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First-world problems: South African talent building a business that gobbles up foreign currency 'leftovers'Are you among the thousands of world travellers wondering what to do with your foreign currency 'leftovers' following an international holiday or business trip? You are not alone. An article published by UK-consumer website estimates that GBP2.5 billion of foreign banknotes and coins enter the UK each year. 6 Sep 2019 Read more

What to do when 100 million customers come knocking at your doorRetail banks and similar 'high touch' businesses operating in the digital world must deliver uncompromised security without detracting from the overall customer experience, or risk alienating their generation X, Y and Z clients. Marius Agenbag, CEO of Ubusha Technologies, says that the speed with which digital businesses scale is just one of the factors that identity security specialists face. Others include the sheer number of systems, legacy or otherwise, that users require access to and the variety of user types with different credentials. 1 Aug 2019 Read more

South African tech start-up takes the stress out of wedding giftingAsk your friends about digital disruption and they will trot out a list of 'tried-and-tested' technology brands like Amazon, Apple, Google - and more recently Airbnb and Uber, but their mainstream focus means they are glossing over dozens of innovative start-ups that are revolutionising traditional ways of doings things. is one such start-up that is leveraging digital technologies to radically improve how wedding guests interact with the bride and groom during the centuries-old custom of marriage. 25 Jul 2019 Read more

Upping the Section 12J ante - Innovative deal-making readies SA's premier mohair sock maker for export growthThe world's leading manufacturer of mohair socks, Cape Town-based Cape Mohair, is uniquely positioned for export-led growth following an innovative deal that addressed its need for new machinery and extra working capital. The firm is the latest in a long list of local small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) to benefit from the popular section 12J tax incentive scheme. 19 Jul 2019 Read more

How Section 12J investments complement the business rescue processSouth Africa's leading home appliance repair and maintenance brand is poised for spectacular growth thanks to the success of two pro-business processes introduced by local lawmakers. The firm used both the Department of Trade and Industry's 'business rescue' legislation and the SARS Section 12J tax incentive scheme to shake off recent trading difficulties and emerge revitalised, ready to create jobs and contribute meaningfully to the broader economy. 21 May 2019 Read more

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