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GfK Consumer Journey blends POS data and consumer insights to offer a complete view of the path to purchaseGfK South Africa has launched its Consumer Journey solution, one of the first offerings in the local market to give brands and retailers in the technical goods and consumer durables industries a complete view of the online and offline consumer path to purchase. GfK Consumer Journey combines social media listening, survey data and client point of sale (POS) data to offer a holistic picture of South African consumers' purchase behaviour and decisions. 17 Sep 2019 Read more

Busting the gaming stereotype: South Africa's gamers are educated, healthy, well-off and live life to the fullPerceptions that gamers are predominantly young, geeky, and male persist, despite the reality that playing videogames has become mainstream. 2 Jul 2019 Read more

Smartphone revenues grow 3% in Q1 2019 - GfK point-of-sales dataLacklustre growth for South Africa's technical goods market as smartphone unit sales fall 28 May 2019 Read more

5 ways digital technology is reshaping the needs and expectations of South Africa's young consumersWe're seeing the needs, expectations and behaviours of young South African consumers evolve at a pace that threatens to leave brands behind. As centennials - or Generation Z - move into the workforce and become the next wave of consumers, brands will need to rethink many of their assumptions about what customers want. 30 Apr 2019 Read more

A complex, multi-layered video ecosystem is taking shape in SA as consumers flock onlineYouTube dominates the free online video segment in South Africa, with nearly nine out of 10 connected, urban consumers regularly accessing free video on YouTube and just under half watching YouTube videos every day. 17 Apr 2019 Read more

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