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DMX specialises in Influencing your customers' behaviour. We use Audio, Visual Stimulation and Scent to help motivate staff, build brands and enhance an unforgettable experience.
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SLOW creates moments in time with music at premium loungesIncreased mobility and growing air passenger traffic has created the demand for premium travel experiences. As consumers shift their expectations, airport lounges need to re-imagine the customer journey by offering hyper-personalised services. From providing high-end facilities to creating tailored touchpoints - it's all about the customer journey. 25 Jun 2019 Read more

Sofacompany brings online shopping experience to life with new showroomAs technology advances - so does shopping behaviour. While trends show a growth in e-commerce, there are still consumers who prefer the tactile benefit of purchasing in-store. For retailers, creating an omnichannel shopping experience means giving the customer the best of both worlds. 19 Jun 2019 Read more

Dickies creates a distinct customer experience at flagship storeUnforgettable brands sell unforgettable experiences. In today's highly competitive retail environment, differentiating your business from competitors is paramount. How does a brand with a strong global following reflect their distinct image in store? 21 May 2019 Read more

Menlyn Boutique Hotel transforms their guest experience with musicWhat does the future of hospitality look like? Tourism trends predict that changes in travel behaviour will force the industry to explore new ways of enhancing the overall customer journey. One of the most effective ways to create a personalised guest experience is to introduce a multi-sensory element. 16 Apr 2019 Read more

3 key reasons to go visualVisual is king. Living in the instant gratification world of digital means that there is a growing need for consumers to interact with their environments, in real time. Businesses the world over are adjusting their models from the static brick and mortar spaces, to be more interactive and customer-centric. No matter what industry you're in - it's not about if you go visual, but when. 19 Mar 2019 Read more

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