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So right in the face of the challenge is where we like to start

Integrated reporting: Blue Apple and ESS join forces to highlight importance of trainingBringing accredited training and publishing together for complete integration in corporate reporting 8 Apr 2020 READ MORE

Business unusualHow this pandemic will force us towards integrated thinking. 30 Mar 2020 READ MORE

What makes your integrated report integrated?Annual reports are so last year. 17 Mar 2020 READ MORE

Integrated reporting's got soulAre you just ticking the boxes? 4 Feb 2020 READ MORE

Integrated reporting needn't be a headacheBe the hero of the team, put your hand up and start here. 26 Feb 2019 READ MORE

The heart and soul of researchRefiloe Hoohlo-Zephyrine believes that asking the right questions is the key to a winning strategy... 22 Jan 2019 READ MORE

Immersion is the real dealBlue Apple's Tanya Logan rolls up her sleeves to find out if she can trust the research 20 Nov 2018 READ MORE

The importance of paper and print to nudgingWhen behavioural science pundits speak of successful interventions, many undercook the critical role played by the paper-based nature of the nudges used. By Philani Shandu, Behavioural Economist and Associate at Genesis Analytics. 23 Aug 2018 READ MORE

Bigger picture reporting makes good business senseCompanies listed on the JSE, SOEs, NGOs and other acronyms who use other people's money, issue an integrated report at the end of their financial year. Because it's a requirement. 11 Apr 2018 READ MORE

Tackling the monster - Integrated reporting workshops help you defeat it bit by bitIt's early in the year - the perfect time to think about ticking that integrated/annual report off your list. Before you know it, you'll be up to your eyeballs in projects, plans and all sorts of mayhem, so this may well be your only time to tackle the monster. 13 Feb 2018 READ MORE

New Sixwinks app lets you chat anonymouslyWhile certain anonymous apps get a bad rap, Sixwinks protects the users by giving both sender and receiver the power to remain anonymous... 13 Sep 2017 READ MORE

More than just ponytailsDesigners tell us that a picture is worth a thousand words, which means you're probably getting a lot more mileage out of your overall design than you may realise. 29 Jun 2017 READ MORE

Cracking integrated reportingChoosing designers for your report is the easy part. It's knowing what to put in that stumps many. 14 Jun 2017 READ MORE

The importance of correct spelling in you're integrated reportIf you're on your toes today the error in the headline will have jumped right out at you. But don't just gasp in horror, ensure it doesn't happen to you. 27 Mar 2017 READ MORE

King IV as easy as 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 17Integrated reporting by numbers. 14 Feb 2017 READ MORE

How to write your company's integrated reportPutting pen to paper is the hardest part 1 Feb 2017 READ MORE

How to leave the kitchen sink out of your integrated reportEvery organisation has an overabundance of information itching to find its way into your integrated report. One of the most difficult challenges any compiler faces is deciding what - and how much of it - to include. 24 Jan 2017 READ MORE

Corruption Watch annual report recognised at SA Publication ForumDesign agency Blue Apple clinched an award at the annual SA Publication Forum in the Best Annual Report category with their Corruption Watch submission. 31 Oct 2016 READ MORE

Does your integrated report (annual report) work for you?It's more than just about the numbers these days. 18 Oct 2016 READ MORE

Digital annual reports: Are you being left behind?With the rise in all things digital, it's not surprising that an increasing number of companies are choosing to release digital reports. 5 Apr 2016 READ MORE

Integrated reports: Are you doing it right?So you've been tasked with compiling an integrated report for your company. The question is where do you even begin? 3 Mar 2016 READ MORE

Are you an acronymphomaniac?WDYMBT? Bridget Johnson explains. 16 Apr 2015 READ MORE

There's life beyond annual reports, but not as we know itThe days of big budget annual reports are numbered. So what are the options? 3 Feb 2015 READ MORE

Blue Apple the not-so-new kid on the blockBlue Apple gets the nod from industry leaders for expo ventures 28 Jan 2014 READ MORE

Henkel chooses new agencyBlue Apple has been appointed by Henkel Adhesive Technologies 22 Nov 2013 READ MORE

Johannesburg based advertising, publishing and interactive agency Blue Apple is expanding its reach to the Mother City. 10 Jun 2013 READ MORE

Calling all grammer police. Its annual Report time. And mistakes creep in. However, when chosing youre design studio you need to make sure they know there 'loose' from there 'lose' (and their loos) so you can keep you're cool. 18 Feb 2013 READ MORE

Johannesburg design agency Blue Apple picked for Australian iPad application projectJohannesburg design agency, Blue Apple, was recently commissioned by Australian company, AFI Branding, to create an iPad application in 3D, as the local creative agency was unable to do so within the time required. Blue Apple had been referred to AFI Branding by one of their clients in Melbourne. 2 Oct 2012 READ MORE

Johannesburg design agency, Blue Apple, has received a level 2 BBBEE score for the second consecutive year. This means clients can again claim R1,25 towards their BBBEE procurement for every R1 they spend with Blue Apple. 23 Aug 2012 READ MORE

Smart about money; serious about social media engagementBlue Apple has helped launch a new Facebook page for Nedbank that targets the youth and prepares them for a financially savvy future. They created a Facebook persona called SAM (Smart About Money) to engage with the target audience, in their own language, about finance. "I'm practical about money but I don't preach. I love being green and caring about the planet. Talk to me" says SAM. 2 Jul 2012 READ MORE

Talking to the youth in their own languageBlue Apple was approached by Nedbank to come up with concept, creative, merchandising and marketing collateral for its new youth offering at all branches nationwide. 29 May 2012 READ MORE

Blue Apple recently moved into its newly built officeBlue Apple recently moved into its newly built office, No. 55, 6th Street, Parkhurst, one of Johannesburg's liveliest suburbs. At twice the size of their old property, the new office will accommodate the agency's growing team. 23 Mar 2012 READ MORE


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