 2017 Read more

And the award for the worst landlord goes to...Although for the most part, landlords are reasonable, there are some that go to extremes to make their tenants' lives hell. 14 Jun 2017 Read more

Women take the lead in home-buying decisionsThere was a time when men were considered to be firmly in the driving seat when it came to home buying, but this is no longer the case. 7 Jun 2017 Read more

Stand a chance to win a trip to the 2018 Tour de FranceEnter Private Property's latest competition and you could win a trip to the 2018 Tour de France worth R120,000! 1 Jun 2017 Read more

Conveyancing fees have increasedThe recommended charge for conveyancing fees increased on 1 May and any conveyancing attorney who receives an instruction after this date will be entitled to charge more for their services. 30 May 2017 Read more

Community protest at LIV VillageLIV Village, a charitable organisation that Private Property has been a supporter of since its inception, was the target of protests by members of the neighbouring Cottonlands community on Monday, 22 May 2017. 25 May 2017 Read more

How can I rent again if I have a bad reference?Tips on how to go about renting a property when one of your previous landlords is giving you a bad reference. 19 May 2017 Read more

Creating a harmonious house shareSharing a house may sound like a great idea but when things aren't run properly, conflicts can arise. Here's how to make sure your house share is successful. 15 May 2017 Read more

Dealing with noise in a sectional title schemeAlthough living in a sectional title scheme has many benefits, living in close proximity to others can pose challenges. 12 May 2017 Read more

Buying? Don't alter the property until the transfer goes throughYou'll lose out financially if the deal falls through. You should however spend the time before the transfer takes place to plan ahead. 4 May 2017 Read more

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Catch Private Property at the Property Buyer ShowFirst-time home buyers and property investors can get a comprehensive understanding of the property-buying process at The Property Buyer Show. 3 Apr 2017 Read more

The best kept secrets for buying a homeIf you're serious about buying a house, you need to know the lay of the land. Check out these top tips for home buyers. 29 Mar 2017 Read more

Rules for renting property to familyRenting out a property is a business and should be treated as such regardless of who the tenant is. Here's what you need to know when renting to family. 24 Mar 2017 Read more

My home's not selling, what's wrong with it?You've put your home on the market and although potential buyers are coming to view the property, they don't seem to be making any offers. So what's the problem? 23 Mar 2017 Read more

Protecting yourself from identity theftA current court case, dealing with a house that was sold fraudulently, has highlighted the risks of identity theft. Here's what you need to know. 16 Mar 2017 Read more

How to spot a seller who's ready to bargainTips for spotting a home seller who is willing to negotiate, and how to successfully strike a deal with them. 13 Mar 2017 Read more

Nine home safety rules every child should knowKeeping your kids safe while at home is a priority for all parents. Teaching them these nine rules will help keep them out of harm's way. 10 Mar 2017 Read more

What homeowners need to know about insuranceUnderstanding the ins and outs of home insurance is crucial. Here's what you need to know to safeguard your home against any unexpected loss or damage. 9 Mar 2017 Read more

What happens when you fall out of love with your home?So, living in your dream home isn't exactly what you thought it would be like. Do you cut and run or can the relationship be saved? 2 Mar 2017 Read more

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Here's what R10,000 rent gets you in SA's upmarket areasIf your goal is to start afresh in a new rental apartment this year, we've got a few options in desirable areas that may pique your interest. 15 Feb 2017 Read more

Homey Valentine's Day diningRomantic inspiration for your Valentine's dinner in one of the most relaxing places - your very own home. 13 Feb 2017 Read more

Glaring maintenance issues will devalue your homeIn a buyer's market like today's, sellers need to pull out all the stops. An unloved, badly maintained home is harder to sell. 3 Feb 2017 Read more

Beware the occupational rent trapOccupational rent is an aspect that often gets overlooked in a sales agreement. Setting the rental too high or too low can have disastrous consequences for buyers or sellers. 2 Feb 2017 Read more

Private Property increases South African Women's Hockey sponsorshipPrivate Property is privileged and proud to be extending and increasing our sponsorship of our national women's hockey team on their path to sporting success. 24 Jan 2017 Read more

Why good tenants are worth their weight in goldIf you have a great tenant in place it might be advisable to forgo that annual rental increase or at least keep it to a minimum. Here's why. 23 Jan 2017 Read more

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Seven things that cause neighbourly disputes, and how to avoid themHaving a good relationship with your neighbours is important if you want a harmonious home life. Here's how you can be a better neighbour. 24 Nov 2016 Read more

Get your home summer readyWith spring out the door, and summer just around the corner, it's time to get your home ready for the warm months ahead. 23 Nov 2016 Read more

A victory for property ownersTerrific news for the property market. A recent court judgment has indicated that owners will no longer be liable for historical municipal debt on their property. 18 Nov 2016 Read more

Find the right agent for youBuying a home can be nerve-wrecking, particularly for first-time buyers. The trick to feeling comfortable is to find an agent that is the right fit for you. 17 Nov 2016 Read more

How tenants can protect themselves from identity theftTenants can be left vulnerable by having to provide sensitive information to future landlords. Here's how they can protect themselves from their information being misused. 7 Nov 2016 Read more

Surprising factors that devalue a homeA few interesting factors that can affect the value of your home, which you probably didn't think about. 1 Nov 2016 Read more

What you need to know about registering a propertyYour crash course on what the Deeds Office does, and the process of registering a property. 28 Oct 2016 Read more

Home of the futureHow the homes of the future are going to be run, and what this means for us. 24 Oct 2016 Read more

Can I still rent a home if I have a bad credit record?While a good credit profile can increase your chances of getting an apartment, those with bad credit can still find ways to rent a home. 21 Oct 2016 Read more

Check your building plans before selling your homeGet your house in order before you sell it - one of the things that can cause massive delays in the transfer process is an issue with the building plans. 10 Oct 2016 Read more

Private Property sponsors exciting new reality TV showPrivate Property is proud to be a sponsor of the latest season of the Vat Jou Goed en Trek show on kykNET. 6 Oct 2016 Read more

Stay on top of your rental property with a mid-term inspectionConducting an inspection of a rental property midway through the lease allows the landlord and tenant to identify any issues early on. 4 Oct 2016 Read more

Evictions: Balancing landlord and tenant rightsMany tenants think that the law prevents landlords from evicting them once a lease has ended, if they can't find accommodation, but this may not be the case. 3 Oct 2016 Read more

Land Rights Act declared invalid by Constitutional CourtNew land claims have been put on ice for now after the Constitutional Court declared the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Act of 2014 invalid. 26 Sep 2016 Read more

Number of bad tenants risesThe number of tenants in South Africa who are not paying their rent or only paying some of it has increased since last year. 13 Sep 2016 Read more

What features sell a home?Before putting your home on show, make sure you know what features buyers are looking for, so that you can put your best foot forward. 12 Sep 2016 Read more

Win A Home winners announcedIt was an emotional Win A Home Grand Finale as a Bloemfontein student won the multimillion-rand Val de Vie Estate Polo Pad. 30 Aug 2016 Read more

Green building now more cost-effective than everGreen buildings can now be built for a little more than traditional buildings. For the environmental and economic benefits, it deserves serious consideration. 26 Aug 2016 Read more

Nine things that first-time renters should knowRenting your first place can be intimidating. These tips for first-time renters will help you go out there and flat hunt with confidence. 24 Aug 2016 Read more

Future-proof your commercial propertyIn these tough economic times, business owners can mitigate costs and risks by purchasing their commercial property outright. 15 Aug 2016 Read more

Smart homes and smarter citiesAmazing advances in technology are making it possible for you to connect to and remotely manage the appliances in your home. 11 Aug 2016 Read more

How to get the most out of your estate agentIt's advisable to keep in constant contact with your agent when selling your home, rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen. 4 Aug 2016 Read more

Is there hope for the 'Ghost on the Coast'?Can Nelson Mandela Bay make a historical turnaround in uplifting its economic fortune? 1 Aug 2016 Read more

Five factors that cyclists should consider when choosing propertyBeing an avid cyclist means that when renting or buying a home, there are certain factors you should take into consideration. 26 Jul 2016 Read more

After the offer to purchaseOnce the offer to purchase has been made on a property, a seller has various points to consider. 22 Jul 2016 Read more

Is the property market beginning to turn?Things are beginning to change in the property market and it could mean that sellers are in for a slightly bumpier ride. 14 Jul 2016 Read more

Private Property launches SA's first comprehensive commercial property platformPrivate Property has identified a need in the market for a property website that effectively showcases commercial listings and have designed a platform that does exactly that. 6 Jul 2016 Read more

Private Property unveils new process for advertising rental listingsPrivate Property have made advertising your rental property quicker and easier with their revamped listing process. 8 Jun 2016 Read more

Win a Home design contestants are raring to goPrivate Property is once again sponsoring Win a Home - South Africa's favourite interior design reality TV show. 18 May 2016 Read more

Deal to create Africa's largest classifieds groupRingier Africa and One Africa Media (OAM) have agreed to merge their pan-African Classifieds assets to create and grow Africa's largest classifieds group. 11 May 2016 Read more

Private Property turns a house into a homePrivate Property swam the Midmar Mile to raise funds for turning a house into a home, at LIV Village. 11 Apr 2016 Read more

Private Property raises R20,000 for charityAs consistent supporters of LIV Village, Private Property have continued to aid orphaned and vulnerable children by helping turn their houses into homes. 24 Feb 2016 Read more

Private Property extends SA Women's Hockey sponsorshipPrivate Property is privileged and proud to be extending their partnership with our national women's hockey team on their path to sporting success. 19 Feb 2016 Read more

Ask the experts: How will the weak rand affect property?Private Property posed the question 'What effect, in your opinion, will the rand's dramatic fall against the dollar have on the property market' to a number of property experts. 25 Jan 2016 Read more

Private Property launches new On Show sectionShow days are of the utmost importance for a property buyer, particularly finding out about them easily and in a timeous manner. 13 Nov 2015 Read more

Private Property launches learnership programmePrivate Property's new CSR initiative is a learnership programme through which two talented, young people are sponsored to study Business Administration for one year, while gaining valuable work experience. 22 Oct 2015 Read more

One Africa Media teams up with leading Mauritian Media Group La SentinelleOne Africa Media (OAM) announced it was extending its network of classified portals with the establishment of an office in Mauritius. The company has aquired a stake in Property Finder Ltd, a subsidiary of La Sentinelle Ltd who operates the leading property portal on the island,, as well as other publications including home decor website, 15 Oct 2015 Read more

The Win A Home show is backThe Win A Home show is proudly brought to you once again by Private Property, South Africa's favourite property website. 21 Aug 2015 Read more

Private Property's 'Home of Great Ideas'The 'Home of Great Ideas' theme for Decorex Joburg 2015 fits perfectly with Private Property's sponsored exibition - the Trend House. 6 Aug 2015 Read more

Private Property launches new Advice CentreWith a brand new addition to their website, Private Property has focussed on providing professional property information and news. 26 Jun 2015 Read more

Private Property announces sponsorship of SA Women's Hockey TeamPrivate Property, South Africa's leading property website, is proud to announce that it will be a sponsor of the South African Women's Hockey Team. 3 Jun 2015 Read more

USD$10m investment into One Africa MediaSEEK, the world's largest online employment marketplace by market capitalisation, has announced the investment of USD$10m for an additional six percent equity ownership in One Africa Media. 30 Apr 2015 Read more

Private Property launches an Android appPrivate Property aims to further its market reach following the launch of its Android app - a move prompted by the highly-successful iPhone app that the innovative property portal recently brought to consumers. 11 Sep 2014 Read more

Tenant deposits: Oh, the horror!Google "lease agreements South African horror stories" and you'll come up with about 1,280,000 results. "Rental deposits South African horror stories" gives you about 534,000. Even a casual stroll through our own website - - reveals articles like Lea Jacobs' Wanted: Dead or Alive - Landlords Withholding Deposits. 9 Sep 2014 Read more

OAM's Justin Clarke nominated for EY World Entrepreneur awardOne Africa Media (OAM) CEO Justin Clarke has been honoured with a nomination as a finalist in the southern Africa chapter of the EY World Entrepreneur Awards for 2014 in the emerging category, paying tribute to a man who co-founded the Private Property brand - which is now considered South Africa's leading real estate portal. 21 Aug 2014 Read more

Win A HomeWin A Home is an exciting new property-related reality show starting on 21 August, at 8pm on SABC3. 18 Aug 2014 Read more

The three-month waitAfter many months of searching and agonising over properties, you finally find your dream home. You put in an offer, which is accepted, and happy days - your bond application is approved. Keen to move in, you start packing your belongings in earnest. However, chances are you will have to park your enthusiasm (and your moving boxes) for a few months while the transfer and bond registration process plays out. 4 Aug 2014 Read more

Buy only the best - but do it nowLet's be honest: there are a lot of conflicting reports out there offering tips on when, where and how to buy property. 28 Jul 2014 Read more

I refuse to sell your home!Private Property recently monitored an interesting debate on Facebook: an estate agent posted that he was not willing to deal with a seller who wouldn't listen to reason and who wouldn't take his advice on the selling price. The agent argued that as a professional, he had all the knowledge and tools available to price the home correctly and wasn't prepared to waste his time dealing with a person who thought he knew better. 21 Jul 2014 Read more

The passing of a leader, Carey EatonIt is with great sadness and regret that we announce the untimely death of Carey Eaton, who passed away in tragic circumstances after an armed robbery in Nairobi this morning. 5 Jun 2014 Read more

Should it stay or should it go?Private Property knows that buying a home is pretty exciting, making it easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to discuss important issues with the seller - before cussing becomes the order of the day. 26 May 2014 Read more

You can't win it if you're not in it!Last year Private Property partnered with SABC3's Top Billing and millions of viewers watched over the 21 weeks of the competition as Private Property gave away a lifestyle worth more than R5m. 16 May 2014 Read more

Jo'burg: value your home to save moneyJust when you thought you had enough to worry about as a resident of Jo'burg, now you need to check your property valuation too - or risk paying an inflated rates bill for the next four years. 15 Apr 2014 Read more

The house that Oscar builtIt doesn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Oscar Pistorius has put his home in Silver Woods Country Estate on the market. Regardless of what really happened on the fateful night when he killed Reeva Steenkamp, it was always unlikely that he would return to live in the property. 1 Apr 2014 Read more

Private Property website wins international awardsPrivate Property has received two International Media Awards (IMA). 19 Mar 2014 Read more

When landlords and tenants disagreeAs long as there are landlords and tenants there are going to be rental disputes. Tenants may believe that the landlord isn't doing his bit to maintain the property, while the landlord feels that he constantly has to attend to minor problems that the tenant himself should fix. The tenant may not believe that paying the rent a few days late is the end of the world, while the landlord believes that the rent should be paid before anything else. 4 Mar 2014 Read more

Tenants need to get off the fenceIf the experts are to be believed, tenants are going to have to start choosing on which side of the fence they think the grass is greener - adhering to the terms and conditions of their lease agreements, or taking liberties. Otherwise, they could not only find themselves out on the street, but may also have difficulty finding another suitable property to rent. 18 Feb 2014 Read more

Private Property delivers the future of online property searchesMobile devices are being used more and more every day. In fact, says Simon Bray, Private Property's COO, research shows that mobile property searches increased by 120% in the past year. "People are spending more and more time on their tablets and smartphones instead of laptop computers, especially when researching property. In particular, late afternoons and evenings are seeing a marked increase in mobile traffic." 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Whose fault is the flood?A demanding tenant can push a landlord over the deep end and, if not held in check, can end up flooding the owner with expenses. 11 Feb 2014 Read more

Investment advice for R3.5-million dream home prizePrivate Property partnered with Top Billing, a prime-time lifestyle TV show, to bring one lucky winner the largest prize ever given away in Africa: a R5-million lifestyle that includes a R3.5-million apartment in Cape Town. 10 Feb 2014 Read more

Win! An iPad Mini could be yours21 weeks ago - in celebration of its 21st birthday - SABC3's Top Billing launched a competition in which one beyond-lucky person will win a beyond-belief lifestyle worth more than R5-million. This is the most valuable prize given away in the whole of Africa to date and Private Property is proud to be a contributing sponsor. 30 Jan 2014 Read more

Qunu: How a little village shaped a larger-than-life manAs South Africans and indeed the rest of the world mourn the loss of former President Nelson Mandela, the small village where he spent most of his childhood, close to the place where he was born and where he will be laid to rest, has come into the limelight. 13 Dec 2013 Read more

Private Property hosts the Inaugural CARE Awards breakfastOn 16 October 2013 Private Property hosted the first CARE Awards prize-giving at the plush Durban Country Club. Attendees were treated to a sunny breakfast spread before proceedings took over. 21 Oct 2013 Read more

South Africa's Private Property has partnered with ListGlobally to offer its browsers the opportunity to peruse international property listings, as well as to extend exposure for its partner estate agents to a global audience. 8 Oct 2013 Read more

South Africa's Private Property has been honoured with the receipt of an International Media Award (IMA) for excellence in website design. 18 Sep 2013 Read more

Private Property partners with Top Billing to offer largest prize ever in AfricaAs SABC3's Top Billing celebrates turning 21, Private Property is partnering with the iconic show to bring one beyond-lucky South African the opportunity to win a lifestyle worth over R5million! 20 Aug 2013 Read more

Private Property is "virtually" number oneAt Private Property, our mission is to be the best digital marketing platform for estate agents and private sellers, and all the other players in the property industry. 30 Jul 2013 Read more

The Acutts name is synonymous with property in South Africa and success that dates back more than 160 years. And now in a pioneering move this brand, the oldest property brand in SA, has teamed up with Private Property by having every single one of its offices advertise on Private Property's portal. 16 Jul 2013 Read more

Portal moves to cloud to support aim of inspiring, connecting and serving 2 Jul 2013 Read more

One Africa Media (OAM), previously named Private Property Holdings, has secured a US$25-million round of investment for the expansion of its operations across Africa. The South African-based company that operates internet classifieds businesses in cars, travel, real estate and jobs secured US$20-million (R205.53-million) from Australian-listed jobs portal SEEK. A significant portion of the group is already owned by Tiger Global Management, the New York based venture capital fund that already partners with SEEK in other ventures across Asia and Latin America. 28 Jun 2013 Read more

Private Property's new iPad app, designed in conjunction with the company's all-new website, became South Africa's number one free app in terms of downloads - within a week of its release. 27 Jun 2013 Read more

There are dozens of obvious and practical reasons why many individuals, families as well as businesses, rent property. For a start, renting provides the tenant with the benefits of fairly fast availability and choice. Although some may argue to the contrary, the flexibility enjoyed by tenants as a result of renting should be appreciated, as well as the relative freedom from unexpected or hidden costs and sudden market crashes. Tenants and landlords should enter into agreements with the intention of giving as well as getting reasonable value. In many cases, the attitude with which one approaches a deal will determine its long-term (or possibly short-term) viability and success. 20 May 2013 Read more has a new home - a brand-new website that we built to make your next property search an awesome experience. 17 Apr 2013 Read more

Property and automotive portals merge to form Africa's largest classifieds concernSouth African-based Private Property Holdings and Kenyan-based Cheki Africa Media merge their businesses to form One Africa Media. 20 Feb 2013 Read more swims Midmar Mile for paraplegicsCompany raises R50 000 to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged paraplegic children 13 Feb 2013 Read more, South Africa's leading property portal, says that owning property is a great idea if you're looking to attract a life partner. 12 Feb 2013 Read more

Simon Bray finds new home as COOEngineering student, marketing major, fashion designer, software entrepreneur and now COO ... Simon Bray's background is anything but conventional. But this eclectic skills mix is well suited to the business: "We exist to shape the current and future state of the real estate industry. We believe we can make a positive and lasting difference to the way the industry works. We RE-IMAGINE a better way to live and work and we make sure we have fun while we're doing it." 29 Jan 2013 Read more

It is important to note that although the Rental Housing Tribunal has helped thousands of landlords and tenants resolve issues pertaining to rental properties, the service is not available throughout South Africa and, at this stage, there are no tribunal offices in Free State. 9 Jan 2013 Read more

Although it is always recommended that a body corporate utilises the services of a managing agent, there are schemes out there that may find it difficult to find an administrator that is willing to run their affairs. 20 Nov 2012 Read more

If you invest in property to rent it out, it is important, whether you manage that rental yourself or have a rental agent, to follow certain guidelines so that your investment is a success and you don't run into problems later, says Michael Bauer, general manager of IHFM, a property management company. 14 Nov 2012 Read more

Agents should be aware that the opportunity for companies, close corporations and trusts to transfer property free of transfer duty to a natural person, under certain circumstances, has been extended to 31 December, 2012. 9 Nov 2012 Read more

Following the recent two-day Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) summit, Seeff chairman Samuel Seeff has lauded the move by the Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo Sexwale and EAAB administrator, Advocate Taswell Papier, to engage with the industry. 30 Oct 2012 Read more helps home vulnerable childrenImagine 10 000 villages, each raising and impacting 500 orphans "the right way". Imagine five million children rescued, raised and rebuilt to become future leaders who impact the continent of Africa, and who can reach out to other orphans. Imagine... 16 Oct 2012 Read more

South Africa's construction industry is going green with energy-efficiency building regulations having come into effect in November last year, which are aimed at boosting green architecture. 25 Sep 2012 Read more

Recent recessionary times have brought about more than a depressed property market: the state of the global economy seems to have influenced an entire generation's opinion on home ownership. Indeed, international estate agency `Engel & Völkers has even named this investment-averse sector of the population: Generation Rent. 18 Sep 2012 Read more

A complete "snag list" prior to occupation of a premises can protect both landlord and tenant when the lease expires. 27 Aug 2012 Read more

In a sectional title scheme, different areas fall under the responsibility of either the bodies corporate or the owners/lessees. 24 Aug 2012 Read more

There are dozens of obvious and practical reasons why many individuals, families as well as businesses, rent property. For a start, renting provides the tenant with the benefits of fairly fast availability and choice. Although some may argue to the contrary, the flexibility enjoyed by tenants as a result of renting should be appreciated, as well as the relative freedom from unexpected or hidden costs and sudden market crashes. Tenants and landlords should enter into agreements with the intention of giving as well as getting reasonable value. In many cases, the attitude with which one approaches a deal will determine its long-term (or possibly short-term) viability and success. 23 Aug 2012 Read more

While tenants may not all be the shining stars landlords wish for, both parties have legal recourse in exercising their rights outside the courts, through the Rental Housing Tribunal (RHT). 22 Aug 2012 Read more

Property buyers should protect themselves by getting a home professionally inspected before making an offer to purchase. 16 Aug 2012 Read more

Landlords in South Africa could well be forgiven for believing that the law gives their tenants all the rights. Everything it seems is on the tenant's side and while landlords do have some control, in most instances they are going to have to pay a fortune in legal costs to exercise those rights. 15 Aug 2012 Read more

The expiration of a lease often becomes a contentious point as tenants fight for the rightful refund of their deposits 14 Aug 2012 Read more

We've all heard the horror stories concerning the neighbours from hell and the havoc that they can cause, but according to a survey conducted by Columinate on behalf of Private Property, most South Africans have a good relationship with those who virtually live on their doorstep. 13 Feb 2012 Read more

In a recent survey by Columinate conducted on behalf of Private Property, only 5 percent of people indicated that they trusted estate agents. By implication this indicates that 95 percent of people do not trust estate agents. When asked which characteristics the respondents least associated with estate agents, 80 percent indicated that they didn't believe that those involved with selling property were dependable, accurate, accountable, trustworthy and informed. 6 Feb 2012 Read more

While many businesses are pulling back on advertising expenditure, is busy rolling out a new and exciting advertising campaign. The campaign will be broadcasted via television, radio and online through the Facebook fan page. 29 Sep 2011 Read more has been at the forefront of the online industry for many years and recently launched an exciting new feature on its award-winning website. The groundbreaking Property Index is a set of tools that allows browsers to easily track individual property values, suburb trends and reams of related information that is useful to buyers, sellers, tenants and property investors alike. 12 Sep 2011 Read more

Bill Gates once boldly stated that the personal computer was the way of the future, a pretty amazing statement considering that at the time virtually no one had a computer in their home. He was right of course ... at least for a while. 18 Aug 2011 Read more

Property Portal has passed the landmark of one million unique users per month on its web and mobile platforms for the first time this January 2011, meeting the goal set exactly one year before. 1 Mar 2011 Read more

South African property website,, has been announced as a winner in the 2010 South African E-Commerce awards, taking home the prize for Best E-Commerce services website. They were also placed third in the category for Best Design, Standards and Ease of Use. 15 Nov 2010 Read more

Coinciding with the launch of their new-look website, South African property web portal has also launched a new property valuation tool, dubbed 'EstiMate'. 14 Sep 2010 Read more

South Africa's busiest property portal,, officially launched its new website this week after months of intense testing. The newly designed site follows international trends towards a clean-looking, search-based website, and also holds a few new innovative features designed to improve the experience of each visitor to the site. 10 Sep 2010 Read more

It was announced this week that South African property portal,, has become the first property portal globally to publish its property content on MXit. All property listed on Private Property's website is now available on MXit. Users can browse properties, or search for property for sale or to let in their area, from the convenience of their cell phones. 16 Aug 2010 Read more

Online traffic during July indicates that interest in the property market in South Africa is regaining impetus. Property web giant reported a record month last month, reaching new highs in both mobile and online web traffic. 16 Aug 2010 Read more

Private Property has signed an exclusive deal with Kagiso Media to act as the real estate partner for MSN South Africa from 1 July 2010. Private Property announced the agreement this week, after the changes to the MSN/property portal had been activated. 14 Jul 2010 Read more

Private Property's mobile website,, received visits from more than 100 000 unique mobile users during April. This is a marked increase from just 1200 unique visitors for the same period last year, and cements Private Property's status as the busiest property mobisite in South Africa. 18 May 2010 Read more

In December 2008, launched an online competition to find a new slogan that would appropriately describe the direction the property website has taken in recent months. 17 Mar 2009 Read more

The current slump in the South African property market is presenting investors and would-be buyers with an opportunity to enter the market at lower cost than was required a year ago. House prices are falling and despite fewer loans being granted by the Banks, interest in purchasing property is on the increase. 16 Mar 2009 Read more

Property buyers hoping to pick up a bargain during the current slump in the market should look more closely at With online auctions every week, the potential to pick up a sound investment at a great price is definitely on the cards. 9 Feb 2009 Read more

Private Property, in collaboration with, has just launched an online auction facility to provide owners with a new and innovative way to sell property. Sellers willing to take the chance can now take part in a real-time bidding process from the comfort of their favourite armchair, secure in the knowledge that their property is in safe hands. 2 Dec 2008 Read more

Private Property announced last week the launch of a new pricing model, making their website more available to struggling homeowners who cannot afford the upfront listing fee. 7 Oct 2008 Read more

"Invest in property," says international expertThere is ample opportunity to generate wealth through property, especially in our current economic climate. This was the strong message put across by Dolf de Roos during a recent presentation made to 800 guests hosted by the Private Property Group at Montecasino. 3 Jun 2008 Read more

The busiest property website in Africa and the champion of the private seller, Private Property, is repositioning itself after 10 years in the industry. Yesterday, CEO Justinus Adriaanse announced that the company had already reached agreement to buy back all 27 of its franchise offices from around the country, at a total cost of R25 million. 22 Apr 2008 Read more

Spot your rental property on the latest hotspot on the web, Rentaspot, a new subsidiary of leading online property giant, Private Property. 27 Feb 2008 Read more

For the second year running, Private Property Listings was voted the best property website in the South African E-Commerce Awards held by Jump Shopping, South Africa's leading online shopping search engine. 13 Dec 2007 Read more

Ten years ago, on the 22nd October, Private Property popped onto the World Wide Web and began an extraordinary journey into unknown territory. Today this innovative business has joined the ranks as a serious contender in the property market and is reportedly SA's busiest property website. 4 Oct 2007 Read more

In an effort to get more information about new listings to their clients while they are still on the move, South Africa's busiest property website, Private Property, has recently launched the first phase of a mobile version of their award-winning website. 12 Jul 2007 Read more

Private Property gets Top Supporter AwardPrivate Property Listings received an award for Top Supporter at the Bond Choice Home Loans Aggregators Awards evening held at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton on 23 March. The function was intended to recognise 25 of the top aggregators in the home loans industry who have supported Bond Choice over the past year. 30 Mar 2007 Read more

Private Property Listings' website is the busiest property site in South Africa with thousands of properties for sale around the country. 30 Mar 2007 Read more

Private Property Magazine 1st BirthdayThe Private Property Magazine celebrates its first birthday in February 2007. ‘Brimming with property' is the best way to describe the magazine featuring over 1000 properties for sale around South Africa each month, and set to grow even bigger with more property and interesting reads planned for 2007. 1 Feb 2007 1 Feb 2007 Read more

Private Property was voted South Africa's best property website in the 2006 South African E-Commerce Awards run by Jump Shopping, South Africa's leading online shopping search engine. These Awards recognise companies and organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet, specifically in the e-commerce arena. 24 Jan 2007 24 Jan 2007 Read more

Listing company, Private Property announced bold plans to sell one thousand homes a month before the turn of the decade. The plan was presented in Cape Town, Durban and at Gallagher Estate in Midrand last month to approximately seven hundred guests at the company's end-of-year functions. 31 Oct 2006 Read more