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Columinate rebrands to InSites Consulting South AfricaColuminate, South Africa's first modern insights agency, was acquired by the global leader in online insight communities, InSites Consulting, in October of 2018. Following this acquisition, the South African research alliance now rebrands to InSites Consulting South Africa, strengthening its strategic position on the continent. 17 Feb 2020 Read more

InSites Consulting launches research automation tool FluentWith research automation on the rise, global consumer insight agency InSites Consulting just announced the release of its own research automation software, Fluent, an end-to-end research automation tool for all consumer validation needs. The launch of Fluent fits within the broader ambition of the agency to offer clients the opportunity to benefit from a hybrid service delivery model. 13 Dec 2018 Read more

Columinate raises African ambitions by joining InSites ConsultingModern insights agency Columinate has announced it is joining forces with global consumer insight and collaboration agency, InSites Consulting. Founded in 2008, Columinate was South Africa's first modern insights agency, and under the leadership of co-founder and CEO Henk Pretorius, Columinate has grown into South Africa's largest and leading digital research specialist. By joining InSites Consulting, Columinate raises its African growth ambitions. 31 Oct 2018 Read more

Columinate internet banking SITEisfaction survey resultsFNB narrowly beats Capitec to top spot, says SITEisfaction 28 Jun 2018 Read more

Columinate showcases talent, wins 'Best First Time Speaker' at SAMRAColuminate, South Africa's first, leading, and largest modern insights agency, recently attended the annual Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA) conference and walked away with another accolade. Sylwia Wierzbicki, head of Columinate's Psychology Lab, secured the "Best First Time Speaker" award; Columinate's third win in this category, and seventh win overall in the eight years the agency has been attending the SAMRA conference. 15 Jun 2018 Read more

I love qualitative research, but I hate focus groups - Here's whyBefore we started Columinate in 2008, I worked at a traditional research agency. While the quantitative work was interesting, I really found a knack for doing qualitative work, especially moderating focus groups. In those days, a focus group seemed to be the only solution in the qual stable, and let me tell you, I moderated enough focus groups to have a decent enough sample size to tell me that I hated doing it. 23 May 2018 Read more

The pains and pleasures of creating your own digital research panel/communityA digital research panel (or research community) affords you access to a greater number and a wider variety of respondents, eager to answer your organisation's burning questions. Creating your own digital panel also leads to gathering insights over a much shorter period of time, and at a reduced cost - it's the modern way of doing market research. 3 May 2018 Read more

Henk PretoriusWe love a good ad. We love a good ad, because we love a good story told in a few moments. 12 Mar 2018 Read more

Is a panel right for you? Answer these 10 questions to find outWe've been doing research digitally for the last ten years, and we've become quite adept at building research communities - from large panels with a few thousand respondents, to smaller insights communities of a few hundred (we call them MROCs: Market Research Online Communities). We understand that your business research objectives and challenges are largely unique, and we can support you with our wealth of experience. Whether it's creating business-to-business panels, or consumer research panels across the various industry sectors - from finance, to personal care, to pharma and automotive - we've (almost) done it all! 5 Mar 2018 Read more

Columinate celebrates its ninth birthdayFounded by Dr Henk Pretorius and Elna Pretorius nigh on a decade ago, modern insights agency Columinate is celebrating its ninth birthday this October. 3 Oct 2017 Read more

Introducing the Columnibus: Columinate's monthly Omnibus studyModern insights agency Columinate is launching the first iteration of its Omnibus research study, the Columnibus, on Tuesday, 3 October 2017. The Omni study will collect data on a wide variety of subjects and will ask up to 20 questions to a representative sample of 1,000 urban South Africans each month. 27 Sep 2017 Read more

Columinate develops methodology to measure nonconscious attitudes and perceptionsModern insights agency Columinate has unveiled its latest methodology, which measures a research participant's nonconscious attitudes and behaviours toward certain concepts, brands, services, or products, effectively allowing the researcher to “read minds”. Well, almost. 24 Aug 2017 Read more

2017 SITEisfaction survey celebrates Capitec as Best Digital BankModern independent insights agency Columinate has revealed the results of its sixth annual Internet Banking SITEisfaction® survey, highlighting Capitec's steady rise to securing the top spot in the digital banking category, ousting FNB as the category owners. Capitec also secured top honours in the Mobile Banking category, but FNB beat the newcomer by a nose (0.8 percentage points) to hold on to the top position in the Internet Banking category. 23 May 2017 Read more

Columinate is turning 8 and we're giving away a free research reportIt's our birthday and we'll give away free data if we want to! 7 Oct 2016 Read more

Are you an addict?67% feel an urge to use it every day.
64% can't go a day without using it.
50% say it has interfered with their daily lives.
39% use it when they are stressed, anxious or depressed to make themselves feel better.
 2 Sep 2016 Read more

2016 Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey crowns FNB SA's best Digital BankInsights agency Columinate has released the results of its fifth annual Internet Banking SITEisfaction® survey. Launched in 2012, the survey is a measure of customer satisfaction with digital banking services in South Africa. The report is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on internet and mobile banking and is viewed by the industry as a key feedback tool for the evaluated banks, as it reveals the behaviours and experiences of their online customers. 16 May 2016 Read more

Banks spend R70m on TV ads that don't hit the markAD360, a collaboration between Columinate and Ornico, is a digital ad tracking solution that combines continuous consumer feedback on ads with media monitoring data like ad spend, flighting schedules and channels. During the period of September to December 2015, 6400 consumers were asked to provide feedback on all product and brand banking television ads. In total 28 ads were evaluated and close to real time feedback was available on the measurement. Surveys were deployed weekly on all new ads among a demographically representative sample of the banking sector. 14 Apr 2016 Read more

What are South African singles up to this Valentine's Day?Columinate decided to quickly survey just over 600 single South Africans to find out what they are up to this Valentine's Day and there were some interesting differences between the sexes. See the infographic for the detailed results. And oh, happy Valentine's Day! 12 Feb 2016 Read more

Research that is mobile too, not just mobile-onlyIs it ever acceptable for research to be online only or only mobile? Columinate investigated and found that providing freedom to choose is as important in research design as it is in life. 11 Nov 2015 Read more

It's unwise to pay too much for research, but it's worse to pay too littleWith nearly 18 million South Africans using the Internet (AMPS), online market research is one of the country's fastest growing industries. With so many people online, asking questions on the web offers the quickest and most cost-effective research option available. But with such a significant business influence we need to examine the trend of market research clients continuing to push for research that is fast, good and cheap, and suppliers who typically expect clients to trade speed or quality for cost. 19 Aug 2015 Read more

Henk PretoriusLSM cannot accurately determine spending power, despite that, it is often confused with something that can. Is there still a place for LSM in the marketing tool kit? 15 Jul 2015 Read more

FIFA and Nkandla: Sepp-arated at birth? 86% want JZ to #PayBackTheMoneyColuminate quickly surveyed 487 South Africans to garner their thoughts around Nkandla and FIFA. 8 Jun 2015 Read more

Columinate takes two awards at annual SAMRA conferenceColuminate walked away with two awards at the recent Southern African Marketing Research (SAMRA) conference for Best First Time Speaker and a Silver for Best Overall Paper. 20 May 2015 Read more

Columinate 2015 Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey shows improvement from local banksSpecialist online marketing research agency, Columinate, has released its fourth annual Internet Banking SITEisfaction® survey. Launched in 2012, the survey is a measure of customer satisfaction with online banking services in South Africa and the significant changes the banks are undergoing. The report is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on internet banking and is viewed by the industry as a key feedback tool for the banks evaluated as it reveals the behaviours and experiences of their online customers. 11 May 2015 Read more

Women and their sexual well-being: Columinate and Durex collaborate for Women's Month [Infographic]In an attempt to understand how connected urban South African women feel about their sexual well-being Columinate, in partnership with Durex, conducted a Women's Sexual Well-being survey coinciding with Women's Month. 4 Sep 2014 Read more

Columinate survey shows increase in smartphone and app usageAccording to a recent report by online market research agency, Columinate, just over one-third (36%) of smartphone users in South Africa now own a Samsung. The findings revealed a decline of 19% for Blackberry and an increase of 29% for Samsung since 2011. Despite this decrease Blackberry still holds 33% of the market. Nokia has also somewhat bared the brunt of Samsung's domination slotting in at third with 13%, and Apple holds 11% of the market. 3 Jul 2014 Read more

MROC pioneer Columinate sees significant growthColuminate pioneered the use of Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) in South Africa back in 2008. Formally, MROCs (also known as Online Communities or Insight Communities) are defined as private online sites where hundreds of pre-profiled consumers are invited to participate in research activities, hold discussions, blog, and share ideas and experiences, while a trained qualitative researcher systematically moderates and analyses the feedback. These communities typically last for two weeks or longer. Informally, these communities are also known as a 'research buffet' or 'focus group on steroids', as they offer such a rich experience for the researcher, client and participants. 20 May 2014 Read more

2014 Internet banking SITEisfaction survey shows improvement in sectorSpecialist online marketing research agency, Columinate, has released its third annual 'Internet Banking SITEisfaction® in South Africa' survey. Launched in 2012, the survey is a measure of customer satisfaction with online banking services in South Africa. The report is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on internet banking and is viewed by the industry as a key feedback tool for the banks evaluated as it reveals the behaviours and experiences of their online customers. 14 Apr 2014 Read more

Results of the first SABEF Kasi-to-Kasi workshop are availableColuminate and the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF) have collaborated to better understand South Africa's township entrepreneurs and small business owners. In March 2013 SABEF kicked off the Kasi-to-Kasi SME development tour in Soweto - launched by the global entrepreneur Mr Kelly Ritchie and the late Gauteng MEC of Economic Development, Nkosiphendule Kolisile. This is an initiative aimed at developing potential and current entrepreneurs and small business owners to seek business opportunities in their township communities. The programme brought together academic, technical and strategic business resources to inspire and motivate township entrepreneurs. 12 Mar 2014 Read more

Researching brands on social networksSocial media has arrived, but how are marketers responding to it? I will assume it's no longer necessary to quote "social media gurus" to demonstrate the significance of social media and that soon "optional" will not be an accurate way to describe the medium's marketing potential. A remaining question is: How do we better engage consumers with brands on social media? 18 Jul 2013 Read more

SABEF and Columinate collaborate to understand up-and-coming township entrepreneursColuminate and the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF) have collaborated to better understand South Africa's township entrepreneurs and small business owners. SABEF recently kicked off the Kasi-to-Kasi SME development tour - an initiative aimed at developing potential and current entrepreneurs and small business owners to seek opportunities in their communities. The programme brings together academic, technical and strategic business resources to inspire and motivate township entrepreneurs. 7 Jun 2013 Read more

E-banking survey reveals surge in mobile bankingOnline research specialist Columinate has released the results of the second annual Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey, one of the most comprehensive reports on customers' usage and perceptions of e-banking in South Africa. The survey quizzed over 1,400 South African e-bankers on their online banking habits and attitudes, and revealed several interesting trends. Henk Pretorius, Columinate CEO, explains that the survey is important as it provides insights into one of the fastest changing areas of customer banking. "This year we saw big changes in the way customers approach their digital banking. The increased availability of mobile apps, wider usage of self-service features and new security concerns are a few of the changes that banks and customers have had to adapt to," he reports. 8 May 2013 Read more

There is an important meeting around the corner. In the boardroom there will be questions. You need the facts, but you can't wait a week, let alone a month for the results. 1 Feb 2013 Read more

Out with the old and in with the new: the MROC revolutionises the qualitative space!When it comes to qualitative research, focus groups are probably what you are most familiar with. But when it comes to engaging with LSMs 6-10, who mostly have internet access, this old-school methodology is no longer the best way to capture the thoughts and perceptions of these respondents. Why is this? Well because the Market Research Online Community or MROC can offer something far better: richer data is gathered, at a better price and offering a more exciting experience for both clients and respondents. 25 Jan 2013 Read more

Trick or Treat: South Africa's thoughts on Halloween (This might scare you)Although Halloween is primarily celebrated in the USA, here in South Africa, the Halloween spirit (excuse the pun) is catching on. 31 Oct 2012 Read more

Columinate appoints Henk Pretorius as CEOColuminate (Pty) Ltd, specialist online market research firm, has appointed Henk Pretorius as CEO of the company. The move comes after the company has shown significant growth since its inception in 2008. 4 Oct 2012 Read more

Columinate awarded DMMA "The State of South Africa's Digital Nation: 2012" research projectOnline research specialists, Columinate, have been awarded the contract to conduct research into the South African digital market on behalf of the DMMA. The project, dubbed "The State of South Africa's Digital Nation: 2012" - will aim to provide robust and rich findings into consumers' online habits to assist marketers and advertisers to better understand the online consumer. 21 Sep 2012 Read more

Columinate innovate in the Market Research Online Community (MROC) spaceThe South African Market Research Online Community (MROC) pioneers, Columinate, are one of the leaders in the MROC methodology in South Africa. They have developed this methodology steadily for almost five years after running numerous communities across diverse industries. Two recent innovations in this space are Advertising Testing and the Emotional Elicitation Technique. 13 Sep 2012 Read more

The Market Research Online Community: Putting excitement into 'boring' researchColuminate conducted research on the Market Research Online Community (MROC) methodology to ascertain whether respondents who take part in these online communities enjoy the experience and how engaged respondents are when it comes to taking part in MROCs. The research revealed that respondents find the MROC experience to be engaging, valuable and fun. 25 Jun 2012 Read more

Columinate SITEisfaction looks at Internet Banking in South AfricaWhile many South African banking consumers are taking advantage of the ease and convenience of Internet Banking to meet their basic banking requirements, most have yet to fully harness the potential of their online banking facilities. That's according to the results of recent research conducted with 1 353 Internet banking users by online market research specialist, Columinate, aimed at assessing the Internet banking habits and behaviours of users of this banking medium as well as the overall levels of satisfaction of Internet banking customers with the online offerings of their banks. 16 Apr 2012 Read more

Children, animals or the environment? What type of charity would you donate to? A poem by ColuminateColuminate recently conducted research amongst 1611 members of their online panel into the choice of charities people would prefer to donate money to. Specifically, respondents were asked the following question: Imagine the following scenario: You have won R100 000 000 in the lottery draw. However, one condition is that you must donate half of that amount to a charity. Which one type of charity would you donate the R50 000 000 to? 16 Mar 2012 Read more

Black Tuesday: real-time sentiment revealed in three-hour surveyThe recently completed vote on the Protection of State Information Bill (POIB), which has been widely criticised by human rights and media groups, was accompanied by a day of protest on 22 November dubbed "Black Tuesday". The National Press Club asked those opposed to the bill to wear black clothes or armbands in protest against the bill and various protesters were picketing around the country to voice their concerns. 23 Nov 2011 Read more

Smartphones are used everywhere, all the timeIn a recent survey with 407 smartphone owners, Columinate confirmed the notion that smartphones are indeed used all the time and everywhere. The inquiry into smartphone behaviour was commissioned by Vodacom to establish how people use their smartphones and, more specifically, apps. The research was used to guide Vodacom's strategy for the launch of its app store on 1 September 2011. 6 Oct 2011 Read more

Mobile Apps: Columinate and Vodacom collaborate to provide insightPieter Uys, Vodacom CEO, has announced that Vodacom will be providing a mobile app store to consumers in September 2011. The announcement came after an extensive inquiry into the local mobile app ecosystem through a multi-phased market research project conducted by Columinate. Vodacom shared the results of the Columinate research with industry stakeholders at a special event held at the Melrose Arch Hotel in Johannesburg on Friday, 26 August. 31 Aug 2011 Read more

Columinate does it again: Best Overall Paper at 32nd SAMRA ConferenceColuminate's Elna Smit won the Best Overall Paper award at the SAMRA 2011 conference. According to Mr Neil Higgs, Elna's paper titled "Online research communities - the voice of the employee and the ear of the employer" won by an overwhelming margin. The paper focused on online communities as an employee research tool to harness bottom-up feedback through employee involvement. This is the second win for Columinate. In 2009, Henk Pretorius won both the first time speaker and Best Overall Paper award. 8 Jun 2011 Read more

Online market research is green market researchThe 5th of June marks World Environment Day and Columinate is proud to be celebrating this day with you. By providing innovative online market research services, Columinate offers its clients an environmentally friendly way to harness insights and connect through online communities. 1 Jun 2011 Read more

Columinate research technology now powered by TolunaColuminate, South Africa's leading online market research company, have harnessed panel and survey technology from Toluna - the leading online market research panel and survey software provider to the global market research industry. This technology enables Columinate to provide clients with a fully managed research service, all under one roof, without the need to outsource panel or data collection activities. The move also makes it possible for Columinate to raise the standards of online data collection in South Africa to provide clients with premium online market research services. 19 Apr 2011 Read more

Online Insight Communities - a proactive social networkOnline Insight Communities give you the opportunity to gain profound insight into your brand's consumers, their social networking habits, their expectations of online marketing, and what they demand from your brand. Furthermore, these communities allow brand and marketing managers to proactively harness insights to direct their chosen strategy. 2 Feb 2011 Read more

Respondents or co-researchers?With marketing research response rates declining across world markets and methodologies, respondents' experience of research, a factor that is often overlooked, becomes increasingly significant. It is more important than ever before to create engaging research experiences in order to ensure the sustainability of the industry. 5 Nov 2010 Read more

Increasing research bandwidth with online insight communitiesColuminate co-founder Henk Pretorius will be speaking at the Consumer Insight and Research Management Conference, presented by Joshua West. The focus of his talk, titled 'Increasing research bandwidth with online insight communities' will be online insight communities. 20 Aug 2010 Read more

Columinate: pioneering online research specialistsColuminate is deemed South Africa's specialist online marketing and website research company. By uniting collaboration and illumination, the company's boutique research offering gives valued clients the opportunity to explore innovative research approaches and gain from fast, cost-effective, superior insights. 29 Jun 2010 Read more

More than a year ago, Columinate introduced a market research solution that assisted South African companies to conduct cost-effective market research during the recession while still meeting essential needs such as speed, quality and value of insight. One year later and Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) continue to allow companies to stretch their research budgets and gather rich insights from their consumers and employees, all for a fixed monthly cost with an even better MROC platform. 12 Apr 2010 Read more

Internet penetration is growing rapidly in South Africa and websites are becoming regular and important customer interfaces. The effectiveness of the website design and functioning impact the user experience which plays a key role in the ensuring return visits and healthy brand perceptions. This emphasises the importance of measuring and managing the website visitor satisfaction in order to gain a proactive advantage. 9 Nov 2009 Read more

Columinate takes two awards at the 30th annual SAMRA conferenceColuminate walked away with two awards at the recent Southern African Marketing Research (SAMRA) conference held at the Spier Estate in Stellenbosch last week. 9 Jun 2009 Read more

The economic downturn is a reality that all industries are facing, a reality that has forced us to rethink the way in which we purchase and consume everything, including research. These challenging economic times call for research that is cost-effective while still meeting the needs of the client in terms of speed, quality and value of insight. Columinate has the solution: Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) - a new and innovative method that will forever change the way in which qualitative research is done. 16 Apr 2009 Read more

Columinate is a multipart online solutions company offering online marketing research-, website testing and creative design. From the principle of collaborative illumination the company provides innovative and integrated solutions. 18 Nov 2008 Read more


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